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pregnancy meditation?

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Do any of you practice mediation, or have some suggestions for meditation? I was doing it semi-regularly before pregnancy after practicing yoga. The MW had me put the yoga practice on pause during this trimester, in case you're curious why I stopped. And I'd like to get back in to meditating more regularly, even if I'm not doing the physical aspect of yoga for a while. 

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I am curious why your MW would have you discontinue an already active yoga practice during your first trimester. Yoga is not contraindicated during first trimester at all and is a great thing to do, just as it is while not pregnant. I had a regular practice mixed with hot yoga and hatha prior to this pregnancy and have continued with prenatal yoga and hatha and meditation throughout. I did not do it with my first pregnancy and I can notice the huge difference in my peacefulness and how much easier it is to center and calm the pregnancy fears and freak outs that are common, especially in the first trimester. Of course, there are things you should be mindful of during a pregnancy in yoga practice--like twists, inversions, core work or anything on your belly, but I was able to practice on my belly safely and comfortably through my 8th week {many first time mamas take that further since their uterus isn't as lax as mamas who have already grown a babe}. Really you should just do what feels right for you and your babe. Your intuition is the best protector for you and your babe and yoga helps to cultivate that connection, IME. Oh..you should also be mindful of stretching too deep or taking poses too far since your body is making relaxin hormone to help you stretch--you don't wanna overdo it and injure yourself, but once again, if you just listen to your body wisdom and not your ego mind, this would be a rare issue.

As far as meditation goes, if you have any music you like to listen to that can help to set the tone for a meditation. It also helps to set aside a specific time of day and have a special spot. This helps to 'train' your body and mind to the task of meditation just like eating at the kitchen table--your meditation spot sends the signal to you 'here, i meditate--here, I let it all go and tune in to higher self and the ethereal.' {not think of bills or laundry}. I really enjoy anything by Snatum Kaur and anything with gongs or chanting or Native American. If you haven't heard of HypnoBirthing yet, you may wanna check that out--it is basically a meditation based method for pain free, natural labor and childbirth. There are a few books and CDs and it bascially calls on you to meditate daily to prepare yourself to go into meditative, blissed out state during labor and to allow your body to birth your baby without your mind {read: fears or ego {read: fears} getting in your way, which can be a big hurdle for many women in Western Culture since we talk so much about the dangers of childbirth and how painful labor is.

Anyway, In feel like I went way further than what you asked--please take what feels right to you and disregard the rest ; ) 
I hope I helped a bit. Meditation is WONDERFUL all the time, but even more so during pregnancy because we are so highly connected to intuition during pregnancy--intuition is what guided us, as women, as a species, to safely continue to populate our World before the internet and the doctors and the books....We are all Wise Women and meditation is one great route to connecting to your own wisdom and finding your our truth because no matter what all the books say, we are all different and every pregnancy is unique. 


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My previous pregnancy ended in miscarriage. During the first month of this pregnancy after I knew I was pregnant, I was too exhausted to do much of anything. At about week 7, I had some spotting and very light bleeding. It wasn't a flow or anything, but it was definitely more red than pink. When I saw my MW at my first appointment at 8 weeks, I mentioned that I felt ready to get back in to a yoga practice. She replied that I should hold off during this trimester. I remember being pretty surprised by her response since we had previously (between the miscarriage and present pregnancy) talked about how beneficial yoga is, and how some cultures don't see inversions as something to avoid during pregnancy, etc. So anyway, I think she just wanted me to be cautious because of the red spotting, and my previous miscarriage.

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Your intuition is the best protector for you and your babe and yoga helps to cultivate that connection, IME. 


I completely agree with you. I want to talk to the MW more on Friday (next appt) and get back in to a gentle yoga practice. One reason I want to increase my meditation is because it IS so helpful, and my mind isn't as calm as it normally is. I've started getting back in to meditation the past couple of days and I already notice a difference. And whenever I feel anxiety creeping in, it's been nice to mindfully take my thoughts somewhere else and remain calm. It's powerful. And there really is something to be said for intuition. I've had some really positive experiences and it's good stuff.


