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Please move me to waiting to O.  Thanks!

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Bebelove....    I was hoping your freshly flushed tubes would get you that BFP. Hugs

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jr'smom : I had the same thing. I went to the Dr. today and got the official you are totally knocked up!!! So yes, to me, it sounds like you are pregnant, I had the same thing. Faint lines regardless of when I tested and even @ the Dr's it was still faint but definitely there. I also had implantation spotting.

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Tropical fever - that sounds stressful. I don't have any advice or BTDT but good luck. I had more cramps/contrax lastnite after my u/s and I am pretty sure I passed the sac this morning. I am guessing since my uterus was working on expelling lastnite that my chances of conceiving even if I did catch the egg over the weekend are pretty slim. Boo. I would be 3 or 4 dpo today.

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Well, I guess it's time to introduce myself and join you! I'm 32, no kids and just married the love of my life, who is 37 (also no kids) on Saturday! We're on our honeymoon right now (it's raining and we're exhausted so just chilling out). We knew we'd start TTC after the wedding and here we are, CD10 and fertile CM showed up this afternoon, in a beautiful, romantic setting and a great big hotel room bed. Certainly hoping to take home more than some seashells from this trip!



So, hello and baby-dust to everyone!

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Hello librarygirl,

Congratulations on getting married! Enjoy the honeymoon and take advantage of that EWCM!

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Welcome.gif librarygirl! Congrats on your marriage happy honey moon, all this sounds soooo romantic! Happy baby dust to you. Thanks a lot for your concern Bailey it much needed and appreciated

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Congratulations librarygirl!  How awesome would it be if you got pregnant on your honeymoon?!


Thanks for the encouragement organicviolin!  I've been having a very light menstrual flow a couple times in the last 2 days so I'll oficially call this AF now.  It's just sooo dramatically different than ever before.  The only reason I can come up with is I really did a lot of juicing the week before.  I juiced quite a few carrots and sweet potatoes and I read that a raw food diet especially with orange vegetables (beta carotine)  can cause a light menstrual flow.  I think that explanation is more likely than early menopause or being pregnant or some other hormonal change.  Wish I would have known about this ornage vegetable thing before! 

(TMI warning... The first couple days of my period I have to wear the thickest tampon along with a pad and change them every hour.  So that's why I was thrown for such a loop with this spotting for a few days and on and off very light flow for a couple days.  Now I actually hope my menses stays like this as long as I stay fertile! )


So I'm waiting to O again.  I will use OPKs this month to be sure everything is normal with my cycle.  I finally stopped wasting preg tests but will order different ones for this month as I guess I was getting a lot of evaps on the others.


Good luck everyone!

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Hi I am Hannah, a Doula from the UK. I am TTC my third child. I have a 6.5 and 4.5 yr old and finally ready for no.3. I am 9DPO and really stressy :-( I am really busy as a Doula and am hoping this is the month as summer is way quieter than the fall. I feel I have put so much pressure on myself and the wait is pretty horrid. I have had a bad temper the last 2 days and any twitch, pain, niggle sends my brain on overide. So looking forward to finding others TTC and getting some support :-)

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Hello all! So I'm new and jumping in here. I'm in the waiting (and waiting) to know category. Our first "real" month of TTC and after regular 24-25 day cycles since going off BC in Dec I'm sitting here at CD 31. Still no AF and got a BFN yesterday. This 3WW thing is trying to make me crazy, ha. Unfortunately didn't really chart (was planning to start next month) but now really wish I had! I do think I'm at 17dpo based on casually observing other signs. Going to attempt to make it to Sunday to test again!

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Welcome pieknits (btw love the name, two of my favorite things!). You are certainly not alone here, I also have been TTC since ending BCP in Dec, and know of a couple other gals in here in the same boat. An extra 6 days without AF or BFP can make us crazy but hang in there! I hope it's some good news on the way.

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welcome new ladies!


Hope you're all finding ways to stay sane during your waiting.


I'm feeling pretty obsessed, myself, at 9dpo.  Really going to try to stay away from the computer today and hang out with my boys, maybe make something fun for dinner and enjoy the nice weather we're having.

The "symptoms" I was having (even DH said "something must be going on in there" last night with my ridiculous bloating and gassiness!) seem to have lessened quite a bit.  I know that doesn't necessarily mean anything one way or another, but maybe NOT having them will help me to obsess less today  :-p

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Pieknits- are you sure you O'd when you think you did? That's a seriously long LP for a no AF and a BFN. 16 days is about the longest for a normal cycle and that's long. Are yours always that way?



Hope everyone is having a good week. Still enjoying the beach. Before DH woke up this morning, I went to the souvenir shop. I got us each a mug and then picked up two 6 month onesies (one blue, one purple) just in case we get lucky and conceive while we're here, I'll want the baby to have a onesie from this vacation. :) It's incredibly silly but when I admitted to DH what I'd bought, he chuckled and said, "well, I figured you would".

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librarygirl, how cute! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!


AFM: AF came this morning. doularebekah, can you change me back to waiting to O?

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Hi everyone,

Welcome to all the new members may you stay here be short. I'm at 26 DPO still no AF I have no prego or AF symptoms just this excruciating lower abdominal pain at night between 2 and 4 a.m. After the BFN I got at 17DPO I dont know hwat to think. Keep wondering on what could be going on in my body.

Happy baby dust

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Tropicalfever:  are you going to go for a blood test soon?  I've heard (depending on the doctor of course) that doctors advise to come in for a blood test if you're at CD45 with BFN.  Plenty go for a blood test sooner though.


AFM I'm still waiting to O but it should be today or tomorrow.  Just trying to keep up my stamina to give us a good chance this cycle.  wink1.gif

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Hey all - sorry for the long absence! I'll catch up soon I promise! In the mean time, please move me to Waiting to Know (2WW). We had great timing this month so fingers crossed that BFing doesn't throw things off too much!
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Thanks for the welcomes! Still in limbo here. librarygirl- nope I'm not positive about my O date but I've never been this late in my life so who knows? Either really late ovulation or hcg just isn't showing up yet. Wish I knew either way- have a big Memorial Day party to go to this weekend and want to know if I'm going to have to attempt hiding no drinking!

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Hi all. I've been MIA as I've finished up my school year teaching, but now I'm done and ready to fill my time occupying myself during this 2ww. I'm on dpo 8. I broke down to the temptation of POAS today, and of course got a bfn. No surprise. Was just having some strange dreams last night and a "hunch", so instead of driving myself crazy, I just went ahead and got the urge out of my system. I'm really trying not to get obsessed this month, but it's really hard. I compare it to waiting to open Christmas gifts to my dh. He's always so bad at xmas -- constantly asking me to open gifts early, tell him what I got him, etc. I explained that the 2ww was kind of the same. You have to wait to see if you get the gift you wanted (bfp) or a lump of coal (AF). Anyway, tomorrow we're celebrating ds 2-yr birthday which I'm hoping will keep my mind off of things. 


If you'd like to stalk my chart for me, here's the link  orngbiggrin.gif : 



Sending baby dust to all of you! dust.gif


Have a great weekend.

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