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Weekly Chat - May 21-27

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Y'all.. there's a JANUARY 2013 DDC. Time is really flying. 


Happy Monday, everyone! Wishing you all a fantastic week.

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I know! I just realized I've been pregnant for 5 months...holy cow!


This weekend was relaxing. Last night it finally became uncomfortable to lay on my back. :) I've been reading the hypnobirthing book by Marie Mongan. I found the section on how much the child is aware of at this stage fascinating. I read it to my husband so he could understand that we should be connecting to our baby now, not just when he gets here! I guess as a new mom and dad it all seems very foreign to us--to be cooing and singing nursery rhymes and reading stories to my belly. We are both kinda moderate hippie hipsters (I'm more the hippie, he's more the hipster). We love modern art, DH has a huge music collection (barely any mainstream), we shop at threadless, and we've both got a highly developed sense of sarcasm. winky.gif But after we read about it, DH got out his itunes and we played some songs that were calming and soothing. But it turns out this boy likes Sam Cooke! 

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Wow! I can't believe there's 2013 DDC! 


Ascher, that's so cute! I used to play Sam Cooke for DD when she a newborn. Feist has always been her absolute favourite. I love getting to learn about their preferences! smile.gif


I have to vent. I had a pretty awful weekend. My MIL law came to visit and it was just one dig at me after another. She had a huge issue with us saying we want three kids. Apparently I just want that because my parents had "way too many children." She said I'll see when I have this baby and that I don't know what I'm in for with a boy. She had two boys and was disappointed when we had a girl. Also we've chosen a name for the baby and she kept trying to get us to tell her but with DD she announced her name on facebook after we told her and spelled it incorrectly. I want the chance to announce his name when he's born. Anyways it was a trying weekend. She refused to eat any of my cooking or at any restaurants I chose which was hurtful. When she left I had a big cry and told my husband how sad I was that she'll be back when I have a newborn. It's such a short and special time and I wish I didn't have to share any of it with her. He was very understanding and went out and bought a present for the new baby to cheer me up. Rant over. 


Hope you all have a good week! 

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hug2.gif I'm sorry. Here's a letter to grandparents someone sent me, that I really like.



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Lazurite - That sounds truly awful!  Does your MIL have to come back when you have a newborn?  I'd think it be best to keep someone so negative away for a little while when you are just settling in!  It's hard enough and it doesn't sound like she will be a helpful presence. 


AFM - We had a typically busy weekend - a wedding, swimming lessons, a birthday party... It was all really fun though!  I think I posted a while back about needing to move.  We finally found a rental home and I have settled on it mentally but now have to deal with the fact that it will not be available until Sept. 1.  I am due Sept 23 and my DS arrived 3 weeks early.  The timeline is stressing me out - not to mention my completely unsatisfied urge to nest.  I don't want to do anything knowing that we have to move.  It's totally unmotivating.  AND I have to list and rent out our existing condo.  I really don't like this part of the process.  Oh well - I will be so happy in the new space and DH has agreed that we will hire movers for the first time in our lives.  Yay for that! 

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Hi Everyone!


Lazurite, so sorry you had an awful weekend.  Does you MIL have to come back when the baby arrives??


My weekend was good, the weather for gorggeous.  Not much is new.  I was BOLD and wore my bikini to the beach :)


I have had two people ask me today how far a long I am.  I kind of like it, but it is also kind of suprising.  I am always nervous to ask people that I don't know very well until they are 9 months along!  I would hate to be that person that mistakingly asked if someone was pregnant and they are not!

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Ascher, thanks for the letter. I'd like to send her that. 


With DD I asked her to wait 3 weeks to come visit. I'm really glad I did it and I'll be asking for more time with this baby, not sure how much time at this point. I'm just going to say that we need to adjust to having two children. I want to just enjoy our time together for awhile. I'm not compromising on that. 


Jend - Congrats on finding a new place. I had to move a few weeks before DD was born. It was nice to be able to get rid of stuff we didn't need and start fresh with a new place.  It is hard waiting to nest though. Hopefully the timeline isn't an issue and the baby holds on until closer to the due date to give you some time to settle. 

