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Spotting from coughing?

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I have had a very small amount of spotting today. I knew it wasn't from the low lying cervix issue because ultrasound said it moved up and that's all fine. I have been having horribly violent coughing fits, sometimes that cause me to puke. Can this cause spotting, do any of you know? 

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I would put in a quick call to my care provider to be sure. That cough sounds horrible by the way. Are you taking anything for it? Even honey or hot tea?
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The spotting seems to be about done as of last night although it seemed like a slight leftover bit was there this morning. Luckily the cough is not constant but when it comes on...usually at night...it is awful. I talked to the midwife just last week but I hadn't had spotting at that time, but she said for the cough I could take robotussin. I've also tried benedryl in the case that it is some type of allergy. Neither of them calm the cough completely and it has because very aggravating to my uterus and the muscles all around it - so maybe it's irritating my cervix too.  I mean, I'm taking vitamin C, Vitamin D3, my prenatal, probiotics, I don't know what else to do. I do drink tea with raw honey added sometimes, but it only soothes while I'm drinking it. 


Since the spotting seems to be done now I will probably wait to call her tomorrow (Monday). I have been taking it easy and making sure to rest a lot and drink lots of water. I'm not feeling crampy or any pain. But I'm feeling worn down from being sick so much. When I had bronchitis about 9 weeks ago now I guess, I ended up taking antibiotics and it really improved things. But the congestion and wheezing didn't completely go away. But now for the past three days it seems a little worse and the phlegm is green/yellow not clear. So maybe I need antibiotics again? I know they can be overused, but maybe I really need them right now. I will call her tomorrow and see what she thinks. 

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oh, that sounds awful. i can't imagine how much that would hurt- the occasional sneeze is rough enough! sending healing wishes.

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Wendipauline - thanks for the healing wishes, that means a lot to me! flower.gif

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Have you been checked for Pertussis?  It's definitely been going around in FL.

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During the entire pregnancy with my first DS, I would have some small spotting after almost every BM (even without straining).  I guess I had a lot of sensitive blood vessels in my cervix and just a BM would break some of them causing the spotting.  I would think coughing could do the same.... I hope you feel better soon and that the spotting is gone for good!

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No, I haven't been checked for that. I think my kids and I actually had it in 2009...never officially diagnosed though, but it was even worse than what I have right now. And we had the classic whoop and everything, luckily it was fairly mild for the kids. I lost my job because of it. This kind of reminds me of what we had then, whether it was pertussis for sure or not, but its definitely not as severe as what that was. I am definitely calling my midwife tomorrow and telling her I need to take a different approach than just robotussin. I did see my primary care physician ...but she is actually a nurse practitioner....about 4 weeks ago, she said it was viral without doing any kind of tests and gave me something homeopathic that hasn't really helped a bit (and I am a fan of natural medicine, it just really hasn't helped). I need to find a doctor's office that is willing to do tests or whatever is necessary to find out what the cause here is..whether its pertussis, or viral or bacterial, or maybe allergies even. The nurse practitioner pretty much told me that she'd rather I see my midwife for everything and not her while I'm pregnant...but my midwife isn't an expert is this kind of thing either so go figure, lol. 

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Thinking of you.. let us know what the midwife says!

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I called my midwife. She said that yes, you can have spotting from coughing. She agrees that I need to figure out what is causing this coughing and congestion and I called and set an appointment with my primary care office - I'll get seen on Wednesday. I also told the midwife that when I have the coughing I get a very uncomfortable full feeling inside the vaginal area and she thinks that is not being caused by the coughing but that it could be a yeast infection or something, so I'll be going to see my midwife to have her take a look and see what that could be. I really am ready to feel better already - at least things are set in motion now that I have my appointment set. I'm really starting to think the coughing and congestion are allergies - my eyes are burning and itching this morning. 

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Mamaforever - I somehow missed your post before. But yeah, our cervix can be quite sensitive and prone to bleeding I guess! The spotting has not recurred and thankfully my coughing has reduced as well. I have cut out dairy and gluten completely. I upped my vitamin C and D3 and krill oil. These things have made a huge difference in just a few days. I have an appointment with the regular doc in about a week to talk about food and environmental allergies. Some foods I just already know from elimination diets. I want to see about finding out about anymore food ones, and environmental ones as well. 

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Glad to hear that, Worldshakerz!

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