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Show off your furry friends!

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There are a lot of useful topics in this forum, but a serious lack of cute pics of our animal companions. Let's see some photos of your furry BFFs please! luxlove.gif


I'll get this thread rolling with Carlos, who is attempting to get a belly rub!



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This is Sharma.


Too bad I don't have a better camera. I have two other ratties I haven't been able to get pictures of at all.

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I have 2 Cardigan Welsh Corgis. This is Yancy:






This is Topper:

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Sharma is a cutie! I had a rat named Speedy a very very long time ago (I think I was about eight years old)...


I love corgis so much! Adorable :) They look different from the corgis I'm used to seeing, but they look like such sweeties!

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Pembroke Welsh Corgis (the ones favored by Queen Elizabeth) are a different breed than Cardigans, and are much more common. Pems have bobbed tails, and don't come in the brindle coloring that my dogs have. Cardis are a bit bigger, and more laid-back. They are truly wonderful dogs!

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These are our bunnies.  ♥  Rabbits make great pets.  These two are house rabbits, shown here on the fenced-in front porch, right by the front door.  The black and white one is Mr. Buns, he's a boy.  The white and grey one is Babs, she's a girl.  They are both adopted and both fixed.  In this picture Babs is grooming Mr. Buns.  I think they're in love. 

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LOOOOVE the bunnies ! I have a few myself and I totally agree with you , they make great pets and they are a lot smarter than many people give them credit for !  thumb.gif

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Yay bunnies! I had a rabbit named "The Bun" but I called him Bun Buns most of the time ;)

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family 34 110.JPGdesire phone pics 016.jpg

This is our dog Sam. He is a Bishon Shih Tzu mix. Our daughter is allergic to dogs hence the non shedding Teddy bear. He is an amazing dog who just thinks he is another one of our kids. : )  He turned 5 in February. 

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Aiiiiiie, furbabies!!  joy.gif




Old man kitty.  Careful, he bites.




Little girl kitty.  She thinks she is fruit.  <sigh>


I wanted to add, since I think you can see in the picture, please note that I have one grey cat with grey stripes, and one black cat with black stripes (well, really she's a very dark sable, but I quibble);  isn't that neat?  I think it's neat.  I have to justify their plant-destructing, table-walking, rye-toast stealing existence in my house somehow.  Being good luck and calling down the blessings of various cat-loving gods is not enough to put up with these two.

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nd_deadhead, your Corgis are adorable, I never knew the difference between the Pembrokes and Cardigans.


Here is my guy:




Oscar is an (almost) two year old, Mastiff. He weighs just under 200 lbs.


Everyone's fur babies are just so cute!

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We have two cats, both of which enjoy canoeing and one who enjoys kayaking. Here he is enjoying the ride!




He does this often enough and awkwardly enough that we bought him a little dog life vest to make it easier to grab him in case he falls in far from a familiar shore.

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So much cute!!


Katie T. - Love the pic of your kiddo pulling the pup in the wagon. Adorable.


MrsGregory - "She thinks she is fruit" made me LOL.


Mirzam - Mastiffs are awesome! I love big dogs. Your guy has that great super-serious-dog face in this pic :)


Kimble - This is amazing. I don't even have words! So cool.

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Love this thread. Here is my super fiesty tuxedo cat who I sadly had to put to sleep not even 1 month ago. Miss him so much! 4cac6b35-df7b-b156.jpg

Here is a post on my blot about it: http://sillyblatherings.wordpress.com/2012/05/22/we-will-miss-you-maow-maow-rip-felix-1997-2012/
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Aw, what a handsome guy! Losing a pet is so incredibly hard. Lots of hugs to you. heartbeat.gif

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Originally Posted by tillymonster View Post

 Here is my super fiesty tuxedo cat


He is incredible! I just want to bury my hands in his fuzzy belly (of course he would probably tell me to MYOB! haha!)


I'm so sorry for your loss. He looks like a great companion to have shared life with.

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Here are some of my furry friends:


Betsy, she was adopted by my sis from the Humane Society when she was 8 weeks old.  She is a weeny dog mix of some kind.  She just turned 4.  


Chip, our new lab puppy. He is 7 weeks old.  


Meowee the cat.  She climbed in my window when she was 5 months old and never left.  She is now 1 1/2 years old. 


Rudy (and not pictured, Max) the rat brothers. They are about a 1 year old.  This is a picture from when they were still really young.


Kahlua the Standard Rex rabbit. She is turning 7 this year.  I have had her since she was 6 months.


We also have 2 goldfish (1 oranda and 1 ryukin) but I don't have a decent picture of them.

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Awww thanks ladies... I miss him dearly. All the fur babies on here are so darn cute!!!
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DSCF4193.JPG HEhehe this is my cat, Lauri. She acts more like a dog than a cat, I swear!!!

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IMG_0303.jpg HAHAHAH and this is a picture of me being squashed by our huge loveable Lab/Kelpie named Rupert!

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