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Survey: Baby Bjorn, Moby Wrap, Slings....etc...

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Hello all,

This is my first baby and I know I want to keep it close to me in a wrap, sling thingy but not sure which is the best to get.

I am leaning towards the Moby Wrap but afraid it's too complicated and perhaps a sling is best - not sure which brand, can anyone recommend. And then there are those Bjorn type baby front packs.

I would love to hear what all you experienced mom's have to say!


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I really liked my woven wrap for the newborn stage (simple piece of  cloth---I bought a very long piece of heavy cotton gauze-type fabric and hemmed the ends).  But, unless I already had it on and tied, I didn't like using it when out and about since it tended to drag on the floor. It was a lot of fabric to handle!


For quick trips in and out of the car or into the store, I tended to use a sling.  I had a borrowed pouch sling with ds, but got a lovely ring sling for this baby since I really prefer ring slings to pouches.  We also used a water ring sling in the summer for the beach/pool and I loved that one.


We got an ergo when ds was about 10 months and I loved it for both front and back carries.  I actually wore DS in that till last summer, when he decided he didn't want to be worn anymore.    I'm getting an infant insert for it for this babe.  I LOVE my ergo!  There are lots of other similar types of soft structured carriers too and from what I understand, you just sort of have to find the one that works the best with your body and is the most comfortable.


I tend to look for carriers that position the baby facing me rather than out into the world, since they are more sheltered and protected that way.


I know I have heard some concerns about they baby-bjorn style carriers where the babies legs dangle from the crotch, in that they can cause hip displasia for the child.  I have hip problems myself and I didn't want to increase the chance of my babies having them too, so I've stayed away from those types of carriers, though I know lots of folks who use and like them. 


ETA: Both of my ring slings (water and twill) are by sleeping baby productions.  I love the way she does the shoulder on her slings.


Hope that helps!


We did use a backpack hiking style carrier for DS some too as he got a bit older.  DH, especially like that one when we were traveling/camping etc.

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The moby was my favorite during the newborn stage. Once you've tied it a few times, it doesn't seem so complicated anymore.  And because it's stretchy, you can just put it on once in the morning and then pop baby in and out during the day.  I always tied it on before getting in the car to run errands, so I wouldn't have to do it in some parking lot somewhere.

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Originally Posted by Angelorum View Post

The moby was my favorite during the newborn stage. Once you've tied it a few times, it doesn't seem so complicated anymore.  And because it's stretchy, you can just put it on once in the morning and then pop baby in and out during the day.  I always tied it on before getting in the car to run errands, so I wouldn't have to do it in some parking lot somewhere.

Yes. This. I loved my Moby with ds. And after the first few runs with it, it's like a second nature to tie it up. I also found it easiest to just tie it on before I even left the house and slip ds in and out as needed. 


I also ADORED the Ergo. It's incredibly worth the money although we didn't find one until ds was more like 7 months old, so I've not experienced it with a littler babe. I actually plan on getting another one (our last got horrible mildew) but probably not until the babe is older. Once I have the Ergo, I find that I rarely use any other wrap or sling. 


For the newborn stage, my favorite really is the pouch sling. I had a Slingling that I LOVED with ds...and as he outgrew the infant hold, I could use it for a hip carry for little walks and quick runs in and out. This go, I actually sewed one myself as they're really simple construction. 


I also used a ringsling...but always hated it for some reason. And, my first big wrap purchase was a Mai Tai....which I ended up HATING. It was very uncomfortable for both me and ds...too much pull on my shoulders, and I had to have it tied uncomfortably tight for me to feel like ds was secure in it. I also had a Sleepy Wrap...which is a lot like a Moby except made from a VERY stretchy material. Again, I HATED it...once the babe had any weight at all it became impossible to get the thing secure enough. Ds would slowly sink lower and lower as the minutes went on. lol. 


So, in sum, for this baby, I'll use my pouch sling for the first three months or so...then use it along with my Moby...and probably pick up an Ergo more around 5-6 months. And then interchange everything until only the Ergo is comfy...which I found to be around 15 months. 


If I was only ever to buy one wrap/sling. I'd have to go with the Ergo and just figure out how you use it with a newborn. I think there's an insert or something?