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Ava's Mama, I work in a coffeeshop, which means I see a lot of the same people for just a handful of minutes every day. It's definitely been in the past week or so that a lot of the ones who don't know yet have squinted at me, then asked something along the lines of, "So, is there something you need to announce...?" I've been pretty straightforward about revealing it, though. As soon as the bump started to look anything like a bump, I broke out the tighter clothing and showed it off! I've picked up a few thrift store maternity items over the weeks, but I went out and bought a new bathing suit last weekend and, holy cow, does it make it obvious!


The little bubbles and pops I've been feeling have definitely separated themselves into gas and baby kicks. It's just starting to get to the point where it would keep me up if the Little Bird were to be kickboxing at bed time. It is pretty cool to feel it, to wonder why (s)he gets moving at certain times (when I've eaten? when it's been too long since I've stood up and walked around? when I'm sitting at my desk writing? when we're watching baseball?). 


I'm still getting used to talking to the baby (or, as it feels, to my stomach). It seems to be easiest when the dog and I are walking on the beach. In fact, we had a chat the other day about how people on the outside don't often talk to their own body parts - mama talks to daddy's parts sometimes, and daddy talks to mama's, and mama knows that she will coo over every part of baby's and that baby will probably explore, spit on, pee on, and pull at most every part of mama's, but talking to one's own parts is a little less common. But I'm trying. I suppose this gets easier with the second pregnancy? Or maybe it's just a personality thing?


We plan to cosleep, but I did pull the cradle my grandmother rocked my father in up from the basement this weekend. It's sitting beside the dresser in my studio (the future nursery) that holds our tiny stash of borrowed cloth diapers, all of the little baby things I've knit, and the precious handful of gifts we've received so far (a stuffed bear, some books, a few onesies). It makes it all a little more real!

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I was shopping (alone--blissful!!) this weekend when two women stopped to compliment me on how "cute" and "tiny" I was. Then one of them asked how many months along I am. Of course, I had to calculate...22 weeks/4 weeks to a month.... about 5. They gaped, and one of them said, "Are you SURE there aren't two in there?"  I stammered and then said, "Well, no, this is my 4th and I grow big babies." They were stunned.  *SIGH* Then when I mentioned it to my DH, his response was, "You should get used to it. I think you're going to hear that a lot."  :/


This weekend I did have three people tell me that they think it's a boy. And I had a pretty vivid dream about the birth in which he was a boy. Then I was talking to my mom this morning, and she said she definitely is leaning boy--she has been right with all my kids so far. AND all of my sister's kids. I could make a convincing argument for either gender, so mama's intuition doesn't count here unless it's the dream.


I did buy a BRAND NEW BIKINI this weekend. I don't wear them unless I am pr!egnant, but I feel so good about myself when my belly is big and round (I have body image issues)!  So I splurged and spent $30 on one that fits awesome and makes me feel really confident. My hubby can't understand why I only wear them when pg... ;)

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So, when is fatigue not normal? I just feel off. I can easily sleep 12+ hours a night and still feel like a nap in the afternoon. It's been so long since I've been pregnant that I can't remember if fatigue to this degree is normal.


Also, my pubic bone! Oh my pubic bone! It hurts to walk and turn over in bed. I am only 25 weeks pregnant and it scares me that I'm this uncomfortable already. 


With my last pregnancy, my daughter was posterior and my pubic bone hurt a lot but I was well into the last 2 months of pregnancy when that started... Any other ideas of what could be causing the pain?

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Originally Posted by MamanFrancaise View Post

So, when is fatigue not normal? I just feel off. I can easily sleep 12+ hours a night and still feel like a nap in the afternoon. It's been so long since I've been pregnant that I can't remember if fatigue to this degree is normal.


Also, my pubic bone! Oh my pubic bone! It hurts to walk and turn over in bed. I am only 25 weeks pregnant and it scares me that I'm this uncomfortable already. 


With my last pregnancy, my daughter was posterior and my pubic bone hurt a lot but I was well into the last 2 months of pregnancy when that started... Any other ideas of what could be causing the pain?


