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Intime0 I hope things calm down for you soon. That is a lot to go through and I hope the rest is just what you need. Sending you strength and calmness.
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intime0 oh no, bed rest and swelling? how scary and what a crappy way to spend your weekend. Hopefully it will improve...  quickly? :)

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intime0, what an awful weekend!  Keep us updated.  I'm sending you lots of healing thoughts.  Hopefully bed rest isn't too onerous.

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ithappened: where are you guys moving to in oregon? my sister lives in portland and my parents are in eugene. We are moving to Eugene first as that's where I'm from (I'm the one who was one of your dad's patients) and dh will be attending a masters program at the U of O (fingers crossed) next summer. Eventually we would both prefer to be in Portland though, which is possible for the final two years of his graduate program (the U of O has a campus for architecture up there).


intime:JustChanti, some of my favorite parts of my birth story is some kind of trial.


I'm taking our situation pretty well.  DH and I have moved so many times at this point that it just feels almost like the natural thing to do.  Although, I'm not going to lie I'm a bit jealous of people who already know where they will be living when their baby comes.  smile.gif Overall though, I'm up for the adventure and am grateful we are moving where family is close by.  


Moving certainly is stressful, but its just one of those things that sucks for a couple weeks and then its over.  

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Intimeo - What a weekend! I'm sorry it was so stressful but its so great that LO is doing well. I hope you're able to figure out what's causing all of the upset soon. Be strong mama!


I COMPLETELY empathize w everyone contemplating impending moves. Justchanti, I think you and I may be in the same boat. We should find out about our upcoming move (when/where) in the next week or two. Until then its basically impossible to start any sort of preparations. We will be making the big baby purchases (carseat, diapers, sling/wrap!) starting this weekend, though. But important things like birthplace and MW will have to wait a few weeks yet. At this point I'll be happy if everything happens one thing at a time...find a house, get everything moved, have baby...in that order. :)

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Intime--I'm so sorry you are going through this. Hope the bed rest helps calm everything down!  Sending lots of good thoughts your way

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Intime0: well wishes to you and baby. hope you get some rest, and baby is okay.

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Justchanti well if you are in Eugene I will be there this fall for a few weeks (or months if things here get too bad for me) ... ! If you need any leads or help with connections in PDX let me know, esp in Art/Architecture I know some people

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intime - thinking of you!!!  Sorry to hear about your scary weekend but so glad that Baby's doing ok.  Get your rest and take good care of yourself.... sending you strength and healing thoughts!!

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YOu guys are amazing.  Thank you so much!

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