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How on earth are you cloth diapering your newborn??

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I'm sure there is a separate CD section I could post this question in, but I know a lot of you ladies are using cloth & I'm curious as to whether you start right off using cloth or use sposies for a while and then switch? I ask because my little Deacon was born 7lb 10oz and he seems waaaay too small for anything in my cd stash! I ordered the newborn orange edged GMD prefolds w/ bummis covers. I also have a few fuzzibunz pocket diapers I got as a gift. This is my first time using cloth and I am really excited about it but when I try to diaper Deacon, it seems SO bulky and like it is spreading his legs really far apart. And there is no way his pajamas will snap over that thing. 


Here is a pic of Deacon in the smallest prefold and smallest cover I have (both newborn size): 

deacon cloth dipe.jpg


On the GMD website they have lots of pics of babies in cloth diapers, but Deacon's legs just seem like they are pushed really far apart from each other when I put his on. I fasten with a snappi. I thought perhaps I should make the cover tighter but that seemed to squish his thighs in an uncomfortable way. What am I doing wrong here? Is he just too small for these diapers right now?

He is currently 11 days old and using Seventh Generation disposables...but I have this huge prefold stash and want to use it! 

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Even though Dodi has a few pounds on Deacon, we are having the same issue with legs being spread apart.

I have to change her so often (7 diapers last night alone) that I just tri fold the front of a prefold, put it between her legs and fan out the back...right now shes wearing a cover though (a thirsties with a tri fold prefold)

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we used the pampers they had at the birth center while we were they, & then 7th gen for about a week, then switched to cloth (gmd yellow edge + thirsties size 1). they look big on him, but not as big as on yr little guy, meredith, but almost! orryn was 7 lbs 6 oz at birth & was 6lbs 11oz when we left... not sure what he weighs now, he's 3 weeks today :)


the prefolds look big on the babies on the gmd website, too: http://www.greenmountaindiapers.com/prefolds.htm


best picture i could find:




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We're using the orange edge pre-folds, but we've been folding them in 3 and just laying it inside the cover instead of using the snappis.  At night we're using seventh generation disposables because I don't like how the bulkiness of the cloth makes it so her back is not flat when we lay her down on the bed.  Millie was almost the same size as Deacon- she was 7lb 8oz but is up to about 9lb (3 weeks now).  We have 1 bummis cover like yours and it's actually my favorite... if you fold in 3 you can definitely fasten the sides tighter. We haven't had any leaks yet.


My only concern now is it seems like her hips might suffer b/c her legs are so far apart.  I hope some more seasoned mommies chime in here.


I think Millie was about 5 days old in this pic (our first day all cloth)


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The NB covers didn't fit DS until he was a couple months old.  We had to use preemie covers before that (which of course I didn't have at first).  This time my stash is split about 50/50 between NB and preemie covers.  Although brand also makes a difference - Imse Vimse covers run large, as do a few others. 


With PFs, the fold you're using makes a big difference in bulkiness, so what fold are you using, Meredith?  For early days, angel wing fold was always the trimmest for me (flat under the butt, then trifolded as it comes between the legs).  It's a little harder to get the Snappi in securely, but even almost 3 years into CDing, I find it easier to just fasten the Snappi twice to make sure I have a good fit. 


For the cover, you want it snug around the legs and waist.  Not tight enough to leave marks, but snug enough to not gap with movement.  With all the diaper tucked inside it (I see some peeking diaper in some of these pics - that's how you wind up with soaked bedding).  Otherwise you're courting leaks.  Covers with gussets are crucial for skinny legged babies, or else you'll have leak city. 


As for having their legs spread, it's actually good for their hips, not bad.  You can give them some diaper free time if you like (and it makes you feel better), but babies with hip problems actually get prescribed "double diapering" to get more bulk between their legs. 



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My first thought is that you need a bigger cover, not smaller. As Cristeen said, you can see some diaper peeking through and you've got the velcro barely gripping. It's hard with their newly-discovered belly buttons, but once you can get it up around their waists a bit you help minimize leaks. And I agree- gussets made a HUGE difference for leaks here (I used Thirsties covers). Also seconding the spread legs as being good for hips. I got a lot of comments about how my babies would NEVER learn to crawl or walk with all that bulk between their legs, but both of mine crawled at 6 months and walked at 9 months so that definitely didn't hold up!


I found prefolds to be fairly bulky. I haven't diapered a newborn boy in prefold but with DD we did a basic trifold and spread it out a bit at the back and front so the snappi would grip- although with this stage, the snappi isn't really necessary. I find it more necessary when they're toddling/scooting/whatever, but for now with the frequency of changes it's really just backup. I assume with a boy you want the front pretty securely trifolded and the back spread for coverage. Experiment with different methods and fits and find what works best for you.


