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This has been a really weird cycle for me. I've been having cycles generally normal (30-35 days long, clear signs of ovulation) since my youngest was 13 months, so about 2 years. He weaned about 6 months ago. This time I had signs of fertility (CM, etc) but never clearly ovulated (I get a series of cramps on a side and very high,er, interest in my husband), then I got what was likely a yeast infection, that cleared up, and now I'm 44 days into this cycle with some bloating and cramping and irritability for 2 weeks now but no AF. When I was pregnant both other times I had extreme hunger and dizziness that began the exact day I was late so I don't think I'm pregnant (and while it wouldn't be the end of the world, we don't really want more kids). At what point should I test anyway though? Can a yeast infection cause an anovulatory cycle? How long can this go on without AF?