Exhaustion is normal, but generally the second trimester is the best for energy.  You may be anemic.  Are you taking a good iron supplement?  My energy level plummets if I miss a dose of floradix. 

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Originally Posted by Monkey Keeper View Post

I did buy a BRAND NEW BIKINI this weekend. I don't wear them unless I am pr!egnant, but I feel so good about myself when my belly is big and round (I have body image issues)!  So I splurged and spent $30 on one that fits awesome and makes me feel really confident. My hubby can't understand why I only wear them when pg... wink1.gif

I know exactly how you feel! I've been overweight most of my life, and I feel like being pregnant I have a body shape that's more accepted, so I can feel good wearing more fitted clothes and such. Plus, my maternity clothes have only been worn for a total of a year or less by this point, so they look a lot nicer and more up-to-date than my non-maternity wardrobe =P.

Regarding sleep issues, my midwives recommended two things that have made a huge, positive impact on my getting more restful sleep: Sleepy Nights Pregnancy by Wishgarden and Rescue Remedy spray (the regular version, not the sleep version). I take a few dropperfuls of sleepy nights before bed, and if I have trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep due to monkey brain, I take a couple sprays of rescue remedy every 5 minutes or so. It has been a week, and I finally feel like I am making up for all the lost sleep I've had recently. Previously, I would get up at night to pee or something, and I'd be up for hours. I found both items at Whole Foods and Pharmaca carries them online.
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Lazurite - Ugh, sorry you had such a hard time. I feel for you with the in-law stuff. I just found out mine are flying in next week and I don't feel like I have time to mentally prepare for this visit and I'm already really emotionally about other things so I am dreading it. It's not really their fault that it is such last minute, we knew they wanted to come but my FIL is a farmer and can't commit until he knows the weather will cooperate and he can get his crops is so it has to be a last minute thing but it is hard. Mostly I'm worried because I'm still nursing DD (who is turning 2 on Saturday) and I think they have probably just assumed I've weaned her and probably don't even know tandem is possible. I'm struggling with my own emotions over weaning and the possibility of tandem nursing and just feeling burnt out already so I really don't want the added pressure or comments while DH and I sort out what is best for us all. I'll be hiding my tandem nursing books but I can't really hide nursing DD because she's pretty vocal about it :-) I'm really trying not to get defensive because honestly, while I'm sure they think DH and I are nuts, they normally do try to keep their opinions to themselves. And part of it is that I compare my MIL"s grandmothering to my mom (who passed away about 6 months ago) and that isn't fair to her. Sometimes I just wish I had a time machine and could jump ahead 2 weeks and have it all be over. 

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DD and I went to Seattle to see the midwife and birth center this weekend. I am so happy to be back with my midwife that I love! I just trust her so much more than I did the flakey midwife here. And the birth center is beautiful! My sister commented that it will be like giving birth in a spa. I'm not even dreading the temporary move to Seattle from 38ish weeks until after the birth...of course, it is during the best time of the year there, so that probably helps.

The birth center has a really neat wooden doll house in the lobby, which DD made a beeline for as soon as she saw it. She put two of the dolls in the little car and said "mommy, these two guys are going to the birth center to have their baby.". <3

I saw a lot of people that I haven't seen since mid-March and several commented on my belly and how i am carrying differently this time. DH's aunt told me that "in Chinese" that means a boy....which is right. I'm definitely less wide this time. I should really post some pics on the belly pics thread...

I found some killer deals at yard sales when I was over there...retail therapy on a budget. I got a bunch of cute maternity clothes for $2 each and some baby clothes for 25 cents each, including a brand new with tags Hanna Anderson hat and a super cute onesie that says "little brother".

The drive back and forth kind of wiped me out, though...400 miles of driving in 36 hours. I was exhausted all day yesterday and today. It's been overcast and rainy here since I got back, too, which never helps my energy level. We are planning a driving trip to Sounthern California next month, but I'm hoping that since a) I'm sharing driving duties, and b) it should be sunny and warm for the trip, that I won't be so exhausted!

