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Travel sleeping arrangements for 6m DD and 5y DS

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So I'm taking my two kids to my step-mother's for a 4-night trip by plane in a few weeks. The three of us will be sharing a queen sized bed. I'm really hoping not to bring the pack and play since DH can't come with us and we're getting to our destination from the airport by bus and back.

My DS moves around a lot in his sleep - often ends up with his feet up over my back if sleeping next to me, and I've taken his feet/arms off his sister a few times as well (he usually sleeps in his own bed). In a Queen I'm worried about 1) DD in the middle - with too much movement from DS, or 2) me in the middle getting no sleep at all and needing to keep DD safe from the edge of the bed. She rolls over but not usually in her sleep.

Wondering if it's worth buying a used travel bed (for on the bed - something that fits into a suitcase) or renting a play yard there (seems expensive at $75/week for something you can't resell).

I'll also be staying one night in a hotel on my own in a King bed with these two the following weekend and would be hard pressed to fit the playpen in for that trip either. Might also camp this summer, so something purchased might get a few uses (and I have great re-sale options here).

Any advice? Home-made tricks I haven't thought about? My step-mother has a cat who won't be in the room at night but makes me a bit nervous about a flat-ish item on the floor for naps during the day. The only item I'm bringing from home is a stroller - and I guess she could sleep there... Anyone tried that for all naps and four nights?


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In the past, I have folded thick comforters together into a makeshift mattress like rectangle and put one child on the floor.  It has worked very well for us. Little kids just do not feel the floor hardness as much. I would just do that if I were you.

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It sounds like you'd be a lot more comfortable having a Pack and Play with you for naps and sleeping. I would probably be comfortable having my LO sleep on a blanket on the floor, but that may not work for you. Bringing along the pack and play might be a pain, but not having acceptable sleeping arrangements would be worse.


Does your step-mom have a friend she may be able to borrow one from just for the week? If not it may be worth it for you to either bring yours along, rent one when you get there, or buy one. If you do bring yours you'll likely end up paying extra at the airport, so I'm not sure what is most cost effective.

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Thanks for the replies. I can ask if my step-mother could borrow a pack and play, but without a car and already bringing two kids to her small apartment, I'm not sure how that would work.

I'm now thinking that she can sleep in her stroller if I can't make the bed arrangements work so we're all getting enough sleep. We have a new to us Peg Perego Atlantico that folds down flat, and if she was buckled in I'd be comfortable with her sleeping there, and we'll be bringing it with us anyway. I may rent a bed rail for $15 for her side of the bed and leave it at that.

When these issues come up, why is my first response always to want to buy something? I think I can avoid that this time at least.

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You could also consider buying one or two inflatable bed rails.  You blow them up and you put them under the sheet.  You could use one between your kids and another on the edge of the bed.  They fold up pretty small so they are easy to pack in a suitcase.

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We travel a lot with our kids.  Most hotels have pack n plays.  Call and find out if you can request one.  And as for at your step mother's house, I'd just make a bed out of blankets and put it on the floor for one of your kids.

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