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supply questions

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So, dumbest question ever: how do I know if my milk has dried up?

I can hand express a little and I don't pump so I can't gauge by that. Since finding I am expecting again I have been slowing weaning dd. We are down to nursing about 3 times a day and when she latches on it doesn't feel great. I have been attributing the unpleasantness to nipple sensitivity but now I am wondering if its because my supply has tanked? I don't get the icky skin crawling feeling that most people describe when dry nursing.

My sister has a bb the same age as dd and we have nursed each others' baby as needed. The past week dd has been nursing with me, saw my sister nursing her bb and dd unlatched and ran over to my sister to nurse with her. This has happened twice in the past 3 days. It doesn't hurt my feelings whatsoever- I am totally done nursing for a little bit. I did notice that when dd is nursing with her aunt that she is swallowing- a lot. She doesn't seem to swallow that much when she nurses with me. I thought it was perhaps a change in flavor?

So... do you think my supply is gone? I think I would feel better about saying no to dd if I knew she wasn't really getting anything.

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Sounds like your supply is low if nothing else. When my # 4 was nursing she told me my milk tasted "yucky" when pregnant and all of them wean when my supply is gone. 

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Supply does tend to change during pregnancy (as well as the taste). And it does feel different to nurse when supply drops, it can be somewhat uncomfortable or painful for some.

When I nursed during a previous pregnancy and noticed that things were a bit different than before, I asked my daughter if there was still milk, and if it tasted different. Have you tried asking her to see what she thinks?

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Sounds like you're probably losing supply.  Mine all but disappeared when I was pregnant last time.  My son would nurse for 15-20 minutes and I wouldn't see/hear him swallow even once!  He was still happy to nurse for comfort though...so I couldn't convince him it was time to wean!  ;) 

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Thanks for all the responses! DD keeps saying I still have milk so I guess there's still a little in there but yesterday she latched on for a couple seconds and then pulled off and said my milk was "dirty."  lol.gif  So the taste must be changing.  She is down to nursing before bed and first thing in the morning so I think (hope) we will be done soon!!

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