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I Acquired some flats today from a baby clothing swap.
Are they all one size? What is the easiest way to fold them?
Do I keep them folded before putting them on my dd?

Can I use them on my toddler? They don't seem absorbent but looking back thru threads it appears that they are surprisingly. If I can't use them with my toddler I can certainly use them for the newborn coming right?

Thanks mamas, right now I am just staring at these super soft pieces of cotton/maybe muslin, & every time I YouTube a video, I just feel stumped.
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Oh, yeah.


I love flats.


Toddler diapers, little baby diapers, bibs, quick blankets, washcloths, whatever.  They can be anything!


Probably the easiest way to start is just fold one in half one direction, and then in half the other way.  Then, fold it in thirds and put it in a cover.  It works just like a prefold that way.


I often use the origami fold as well.  It takes a bit to learn, but is great for containing messes. 


Happy experimenting!

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I recently started using flats and I LOVE them. If I had known about them when my son was tiny, I probably wouldn't have ever built up a huge stash of so many different types of diapers. There is a blogger who did a flats and handwashing challenge last year. It was a week long challenge where you could only use flats, cover and they had to be handwashed. She is doing the challenge again this year - this week actually - and I decided to follow along. I just started using flats a few weeks ago for practice. They do come in different sizes and fabrics (cotton, muslin, flannel, hemp etc). There are some pre-fab flats such as Swaddlebees and OsoCosy or you can make them on your own with flannel or you can use receiving blankets, flour sacks, t-shirts. So, there is quite a variety when it comes to flats. It took a few tries, but I got the hang of a variety of folds after watching a bunch of YouTube videos. My favorite fold is the diaper bag fold. It's pretty easy. I also like the pad fold, but it doesn't contain poo explosions well. I use swaddlebees, osocosy and Ikea brand (they are labeled as burp cloths) and like them all.

If you want to read more about the flats challenge or just find information on different folds, check out Dirty Diaper Laundry.

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I love my flats too! Try you tubing ''oragami fold' That's my favorite for absorbency. The easiest for me with older babies is 'Kite fold"  and you can always add absorbency as needed. After you're done using them as diapers, they make the best 'unpapaer' towels for the kitchen and general cleaning! 

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The trick to using flats on a toddler is remembering that you can use as many at a time as you like.  You can fold one as a containment diaper (I liked origami fold) then fold one or more into rectangles, and use them as doublers for extra absorbancy.  Or you can just fold them up and use them as doublers inside whatever fitteds/AIO/pockets you like, and you still get the easy washing advantage.

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