Interesting that you mention HypnoBirthing. I have a friend that did it for both of her kids and she just sent me some info about it yesterday. Maybe the universe is trying to tell me something. :)  Obviously she had a really good experience. Have you heard of YogaBirth? I have a doula friend that's also a YogaBirth instructor. It sounds like a lot of fun, and I hope to take some classes during this pregnancy.


I appreciate your additional comments and insight, it's perfectly relevant to what I'm going through right now. One thing that's been really bothering me lately is this inner conflict I have with trusting myself and my body. I keep feeling like I failed myself somehow by having a miscarriage. I know I really didn't, especially because I was able to have a natural miscarriage at home, essentially using yoga and mediation during the labor. I mean, I can't imagine my body doing better under the circumstances than it did. It was a powerful experience, but parts were also traumatic. And I think the parts that I found to be traumatic are what's keeping me from thinking I can trust my body and self right now. So really, your comments are well timed and I appreciate the reminders.

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A book called Spirit Babies really helped me to develop more of my personal understanding of conception and our children and everything that accompanies it--miscarriage included. I really recommend everyone read it--it is a simple read, but very profound, IMO. It is definitely not the standard, 'it happened for a reason or something must have been wrong and that's why your body miscarried' message that we all seem to pass around in our culture. http://www.waltermakichen.com/wordpress/?page_id=36


Also, I have a dear friend who does Birth Trauma work and I just feel like that may be relevant to you right now. She is a wealth of wisdom--whether you just follow her links on her site or contact her to work with directly on these issues. Welcome these 'issues' coming up for you--they come for you during this time of pregnancy so that you can see them and work on them BEFORE you labor, BEFORE they have a chance to surface in that realm. There is so much healing that can happen for women {and their partners} during the course of pregnancy and labor and birth--follow your intuitions and seek out resources that feel right to you for healing these hurts and for rebuilding your strength, trust, and spirit. You will be happy you did and it will manifest in your experience of this pregnancy, labor, and birth for you and your babe < 3
http://thepeacefulbirthproject.org/ and on FB https://www.facebook.com/ThePeacefulBirthProjectBirthandParenting

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Wowsa, we're clearly on the same wavelength because you just named even more things that I've been thinking about! Either you have great intuition, or this is a remarkably interesting coincidence. 


I've come across that book a few times recently, and I plan on reading it. I'm quite curious as to what it's about. A good friend of mine recently recommended having a session with a counselor (who's also a Birthing From Within instructor) that is a Birth Story Listener. My friend really couldn't say enough about what a great experience it's been for her. It sounds like the focus is helping women with birth events that have been traumatic, it sounds somewhat similar to what your friend does. I'm going to try to get an appointment with her if possible.


I totally agree about welcoming the issues that are surfacing. Now is a much better time than when I'm in transition, and it feels like the most healthy direction for me right now. And I can totally feel that my mental/emotional state has shifted greatly in the past few days. I'm moving towards a much better place, which is a real relief. And pleasant.

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I am a 'feeler'--typically it is through bodywork {I am a licensed massage therapist}--but sometimes it shows up through other avenues, too ; )
I am glad that we are on the same wavelength and that you are exploring these paths towards your healing NOW. Our kids bring us the best life lessons and experiences, don't they ; )
It sounds like you are really on a beautiful journey to healing.

I have one other tool that may be something you are interested in when trying to rebuild your body trust. She is a another dear friend who is profoundly psychic, http://www.thehealinggoddess.com/The_Healing_Goddess/Welcome.html. I cannot really expand on what it is that she does except to say that it is legit, life changing, profound, amazing, authentic, inspiring, crazy!,......seriously. She has helped me on my journey to healing many times. I had an early MC is December with an unplanned pregnancy. I happened to speak with her 2 days after the conception and she brought to me a message from that Spirit Baby {the one I am carrying now} that helped me to accept that this was not the right time and that this conception was just to let me know the time was imminent and that this babe would be back soon, for good ; ) I began a gentle, natural MC 14 days later and was able to rejoice in the knowing that this soul would be back soon and not hold on to this conception emotionally or physically. Powerful stuff.

Love and Light for your journey~~~

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