I can't remember who posted in last weeks thread about DH's taking time off after birth. My DH will be off all summer (his final is June 5) but he starts his last quarter of school on September 24, so depending on when this baby decides to make his appearance, we may have only a matter of a couple days, at most (my edd is 9/15, but DD was 11 days late.) My MW and I discussed 'encouraging' this guy a little earlier than we did DD...but I'm really hoping that I can avoid castor oil this time around. Yuck!
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Maman, I'm right there with you! I actually fell asleep sitting up today at work for a few minutes. If my principal knew...uhoh3.gif


It did occur to me that I might be a bit anemic. I have an OB appt this week so I will ask them. Then again, maybe it's just that I'm growing twins and teaching 20 crazy preschoolers.  I can't give you any advice about the pubic bone pain, but my lower back and ligaments are SO tight and painful that it's difficult to walk without crying.


Also, I've been meaning to ask: I've been feeling sensations like razors slicing my skin on the underside of my belly. Could this be the beginning of some stretch marks? confused.gif


Trying to shovel enough protein and calcium into my body but it's been hot in Chicago, and I'm running out of room in there for food!


I'm sorry for everyone dealing with MIL issues. My SO's mother lives in a nearby suburb, but she's pretty reasonable. She's super excited about the babies, but the most she has said about visiting is "Oh, just let me know if you need me to come over the week after the babies come to do cleaning, laundry and cooking! You'll need to just rest and nurse babies!" And since she lives nearby she can go home after.


What else? I'm pretty sure one of the girls was stretching out today and nailed me in the cervix AND bladder. I yelped and jumped in my seat. I drop things constantly, without warning. One second the object is in my hand, the next it is on the floor. This happened with an open bottle of bleach at work last week. Very amusing.


Things with SO... not so great. He has been really distant and quiet, and won't talk to me. It's been a lonely weekend. Honestly, I've been feeling pretty down for a week or so, maybe longer. I miss a lot of things, but especially affection and feeling a real connection with him. I just feel extremely pregnant, tired, clumsy, and alone.

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Since we're discussing anemia, I finally found something that works for my anemia and I feel amazing. It's unreal. It's called Pur Absorb and I feel better than I did before I got pregnant. I can get it at CVS around the corner, but it's also online. It's about $20 for a month's supply, and my hemoglobin came up 3 points in a month! I drink a packet every day in some lemonade. My one big issue is that I had a tooth removed last Monday and the recovery has been rough, not being able to take a good anti-inflammatory. I'm still in quite a bit of pain, which concerns me.


Tomorrow is DS2's 7th birthday. It's funny to think I was in labor with him right now 7 years ago. It was my most amazing birth experience so far and it's a nice memory to have. I'm excited about all the art stuff we got him. We found a really cool easel at a consignment sale for $10 last month and have been collecting little art supplies since then. I wrapped each thing individually so he'll just think he's getting a bunch of art supplies (which he will think is cool) until we bring out the easel. Ori is an especially enthusiastic and expressive kid, so these things are fun with him. I even got the day off work to bring treats to his class.


And, for the big news, the new easel will go well in the huge playroom (converted 2 car garage) in our new house my dad just gave us the deposit for as a baby gift. I'm super excited because we're moving out of a tiny 2 bedroom apartment to a nice sized 3 bedroom house with a playroom and a fenced in back yard. I'm feeling really impatient because we can't move in until June 15, so I just day dream about how to set up the playroom. We're already filling the apartment with freecycle and thrift store stuff. I'm so anxious to start nesting! 


Oh, and you guys who get the big belly comments, if it makes you feel any better at least once a day I have someone who thinks I'm "going to go any minute now". They don't even hide their shock when I tell them I'm not due until Sept. I get told that I should have "them" double check my dates, for twins, for triplets, for the size of the baby. Sigh

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Hi!!!  I finally found this group.  YAY!

I'm due Sept. 20 with number 2.


