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I just wanted to get some opinions for everyone. So I have been on and off again with regular birth control pills and I'm so sick of the way that it makes me feel. I believe that I'm pretty sensitive to the hormones found in birth control. I have been thinking about getting an IUD for a couple months now and went in for my annual exam to talk to my Doctor about everything. I had done some research and was pretty set on the Paragard because of the non-hormonal aspect but when talking to my doctor about it she said that she has had a lot of great results with other clients with Mirena. I stated my concern to her about the hormonal issues that I have while on BC and that I don't want to have those side effects again. I guess I'm just in a toss-up on which one to go through. I guess another problem that I'm concerned about is that I already have my period for 7 sevens and that's long enough and with what I have heard with the paragard it's going to be worse which is something else I don't want! I would love to hear some feedback from people that are experiencing the same issues or are just as confused as I am!!!