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back to sleep?

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Hey guys, just out of curiosity, do any of you let your babes sleep on their stomachs?
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I do! Lennon is a tummy or side sleeper. Actually, I always lay her down on her side and she turns herself onto her tummy and I let her sleep that way. She hates being on her back, even when she is awake.

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No, but he usually sleeps on his side pasted to my belly. He sleeps MUCH more soundly that way. He hates being on his stomach anyway. Couple minutes of tummy time and he's done!
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Heron has been a side-sleeper since day one, and he occasionally rolls himself onto his stomach in the middle of the night. Nothing I can do to stop him, and my ped said to let him go. He said something like, "We know that sleep positioning reduces the risk of SIDS, but we have no idea why, so don't try to be the sleep police."

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No, but he usually sleeps on his side pasted to my belly. He sleeps MUCH more soundly that way. He hates being on his stomach anyway. Couple minutes of tummy time and he's done!



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My 14yo was a tummy sleeper (still is)... It kinda freaked me out and made me anxious (this was when BtS was relatively new and a huge campaign), but he couldn't sleep any other way shrug.gif

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My girl sleeps on her tummy. Occasionally her side, but not for long.
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Another tummy sleeper here- our third.  I fought it passionately with the first, sort of looked the other way with the second when it happened, and with the third, I actually put him down on his stomach.  ;)

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rosie usually sleeps on her side but sometimes i just can't get her to sleep any other way than on her stomach.  I was fine with it at first but then read a bunch of information on SIDS and freaked myself out!

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DS sleeps on his side mostly, but I'm actually a proponent of tummy sleeping. I get the SIDS thing, I really do .... but I think there are risks and drawbacks to the BtS campaign too and really think that responsible, supervised tummy sleepingc an be fine and even beneficial. I have met very few babies who are comfortable sleeping on their backs all out in the open. It's just not natural for them. I also believe it is the worst position for digestion. Then there are the skull issues, etc .... I just don't think it is a natural position for babies to be in.

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tummy here

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I've been considering this a lot lately.  I work in public health and we do tons of education on SIDS and safe sleep (which are two totally seperate issues).  We have lost lots of babies in our county to both and we sit on the Child Death Review Team where we review every death of a child 18 years of younger which also leads to education to help prevent deaths.  Anyhow, I've been struggling with this because my LO wants to sleep on her side of course :-)  So, I work with her to sleep on her back and she is starting to do that much better.  I have let her sleep on her side near me and I thought to myself 'if my baby died of SIDS I would never forgive myself!!!!!'  Putting a baby to sleep on her back lowers the risk of SIDS by 50%.  You can do everything right and a baby can die of SIDS, so I'm trying to do everything I can (BFing, no one smokes in my house, sleeping on back, etc).  Anyway, totally seperate issue than a death caused by suffocation-- people get the two issues confused.  When a baby dies of SIDS no cause can be found with circumstance or autopsy.  Anyway I've had a client lose a baby to SIDS.  Absolutely devastating.

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DS prefers to sleep on his tummy if he is by himself.  he sleeps better that way, so that's how i put him down for naps and at bedtime before i come to bed.  the only time he usully sleeps on his back is when he is in bed next to me.  usually he'll be on his side nursing and fall asleep and then at some point roll onto him back.  he hates being swaddled, unlike how DD was, so he constantly wakes himself up with his hands when he is by himself.  for some reason he doesn't do it when in bed with me though.  if he's sound asleep in the co-sleeper when i come to bed, i will usually turn him onto his back, but that's the only time that i make sure he's on his back.

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Rowan sleeps on his back in the cosleeper when we go to bed at night, but he generally comes into bed with me after his 3am feeding and sleeps on his side once there.  Because he will only go into deep sleep when swaddled, he doesn't get to try any tummy sleeping at night.  For naps, he sometimes naps on his tummy while laying on me or DP.  

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yeah we just started. lil one, like her brother, cant handle back sleep no matter what. even swaddled just startles and screamsmecry.gif

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What a curious position to hold!  I have a genuine question.  I recently read the book called "A Good Night's Sleep" and the author advocates for putting babies to sleep on their stomachs (but only on a surface prepared with an apnea alarm.)  But the odd thing was is that there is not one documented case in the world of a baby having died of SIDS while in the prone position while sleeping on a psurface with an alarm.  That might be true-- but I suspect that the portion of folks who use alarms is also very, very small.  So where can I learn about studies done on the the tummy position and SIDS more generally?

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Nora is belly sleeper. She spent most of her first week sleeping on my chest and when I started setting her down in the co-sleeper for napping I was putting her onto her belly without thinking. After a couple of days I remembered that it wasn't recommended. She just *doesn't* sleep on her back, wakes right away. She also abhors being swaddled. So, I check on her a lot if she is in the co-sleeper and I am working on house stuff. She is otherwise at very low risk for SIDS. I babysat for a child who died a SIDS related death while in my care...on his back. I really just think that there is probably a lot more than just positioning at play. I wonder about off gassing crib mattresses actually. Does anyone know about any research into that? 

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I randomly ran across this from a facebook group today: http://www.bobafamily.com/research/strollers-baby-carriers-and-infant-stress/    There is a section that talks about babies lying flat on their backs not being great for spinal and hip health.


And it reminded me that I wanted to look a bit about off gassing and found this: http://www.rockabyeorganics.com/pages/Studies-Reveal-a-Link-Between-SIDS-and-Mattress-Off%252dgassing.html and this: http://www.stopsidsnow.com/SuccessOfMattressWrapping.html and: http://www.healthychild.com/toxic-sleep/has-the-cause-of-crib-death-sids-been-found/


It appears from the article that in New Zealand mattress wrapping is advocated, not back to sleep and at the time that these articles were written no babies sleeping on wrapped mattresses died from SIDS. I am puzzled as to why there aren't any science-y articles about this and also that I just never has even heard about this before. Anyone here from NZ?

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Tasmyn usually sleeps on her side when we're in bed together, and on her back when she's on her own in her snuggle bed (where we put her when she goes to sleep before we're ready for bed). She also likes to sleep on her tummy on daddy's chest, but this only happens when he goes to bed way before I do, which isn't very often.

She isn't rolling yet so we'll see how she likes to sleep once moving positions becomes an option. In the meantime she likes to be curled up right next to me, tummy to tummy with my boob at mouth level.  She also has her day sleeps in the mei tai or ergo in the upright position.

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