I'm sorry to hear about the IL issues.  I feel you there.  Although, usually my MIL doesn't say anything to me, but my DH hears about it sometimes. But, he's really good about standing up to her.  Regarding pregnancy, birth, labour, she just doesn't talk about it.  Even when I was pg with my first.  I tried a few times to open the discussion, but she gave very short, closed answers, mostly:" i don't remember".  Very odd I thought.  But, I left it alone.  I'm not going to push it.

I'm actually okay with this.  I'd rather she not say anything if the alternative is to say something negative.


This past week was pretty standard.  Had a MW appointment.  She's using the fetascope now.  Which I'm glad about 'cause this baby does NOT like the doppler.  The MW would have just enough time to get a reading before he/she would dart away and hide.  But, that meant we (ds and i) couldn't hear the heartbeat even though we tried to listen.  Mainly we didn't know what to listen for.  Oh well.  I feel movement, all is good.


oh, just to help anyone who may have issues with people cause they are currently nursing their older child.  We're still nursing at night over here.  He's 5.  Yup, NEVER thought i'd be doing it, but it doesn't hurt anyone and if he's seriously injured (hasn't happened yet) it is a quick way to calm him down.  lol

We've asked him what about when the baby gets here, are you still going to be having boobie?  He pointed out that I have 2 boobies and there will be 2 kids.  Master of the obvious he is.


Now that i've contributed here i'm going to go and peak at the other threads.

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Welcome katt.


wendipauline, I'm really sorry to hear that things are tense with your SO right now. Is he a FTD? Does this have anything to do with him processing the fatherhood thing? I hope you two are able to talk and get closer soon.


Erika, has the fatigue been off and on, or has it been this way all the way through? I have tired easily for a lot of my pregnancy, especially on heavier work days. In the last week or so I'd been feeling better than I had since December, really, but yesterday and today I'm beat. Today I had a 4.5 hour nap, 2.5 hours after getting up (having slept for like 10 hours). With things like that I always wonder what's going on with the baby- like, what's she growing today that's sapping so much energy, or what was going on last week that I was an ice cream fiend/needed to consume more food for three days, and then that leveled off? All I know is- working, raising kids, and gestating like you are, I'd be a zombie. If you really feel 'off' I'd talk to someone about it, but if it's just about how you're "supposed to" feel-- the magical second trimester isn't a reality for every woman/every pregnancy.


AFM, not a lot going on. Trying to enjoy the relative calm before the next round of aches and pains and other various and sundry symptoms manifest themselves. I can feel and see movement from the outside now, which is a trip. :) Hubby still hasn't caught it, but he will soon enough. Last night we got a changing table off Craigslist--I am not that hardcore of a minimalist that I really wanted to skip this--and I really like it. It was a really good deal. It's quality, solid wood that should hold up well over time, with drawers that will let us use it as a dresser later. We're still not going all-out with the purchasing, but a few days out from six months (!!), and having pretty much decided that we won't be traveling so that my dad's wife can host a baby shower for us, I feel okay about buying a few things.

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Like a lot of you, I'm wondering where my second trimester energy burst is. DH has been great with taking over night duties of our 20-month old, but I work FT and care for DS at least half of all my days from 11am until 9 or 10pm.. while I'm working. By the end, I'm wiped out.


The possibility of low iron levels occurred to me a few days ago, too. I've started supplementing with OTC pills but I've also tinctured yellow dock root that I should be able to filter and use now. (On an aside, has anyone used yellow dock root successfully to bring up iron levels?)


Anyway - I'd like to write more later, perhaps when DS is asleep and out of the mood he's been in. all. day. long. 

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My previous 2 pregnancies did not make me feel overly emotional, much, but I feel like these days, no matter how happy/tired/frustrated/elated I am, I will tear up at the drop of a hat. I realized this morning how different it has been when I teared up listening to a sports discussion on NPR. I really don't get it. Perhaps it is just that spending all day with preschoolers makes it harder to regulate my emotions. Regardless, I find it all really strange.

Today is the second day of my husband being out of town- he'll be back on Friday, and I don't sleep well when I'm the only adult in the house. Even my lovely new herbs that have helped me sleep for over a week did nothing for me last night.
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