Newborn clothes + cloth diapers- yeah, that's a no-go! We did a lot of sleep sacks, sleep gowns, and larger sized sleepers in the early days, but then my other two were winter babies.


I haven't even pulled out the cloth yet for Everett :/ The idea of doing diapers again just seems so bloody exhausting, I REALLY don't want to, but I can't in good conscience use disposables this time. Boo. I also need to find a way to make the dipes we have absorb- even with a few strippings, whenever my mostly-potty-trained 2 year old would pee in them, it would just pool and then run out the legs. Yugh. Once I figure that out, I guess we'll go back to cloth.

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we're doing a combo of cloth and disposables.  when we're home we use cloth, but at night and when we go out we use disposables.  the diapers i have just aren't very absorbent, so they don't last long.  or maybe she just pees a lot!  i never cloth diapered a newborn before, i started with dd1 when she was about 4 months old.


we use little bear bums contoured diapers and fleece covers (bought on hyenacart.com).  and also kushies prefolds, i think the premie size.  they're really small, and fit well for now.  i like the way the diapers and covers fit, they're not too bulky.  I have several good.mamas too, but they're one size and even though they fit they're super bulky still.  I'm thinking about getting some newborn good.mamas and a wool soaker or two.  I think that will work better for us. 




And yeah, the diaper sticks out the top a little but that's because I don't pin/snappi them.

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Like you mentioned, my biggest issue is how far apart the diapers spread Mack's legs. He started at 7 lbs 7 oz, but now that he is up to 10 ( at 3 weeks) it is ot as bad.

The legs and belly haven't been the issue, just the bulk, like you said. I am partly used to this...knowing that a lot of cute clothes just don't fit right or look right over cloth.but the little spread eagle thing just want working for me. We started out using nb prefolds with a snappi and the prowraps newbon covers. But the spread leg issue and leaks were a bummer.

So I have started erring on the side of too little stuffing and ending up with a leak . I finally busted out some of the Best Bottom diaper I got- I didn't think that they would fit newborn well despite the fact that they are meant to be one size. I was so wrong !!!  ialso hadn't been crazy about how I thought the fabric would rub against his skin. They fit beautifully, and even dip down nicely for his umbilical stump which is still healing ( herniated....). . With the insert and the way they snap down to fit a tiny guy, the PUL inside doesn;t appear to touch him at all, like I thought it would. If I use them with just one of the Best Bottom inserts, they are not too bulky between his legs at all, but I have to be pretty quick to change him to avoid leaks, because he is quite the super soaker. So I am pretty smitten with these....should take a picture :)

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Going to pick DD1 at school i'll come back to post more detail on fit etc... I have lots of CDs and have pick of here in different sizes as well as DS who we cd'ed


white preemie prowrap below and OSO cozy preemie prefold


she was just over 4lbs lil joey AIO 5.8lbs she fit this at 4 lbs too and can wear it to about 12 lbs we'll see

s3.JPGcd1.JPG cd2.JPG

with onsie on not bulky at all

lil joey AIO

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Wow Sky I love how those lil joeys are slim enough to go under a onesie! I might have to order some :-)
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Ooh, I like the way the Lil Joey fits too!

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The Lil Joey is the NB dipe companion to the Rumparooz, which are my fave dipe hands down.  They're a OS dipe, and I've seen them on a NB and my 40 lb almost 3 yo still wears them.  Since your babes are already here, I would skip the Lil Joey at this point unless you can get them used and just get a few RaRz.  They really are great dipes, and we've never had a poo leak in them, in the year and a half we've been using them (bought them just before DS was a year old). 

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yes i like the lil joeys a lot they are very trim but can hold stuff well, the drying time is a little longer but not bad maybe 15 min more she is on the smallest setting in the Lil J at 5.8lbs


I have wool and fitteds, kissaluvs size 0 BUT Ksize0+anycover=BIGBUTT LOL! I found the fitted until she gets around 9 lbs will be too bulky.


I like the prefolds with the bummis cover and the prowrap they are both really trim also the xs covers can fit a prefold that is a bit larger (newborn size) she has room to grow in both of these covers


fuzzibunz perfect size reemie (xs)                                      and bummis suerbight xs with oso preemie prefold neither are bulky under clothes and they fit well she is on the smallest setting on both


cd678.JPGsang8888.JPG sang7777.JPG she is wearing kiss0 and wool under the white and blue outfit a bit too bulky for me i say.and her legs are too far apart


sven3weeks.JPG DSwas 3 weeks old in bumgenious one size, it was still too big although it was not bulky but would leak because the legs were not snug he was almost 7 lbs