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I have an ergo, beco, maya sling (ring sling), moby wrap, a sling and a mai tei.. I love the moby for the early days, its the easiest  for me to breastfed in. I like the maya sling for easy in and out (like the store) but the sling didn't work. My chest is so large I can't get a good, comfortable fit. I enjoy the ergo and beco for when they are 3 months +. Mai Tei is an awesome carrier if you will be using for multiple people so you don't have to adjust the straps every time. The beco I like for back carries but for some reason its not comfortable for me to wear on the front (Im weird I guess)

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I use the Moby in the early months. For going out of the house I tied it on before leaving the house so I could just pop baby in when I got where I was going.  I have a Mei Tai I used for my first after he was 4 months, since the Moby was starting to be too warm.  The Moby and the Mei Tai I used on both the front and the back.  When he was 13 months I got an Ergo and love it.  I used it with my 2nd from just before he was 4 months.  I never used it on the front, but lots of ppl do.  The Ergo is faster to put on than the Mei Tai, but the main reason I like it better is the padded waist band.


I have a ring sling and a pouch sling, but I don't care for the one-shoulder carry, so I never got good at using either of them.  (I should probably pass them on to people who would use them.)

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If you're looking to only ever buy one carrier, I would go with a wrap. They were the only ones that got used from birth until three (for short trips) with my daughter. I would get a woven non stretchy one and start looking up youtube videos and practicing with teddy bears so that when it's time to actually use them you'll be much more comfortable. Once you get the hang of it, it's really doesn't take much time to have your baby on and secured. As for other carriers I found slings and ring slings nice when she was a newborn, but once she got a little more weight on her, the one shoulder carry was too uncomfortable and I didn't feel she was secure enough for me to be hands free. Thats when we switched to wraps and mei tais.


This time around I am going to try out a soft structured carrier. For those who have used both, which did you prefer, the ergo or the beco? My sister's are going to get me the carrier of my choice as a gift and a lot of moms say that for twins a wrap or mei tai on front and a soft structured carrier on the back is the way to go. I have an abundance of wraps and mei tais but need the ssc. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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I used something that was supposed to be like a moby when DD was newborn. My SIL just cut some fabric and gave it to me. It was way too narrow and she never felt right in it. I'm annoyed still that I didn't realize it until she was bigger. Looking back at pics now I can see how it wasn't enough to support her. But once I got a proper size wrap, it was great (I ordered a gorgeous one off of etsy). I also did not get an Ergo until she was almost 6 mos. That was always my favorite. I bought an infant insert  for this time around. My guess is, I'll likely use the ergo most often bc it's so easy to put on - I hate dragging moby fabric all over a dirty parking lot. I also have a pouch sling and a ring sling. I never really figured out how to wear a newborn in the ring sling comfortably (it was given to me), despite my efforts. I used it a lot once DD was sitting up more - so easy to pop her in and out. But it always hurt my back after a while and the Ergo never does. 


Aside from being prego, I too could also still wear my 3 yr old in the ergo (32lbs), on my back. She LOVES it. We've been reading a Dr. Sears book on what it will be like after baby comes and it talks about parents wearing the baby in a baby carrier - so we always talk about the ergo and she just gets so happy thinking about being in it! :-) I so loved having this little squishy person right in perfect position to kiss as often as I wanted. I always felt so happy walking around with her in it. Can't wait to have another in there!


I've heard a lot of reccomendations for woven wraps. I may try one out. Diddymos seems like a nice one. 




PS: I've never used a mei tei. But most moms I know who have seem to love them. My SIL sewed her own version of it for each of her kids and it was always her favorite carrier.

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For any age, I love my Didymos! I bought mine some 9 years ago and have used it almost every day since then. It's just so much more comfortable for extended periods of time, or for an older baby. We have a sling as well (over-the shoulder ring sling, but it gets mostly used by DH who is not wrap-savvy). yes, the wrap does drag in the dirt at times when putting baby in, or when having baby out, but I just wash it and it dries overnight when hang up.

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I loved the ergo but didn't find out about it until my 2nd was over age 1. I liked the moby, but could not seem to get it tight enough to feel secure....and my 2 last babies were born in warmer months and it was too hot to keep it on all the time. My sister swaddled her baby and used the swaddling to keep her safe in the ergo. I'll buy the infant insert most likely.... I need to try some out once the baby is born...hoping that is possible!

Excited for a fall baby....hoping it is cool so I don't have sweat pouring down my chest while I'm outside wearing our baby! innocent.gif
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Thank you everyone!  I think it's one of those things, where you have to try them all to see what feels good with your body type.

Does anyone have a link for the ergo ones - do baby's feet dangle on this one - is that safe?

