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Your opinion - ER worthy?

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So I THINK I might have an ear infection (now turning gum abscess). Mild signs of abscess starting for a couple days now, today signs that it's definitely trying to take hold (I have recurrent abscesses due to a broken tooth so I know the signs well). This obviously means the infection is spreading. The last couple days I've also had a headache on that side of my head, today pretty unpleasant and persistent.

I've decided to go to a walk-in clinic the day after tomorrow, but then I just had a thought - if the infection is spreading downward to my gum, could the infection be spreading upward and causing the headache? Is this dangerous and ER worthy or can I wait until Sunday? I have two LOs and a family who would be very reluctant to help with the 15 month old (and someone would have to go with me as she's nursing and can't go that long without me).
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Can you go to urgent care first thing tomorrow morning?  I don't see why the 15mo couldn't go with you, though it might not be fun.  I wouldn't wait, but an ER visit is going to take hours.

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I would go to ER. People have died from tooth infections. Also, you need to take care of that broken tooth

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I'd probably wait until morning and head in to Urgent Care. But, since it's recurrent due to your tooth, can you call your dentist and ask for an Rx for antibiotics to get started on? that way you don't have to wait to be seen, but can just swing by the pharmacy and hopefully get a little relief.
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I'll see if my Medicaid is still active and if I can go to an urgent care with it. I do have free insurance through a local hospital system but can only do the ER, acute care clinic (not much faster) or the walk-in Sunday. The insurance only covers me at their clinics and hospital.

DD can go with me of course, I'd just prefer not to chase her around for several hours. lol

Fixing the tooth isn't an option right now. Because of where it is if l just pull it I risk my teeth shifting so recurrent abscesses are a lesser of evils, sadly. I figured out that attacking it at the first sign with goldenseal almost always gets it and add raw garlic if necessary, but this time it's just a byproduct of a different infection.
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Medicaid is still on through the month and I got smart and realized I could just see DD's doctor (family doc) so I went today. He thinks it's inflamed lymph nodes from the broken tooth (I disagree about the abscess being primary) but he gave me abx which is what I needed. SO glad! Hopefully this will kick it. DD has an appt Monday so if it's not better or worse then I'll talk to him about it then.
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