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The Lil Joey is the NB dipe companion to the Rumparooz, which are my fave dipe hands down.  They're a OS dipe, and I've seen them on a NB and my 40 lb almost 3 yo still wears them.  Since your babes are already here, I would skip the Lil Joey at this point unless you can get them used and just get a few RaRz.  They really are great dipes, and we've never had a poo leak in them, in the year and a half we've been using them (bought them just before DS was a year old). 

the RandRz you like them i wanted to get some but did not think they would fit my preemie. but if  they fit a normal newborn size babe. i will get some for her instead of more lil j when she reaches a few lbs more.


went back and read more of the thread (wow it has been a hectic day for me!)  I would agree with cristeen on skipping the Lil Js I have a stash of them because I had no preemie dipes and as you all know dd was 2.13lbs at birth so I knew I would get a lot of use out of them.

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Originally Posted by Sky View Post

the RandRz you like them i wanted to get some but did not think they would fit my preemie. but if  they fit a normal newborn size babe. i will get some for her instead of more lil j when she reaches a few lbs more.


They definitely would have been too big for a preemie, but for a NB they're not too bad (bulk-wise).  One of the great features about the RaR is the internal gussets on them.  I always had trouble with DS because his legs were so skinny everything gapped around the leg and we'd have leaks galore, but the internal gusset on the RaR prevents that.  Even if the leg is gapping the internal gusset catches everything.  With a tiny one you just use the smaller of the inserts, snap it down and you're good. 


Even at the largest setting though it's smaller than most OS dipes.  Many mamas have a freak out moment that their kid is going to outgrow them, but they really don't.  If my HUGE 40+ lb guy can still fit in them, they're gonna fit most kids to PL.  You just have to remember that when they're tiny like these ones are now the dipe comes up really far in the front and the back (belly button level or higher).  By the time they're running around they're not nearly as high.  Now at 3 yrs 9 mos, they're basically bikini cut on DS, they lay under his little tummy.  So long as they cover the important parts though, that's all that's necessary... I mean, it's the difference between granny panties and bikini underwear for an adult - they both do the job, just one is more visible under your pants. 

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So the RandRz are a pocket or pocket  AIO do you have to add insert.  I luv the inner gussets on the lil j, i looked up the randrz they do seem fab! and I see the inner gussets on them, but is there a layer to absorb sewn in as well?

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No, they're a pocket.  So they come with 2 inserts (if you choose the microfiber, I've never used the other).  There's the smaller contour insert you use on it's own until they're bigger.  And then when you need more absorbency you add the 2nd (bigger) insert. 


I know some people don't like pockets, it does add 10 minutes to the folding of laundry to stuff them, but they wash/dry so much quicker/easier than AIOs, and you can customize the absorbency as your kid grows, so you're not putting too much bulk on a little one, or not having enough absorbency on a bigger one. 

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I pulled out a WeeHuggers (cover? pocket diaper? It has little flaps in it and a just tucked a prefold inside it) that I got as a baby shower gift and tried that today. It fits really well in the waist & doesn't seem to spread his legs quite as much but there are two main issues I have now: It is tall so it covers his umbilical stump and the leg holes are too big. I like the lil joeys...I also like the ones Layla had on so I'm thinking of possibly ordering some contoured diapers but I can't decide whether to order anything now or just wait a couple more weeks to see if he grows into what I already have. I hate to spend more money on something he can only wear for a week before outgrowing it you know? When I was doing the bummi and prefolds with him (in the pic from the original post) i was doing the "jelly fold" I think - where you fold the bottom of the prefold then fold it into thirds, flare out the back and snappi it - it seemed ok aside from it poking out the top of the cover.


Here is Deacon in the WeeHuggers:


It covers his belly button, but I like the waist fit and of course the owl pattern is adorable:


Deacon Cloth Owl.jpg


Here you can see how there is a gap in the leg hole by his thigh:


Deacon Cloth Owl 2.jpg

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i really want that cover meredith..name brand?? so adorable!

baby Deacon is beautiful too!

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oh the weehuggers is nice is it a onesize? I see it looks snapped up?  he is too cute!



One of my very favorites on Sång, a grovia AIO it has organic cotton inside/soaker sewn on just in the back no cover needed. Its not hugely absorbent so i do put a bamboo cloth wipe under the soaker but either way its trim an comes in cute prints and fits well and no leaks!

 the next is a kissaluvs 0 i don't care for big butt lol and she almost got the watch that she is looking at near her.





 the legs on the k0 fit ok but its not as absorbent of a fitted as my GMs maybe because its cotton and bamboo on gms is more absorbent.but the gms are way to big for her right now, they were even too big on my full term babes. I put a cloth bamboo velour wipe in the k0 and she then can go cover less, lol she really wants that watch!


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