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Sounds like I am with the majority on this one!
I loved my Moby for the early months. I used to take of my shirt, wrap my son "to me" in the Moby, and just throw a shirt over the top of us and go about my business vacuuming or whatever. Great for skin to skin. The only thing we both despised is taking him out, as he was furious to go from the nice warm nest he had been in!!! My husband also liked because it adjusted to his, ahem, larger frame and he practiced skin to skin as well.
And I love my Ergo for the later months, years. I didn't stop using until about a month ago, because my son is now 31 lbs and carrying him on my back down to the playground (we live in a reallllly hilly area) was just too exhausting for me now that i am preggers. I used the ergo instead of a stroller to carry him through airports, at the grocery store, everywhere. I will be getting the infant insert this time so that I can use it earlier, since I will need it caring for two....and I found the Moby cumbersome for carrying him outside the home.
I also have a ring sling, which is ok, but I always felt I needed to have an arm holding so that I could ensure he didn't fall out, which sort of defeats the purpose, although I still used it from time to time.
Hope this helps!
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i use a Baby K'tan and love it. it holds baby the same was as the moby wrap, but its way easier to use (less fabric and no wrapping). its super easy to throw on quickly. i had used the moby at first, but i really hated having to wrap every time i wanted to wear my lo. i know a lot of people will put the wrap on and then leave it on all day for when they want to put baby in, but i hated that. it seemed kinda ridiculous to me to have to be wrapped in a ton of fabric all day...

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Originally Posted by Babinogi View Post

Thank you everyone!  I think it's one of those things, where you have to try them all to see what feels good with your body type.

Does anyone have a link for the ergo ones - do baby's feet dangle on this one - is that safe?


Here is Ergo's website.




The carrier creates a little seat for the baby which supports their bottom/hips and top parts of their legs so there's no dangling.  


If you don't find the ergo to be comfy I know a lot of people who prefer becos which are a similar type of carrier.  As you said it tends to be what feels good for your body type.  It might be something you want to wait on till your little one is here and then try on a few types if you can.



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That's interesting. I'd never heard of this one! I do remember the moby was a bit suffocating in the hotter months when I just seemed draped in fabric! lol

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I have a few different carriers - a homemade moby that was way to stretchy. I mei tei that I like for when DS was older, and padded ring sling that I couldn't figure out when he was small but worked great when DS was bigger, and a Beco. I also have a water sling, that I took DS into the shower in, again better when he was a bit bigger.

I haven't tried the Ergo, but I was happy with our Beco. I didn't get it until after the newborn stage, but I think they have infant inserts for it too? I actually used the Beco the most, and even used it this January when we went on vacation - it's good until 40lbs, and DS could ride on my back comfortably through the airport.


I really want to try a woven wrap - though I hear there is a learning curve? There's a babywearing group near me that I will go to in a couple of months and try it out, then get one if it seems to work. Either that or I'll get a proper moby, or check out the K'tan. I like the idea of keep this little tucked away at the beginning of cold & flu season. Nothing like complete strangers with dirty hands all in your newborn baby's face! (It drove me crazy when the did that to DS)

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Last time I had a pocket sling for the infant stage that I didn't like, then an Ergo for later which is wonderful. Any advice about the Moby vs. Boba (formerly Sleepy) Wrap? I need a wrap this time, for the twins. I think we'll also get a second Ergo-type, probably a Beco to try it out.

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I've always used Rosado slings, made by a local mom who brought them to an API (attachment parenting int'l) meeting to demonstrate. We tried one, DD fell asleep in it, so we bought it. And bought three more since. I still have them. Not sure if she's still making them.


Another API friend runs Babyette, with mesh slings, brocade ones, and basic cotton wraps too. They're beautiful; I'll probably get one for this baby.

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I haven't read the other posts, but thought I would throw my two cents in.  I loved my Moby Wrap and it wasn't nearly as complicated as I thought it was going to be.  I really liked it for when my son was small.  He had acid reflux and it was perfect to keep him more upright after nursing for longer periods of time while giving me use of my hands.  After two months or so though, he was too heavy for it and really took a toll on my back. My favorite then became the Ergo carrier.  I cannot say enough about this carrier.  We used it until we was two and even carried him through Disney World in it.  It was idea for us and I am absolutely going to use it again with this baby.  It was expensive, but in my opinion - well worth the price.  Good luck!

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Well after hearing all your recommendations I ordered a Ergo Baby carrier  w/ infant insert and a Moby Wrap.  Found a good deal on Ebay with the carrier for half the cost still new in box.


I like the idea of being able to keep a newborn more upright after breastfeeding as suggested with the versatile Moby Wrap - in case of reflux.


thanks for everyone's suggestions!  The Ergo seemed to rule the thread!  I got a lovely chocolate brown one and a Leaf Green Moby Wrap ;-)

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