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i'm having some light spotting tonight, pink and brown, which of itself doesn't concern me too much. i know it can be normal, and it's very light. but i've also been feeling a little dizzy today, getting worse this evening. i know dizziness can also be normal with increased blood volume of pregnancy, but i'm a bit concerned since it's in conjunction with the spotting. and it's not dizzy spells when i stand up, which would just be low blood pressure. it's constant mild dizziness, almost a woozy feeling. i haven't exerted myself today, and no sex in the past 48 hours. anyone had this before and was everything ok? any thoughts on what's up?

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I haven't had that kind of dizziness myself, but I'd call the OB or midwife just to be safe. (hug)

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When I was pregnant with DD2 I had a lot of dizziness.  It got so bad for a while that I almost had to stop driving.  It was due to really low blood pressure.  This probably didn't occur until the end of the second trimester though.  Also, I have heard than anemia can cause dizziness as well.  I'm sorry I have no idea if its related to the spotting, but I'm sure there's a reasonable explanation.  I would definitely give a call to your doc/midwife.  Good luck!

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I have been feeling light-headed and dizzy a lot during this pregnancy, and not just when standing up. I am not sure the dizziness and the spotting will be related (I had light spotting during my previous pregnancy, but not now).  Hope this helps!

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thanks mamas. i think the spotting probably is unrelated, and i'm not super concerned about it, it just threw me off to have dizziness at the same time. i didn't have dizziness with my first pregnancy. though, in hindsight, i had pregnancy related high blood pressure the first pregnancy, so maybe that's why i had no dizziness then. my blood pressure is normally pretty low, so maybe dizziness means this will be a normal pregnancy and i won't have to worry about the high blood pressure this time. that would be nice. i feel better this morning, so i'll see how it goes. if i keep feeling dizzy or it gets worse i'll give the doc a call.

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I don't have any advice about the spotting mama-it seems it can be completely normal or completely not...as for the dizziness, I have it with each pregnancy, I have low blood pressure and low blood sugar to begin with and being pregnant seems to exacerbate both of those issues, sometimes I get so dizzy that I can't see, like my vision just disappears. For me, even though it probably sounds crazy, it's normal so it doesn't stress me out. HTH mama, and hope you feel better...btw love your blog smile.gif

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the spotting is all brown today, so i'm pretty sure it was nothing. i think my cervix just really hates grocery shopping, because spotting almost always and only comes after grocery day. sadly, sending dh alone to the grocery store is like sending a child alone into a dark enchanted forest.

it's reassuring to hear the dizziness is something normal for other mamas. it's actually pretty awesome if it's low blood pressure, since i'd really prefer not to have another "high risk" i.e. "no birth choices" pregnancy. i did notice today that it's worse when i get up from lying down, so maybe i just didn't notice that yesterday and was freaking out for no reason.

i'm kindof blushing that you read my blog. i think that brings my readership up to 10 orngtongue.gif

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Originally Posted by mamadiamond View Post

sadly, sending dh alone to the grocery store is like sending a child alone into a dark enchanted forest.


This made me laugh out loud. My DH is the exact same way. If I don't write down the brand name, size, and aisle number of the product on the shopping list, he calls me every five minutes with a question. It's so cute. lol.gif


Glad to hear your spotting has eased! 

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