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Is there ANY good front carrier?

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I have a huge (15lbs) 10-week-old baby. He really, really wants to face forward, as in throws a fit until he's turned around on lap or in carrier, after which he is completely happy. I used a Bjorn with my 1st 9 years ago before I know about the supposed hip issues and it was great. Now though I don't feel comfortable using it...though I have tried a couple of times and indeed, my new little guy looked happier than in any other carrier.


I've used a Moby wrap a few times and that worked well until he got so big -- now it just kills my back. Regular ring sling has not been great as he is not developmentally able to hold himself up well for a hip carry yet and he's so big he just seems squashed in other carries (and also he just hasn't liked it very much). Maybe I am just not doing it right.


I just don't buy the "overstimulation" argument about not using front carriers -- that just seems silly to me.  However, the hip/crotch thing does make sense.


So I'd love to find a front-facing carrier that was supportive like an Ergo. Does such a thing exist?  Is the Belle baby carrier any good?

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It's my understanding that front facing precludes having the baby in a seated position which is what protects their hips. I have a ktan which allows a front carry and I have used it that way, although not in awhile. when my baby wants to be able to see and interact more I use the "explore" position with the ktan. I still use it with my 22lbs baby although I've started using the reinforcing band, lately. If you liked the moby a woven wrap will allow most o the same carries but with a lot more support.
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You could have a look at the Beco gemini. I could never get comfortable with my LO forward facing (and I do think there is the potential for overstimulation) but DH wore her ff all the time and she seemed to be in a good position.
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Maybe a mei tai worn in the front. I did that with dd2 for a while.
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There is a good front facing carry for a ring sling. You kind of fold the babies legs kind of crossed across the belly (almost like folding the baby up...lol!) and then tuck them in the sling in the front. Their back is against your chest so there is fairly good head support. I'll see if I can find a photo...





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I did discover the front-facing in a ring sling carry and he does like it for a little while (10 mins or less).  But he must be around 17 lbs now that he's 12 weeks old -- in the 97th %ile for size -- and he barely fits IN the sling facing forward.  I will keep on trying as this seems to be the best we can do right now, but REALLY looking forward to when he gets a little bit better at holding up his head & sitting and we can just do a hip carry or something.  (I cannot WAIT until he can go in a backpack.  My 1st sometimes spent about half the day in his backpack.)  I tried him in the Ergo facing in again the other day but he just shrieked the entire time and the edge of the carrier cut into his thighs.

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The other problem with forward facing out carries with a bigger baby, is even if you can find a way to properly support their hips and spine, it's very, very hard on your back, and pelvic floor. I'd highly recommend getting a good woven wrap (not a stretchy like a moby) or a Meitai and learn a high back carry. That way baby can happily look around, and you won't be damaging yourself. If you are a bit intimidated by putting your baby on your back, there are great instructional youtube videos on back carries, or even better, there's probably a local babywearing group near you who can help you figure it out.

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