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One normal heartbeat, and something that sounds like a waltz? Updated

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Hi Mamas,


I'm a long time lurker, first time poster :)


I'm currently about 11 weeks pregnant with my first, and had my first midwife's appointment a couple days ago. My uterus is measuring about 6-7 weeks ahead of where it should be, and I'm pretty certain of my dates (although I know crazy things do happen!).


I've been having a lot of "twin" feelings throughout the pregnancy, and my Mum's first pregnancy was with twins. With the Doppler, the mw was able to find one heartbeat loud, clear, and perfectly normal on the left side of my uterus, and on the right side there was a beat of some kind that sounded like a quick waltz (ONE two three, ONE two three...). She said it could be there's another baby in there (she was also feeling "baby parts" on both the left and right) but had no idea what the sound on the right was. Maybe my heartbeat + the cord? Another baby + placenta?


Anyone know what that sound is or have any experience with this?


Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

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I don't have any experience with a "waltz like" sound and to be honest, I don't know that a waltz like sound is a good sign for a heartbeat...is it slow or fast? 11 weeks is still early, many women can't even consistently find a good heartbeat at 11 weeks! So maybe the sound you're hearing is just distorted and will become more clear. I'm sure in the coming weeks you guys will figure out what is going on. Congratulations on your pregnancy!

I do wonder about one thing though....at 11 weeks, what in the world is your MW talking about FEELING as far as "baby parts" are concerned?? dizzy.gifThat is the wackiest thing I've ever heard. Even if your uterus were popped up above your pubic bone (for many women at 11 weeks it is not) and she could feel the tippy top of it I have never in my life heard of anyone being able to palpate and feel "baby parts" at 11 weeks. Certainly not to the extent that someone could say "oh yeah, here are baby parts over here....and yeah, here are more baby parts over here!" - that is bananas!

You need to seek some clarity on that....if she is feeling "baby parts" you are WAY further along than 11 weeks and she should *know* that and be clearly communicating that to you. If she is not feeling baby parts but she is saying she is, well, that's just fucking weird. I might be looking for a new MW, honestly, because that's really funky.

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Oh oh oh oh, okay....I just noticed you said you're measuring really big.  I'm sorry, I have no idea how I missed that the first time I read your post!! lol.gifwild.gif

Yeah, being able to feel baby parts is DEFINITELY more on track for 17-18+ weeks than 11 weeks. You are NOT 11 weeks if she is feeling baby parts. (and for a lot of women, feeling specific "parts" is still a long ways off at 18 weeks, as far as being able to tell there are two) Sorry to say, lady, but your dates are off! Are you feeling movement? How exciting to be much further along than you thought!!

If she is feeling two babies in there and you have a history of twins....and you're also getting a funky-ish sound for that second heart beat...I would go for an ultrasound. I'm not huge on ultrasound at all, personally. But, for twins with one super clear heartbeat and one "funky" heartbeat...I would be getting an u/s. No sense in wondering what is going on when you can just find out, you know?

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My answer is that unless it is a professional with good equipment, no one could really give you a straight answer on that.  I do think there is something to look into there, and probably the best way to find out any concrete information is to get an ultrasound.  The sooner you know the better, in my opinion!  Congratulations on your pregnancy, either way!

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Thanks, ladies!


I have decided to go in for an ultrasound, so we'll see what comes of it and I'll let you know. The midwife did think it more likely that my dates were off than anything, but for some reason that just doesn't sit right in my gut. Anyway, we shall see!

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Originally Posted by Citrouille View Post

Thanks, ladies!


I have decided to go in for an ultrasound, so we'll see what comes of it and I'll let you know. The midwife did think it more likely that my dates were off than anything, but for some reason that just doesn't sit right in my gut. Anyway, we shall see!

Hey, as far as I'm concerned the gut wins out...better safe than sorry. Like I said, I'm not huge on ultrasounds...my first two kids I had one a piece, just to make sure there wasn't anything crazy popping up during a HB and I didn't even really like that. This time around, however, everything felt different, had terrible bleeding, etc etc...so I just went with it and had the full anatomy scan and all of that to put my mind at ease.

A mama with a peaceful mind is good...a mama with a worried heart is not good. Let us know what you find out, SO exciting1!

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Yeah the felling "Baby parts" thing is crazy for 11 weeks. I am also guessing you are further along. If it was the placenta it makes a whoosh whoosh sound. Can't wait to find out what the US says.

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With my third little one (6th pregnancy) my uterus was about halfway to my bellybutton at 11 weeks. I and my midwife friend could feel the baby's body at that point. Not little parts, but the whole body. Kinda felt like a fat chicken neck. lol.gif So it's possible. And my baby wasn't big by any means, he was 7 lb 12 oz and 19 3/4" long at birth.


Can't wait to hear an update Citrouille! Intuition is far more accurate and powerful than the general population gives it credit for. orngbiggrin.gif

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Thanks, Thyme Mama!


My uterus is pretty much at my belly button (less than a finger width below, anyway), and I'm theoretically 11w5d today, first pregnancy. I can definitely feel two "lumps" in there - one down by my pubic bone, and the other in the top right corner, but as my mw said - it's hard to tell if they're connected! I was charting when we conceived and I just have a hard time wrapping my head around the possibility of having had two normal cycles (and two negative HPTs) and actually having been pregnant all that time. Although I suppose crazier things have happened! I just think it's twins.


U/S is scheduled for the 29th so I'll let you all know!

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Exciting! biggrinbounce.gif I am inclined to agree with you, especially if you were charting, you've been having those twin feelings, your uterus is so high for a first pregnancy and your mom's first pregnancy was with twins. That's a lot of twin evidence right there! orngbiggrin.gif Don't forget to update us after your appointment, there are a lot of us thinking about you!

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hiya citrouille.  i just wanted to say that i'm expecting twins, and my first real indication that it was more than one (well, besides the crazy-high betas) came at five weeks when my gyn told me my uterus felt much larger than normal.  the two heartbeats on an u/s two weeks later confirmed it for us.  i had a lot of "twin" feelings and dreams before i even knew for sure that i was pregnant, and my wife was *positive* that it was twins.  i bet your instinct is right, too.  i can't wait to hear an update! 

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Broody is right- something is wacky here.  Palpating the uterus fundus for dates is not really accurate until 20 weeks.  However, it certainly sounds like you're measuring large and should get an ultrasound.

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Well, I was wrong. Only one babe in there, measuring right on target for 13 weeks (which is how far along I thought I was as of tomorrow).


I never would have anticipated the reason I'm measuring so far ahead, which unfortunately is a complete placenta previa eyesroll.gif. Baby is lying transverse on top of the placenta, which is why they're so high up in my uterus.


Baby is looking healthy and perfect and I'm so thankful for that, but this has put a (hopefully temporary) kink in my home birth plans. I'm hoping and praying the placenta will move - I know a lot do! And I'm taking homeopathics and doing acupuncture so fingers crossed it will resolve and everything turns out.


Thanks so much ladies for all your support!

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So sorry that the reason you were measuring off is because of placenta previa, just remember that it is VERY early so there is plenty of time for your baby and the placenta to shift around in there mama! Good luck!

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Congrats on the healthy baby. My placenta was partial previa at 13 weeks and then again at 19 weeks but by 32 weeks it was well out of the way (baby's head was below the placenta. Sending you moving placenta vibes.

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Oh man, I'm sorry for this kink, but I betcha anything it's moved in time for your HB to go off without a hitch! Congratulations for a healthy baby...and happy pregnancy and birth to you. <3

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