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I have a job, can I join?

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I've been reading all the threads on this group and would love to participate in the conversation. The only problem is that I have a job. I work at Trader Joes ten hours a week. I also homeschool my children, live out of an RV, and do in home care for extra income. I would love to learn more creative ways to bring in extra income. You ladies live simply like me, hate working a 9 to 5 like me. And I feel like I could really fit in here. Except that I have a job. So I guess I'm not an unjobber? Whada ya say, can I join?

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You already have joined!  You get the unjobbing philosophy and it sounds like you would like to be an unjobber....I think even someone who works 9-5+ could get the unjobbing thing and want in on it... I really think we're all just trying to make it all work the best we know how without subscribing to the idea that we have to have a full-time job, no matter what it is and retire someday to be considered normal. 

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Everyone is welcome! joy.gif I feel like philosophies like this should be taken the way attachment parenting is recommended to be applied...learn and take what works for your family and your particular situation...no specific rules or qualifications necessary (though a secret handshake might be cool).

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Oh good! I know I already did join but I would unjoin if I didn't fit the criteria. Thanks

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Just like unschooling doesn't mean not learning, unjobbing doesn't mean not supporting yourself or your family. For me, it means that my work doesn't define or restrict my life. So many people in our society are totally invested in their jobs (and nothing wrong with that!) that it becomes a major part of their definition of themselves. We say, "I AM a social worker (or clerk, or doctor, or cop, or whatever)" rather than I have a job doing social work. I see it as a matter of perspective. For me, it is also not buying into the whole "strive for more and better" attitude of mainstream western culture. I don't own many outward symbols of success - I drive a 20 year old car, live in a rented house in the "bad" neighborhood, and our clothes come from the thrift store. I basically have no savings or assets, and I suppose from the outside, it could all look pretty bleak. But I feel good about what I am doing. In my various part-time roles, I am contributing to my community. I love my work as a social worker and tutor, but I don't plan to do this forever. I have plans for my "unretirement" - teaching English overseas, Mongolia or the Ukraine would be my first dream choices. In 5 years or so, my kids will be independent, and I will have the opportunity to make major life changes again. If I had a real career, a mortgage, car payments, and the whole middle class package, I would not have the freedom to make this choice.

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I couldn't have said that better. I have a tendency to get emotionally invested too easily so I have worked really hard to just have that two day a week job and the occasional side job. After all, I'm a mother of three and I homeschool. That is my job!

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yes...I get very invested in what I'm doing as well.  I have a very difficult time working for others because I can't zone in...I see the big picture so its important for me to have different things going on and things that I have more control over. 

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