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were your babies early, late or on time?

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HI everyone- due in two weeks with number 2 and wondering what the chances are of going early, or even on time.  DD was 10 days late, and only came then from every home inducement remedy in the book.  Anyone out there have some kids that were early and some late, or did you always seem to follow the same pattern?

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Based on averages, I count 41w1d as normal for first baby, 40w5d for the rest. DS was a normal time and DS2 was a few days later than expected even after a recalculated due date because I ovulated late, from LMP he was 42w and I did drink 1oz of castor oil (tiny dose so I figured it was ok).

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always well beyond edd

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I chart my cycles and know exactly when I ovulate. I calculate my EDD based on my ovulation. All of my babies have been born 1 or 2 days after their EDD.


In fact, with my first, I was so sure I would go longer than my EDD, because it was my first baby. I counted on that and scheduled all sorts of work and projects for after my EDD. Imagine my surprise when I went into labor one day after my EDD!


I think an individual womans' pattern is a more reliable "gauge" of when her babies will be born. Of course, every pregnancy is different, but the more I talk to mamas who have had several children, the more I personally see patterns of labors and birth. Women who go over their EDD for their first do tend to cook longer with their subsequent babies as well. Same goes for women who birth "early". I think it's safe to say that if you went long for your first, and the women in your family tend to go a little long, you may in fact just go long with every pregnancy.

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Both my babies were totally different. DD was two weeks late, DS was 3 weeks early. Both we were very sure on dates. I am now pregnant with my third and have no idea what to expect.

Good luck!
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My first was born a few days after his due date.  My mom also had all three births within a few days of the due date, so I figured I would too.  My second was born at 37 weeks 2 days.  Despite being "young" he was ready to be born, and had no problems breathing or nursing, whereas my first took a few minutes to figure out breathing, and didn't nurse at all until the 3rd day.  I chart and was very sure of my dates both times.  I am trying to hold no expectations for #3.  

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I've had 1 due date, 1 three weeks early, 1 at 40 weeks 3 days (induced). So I would say I'm all over the place. All I was 100% sure of the conception date, we used that as our 'EDD' predictor.  I'm pregnant with #4 and trying to be patient, but would have loved the 37 weeker (we're at 38 weeks).

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oh goody!!!  these stories give me some hope, hahaha.  I don't think I can go to 42 weeks again!  thanks for the input!  good luck to everyone!

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All four of my kids were close to 2 weeks past due;)  But there's still hope for you!  You haven't established a pattern yet!  xo

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I'm always early. First two at 36 weeks and then another at 38 weeks. All the same weight of 6 pounds and a 10 ounces.
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My 1st baby was born at 36wks3days for no known reason (i had no complications, good blood pressure, etc). Early enough for my doctor to consider him "too early" and worry that this new baby will be born even earlier. I'm receiving weekly progesterone shots to keep this baby in until atleast 37 weeks. I would LOVE to make it to 40 weeks, but also want to avoid inducing at ALL costs!

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