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I always feel like I'm asking really stupid questions on here but here goes another one probably..


I am 1dpo and today ran a 10km charity race, I'm not a seasoned runner, I literally trained for 2 weeks and surprised myself by completing it without walking so really pushed myself and by the end was sweating, hot, feeling sick etc (did enjoy it though!) I recovered from all that and cooled down quickly and it was a damp day so not boiling weather. 


I didn't want to not do the race *incase* i might have conceived, I don't even know for definate that I ovulated.  But now I am wondering what, if any, affect the race (body temperature and unusual strain) would have had on either a little unfertilised egg and millions of sperm and their meeting or (if any pregnancy had progressed to the next stage already) then the affect on a little bundle of cells.


The race took me an hour and had a 15 minute warm up beforehand so wasnt like I was running all day.


Whaddya think?? Anyone done this and still got preg?




Monday x