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I have been having Garnerella vaginalis for the pas 4 months or so, it was first diagnosed in March I was put under fasigyne and vaginal Metronidazole for 10 days my DPalso had fasigyne by the time I was over I waited another 10 days and tested agian, The gardnerella was still there and candida albicans had added its self. I took  , I took an appointmnet with the OB/GYN on saturday we had an echography and he realised (and showed me) that I have a swolen right fallopian tube whic is completely "glued" to the u times fasigyne, triflucan seven days clotri-denk cream. I tested again this month same thing I'm loosingf my mind. Now I'm taking clotri-denk vaginal tabl, fasigyne and after the vaginal tab will start Trophigil to rebuild my doderlin flora which is extinct.

Now my Ob/GYN discovered that I have my right fallopian tub which is about 3 times the size of my left tube and "glued" to my uterus. He says the gluing might have been caused by scars or by an infection. Three months ago I underwent a treatment a a cyst at the right ovary don't know if its linked but the cyst is gone. He went through my history this is generally caused by PID I've never had Clamydia or Gonhorea My personnal hygiene is perfect I dont have any pains  I've never had any problems before (well I guess). He asked me to do a lab test for my prolactin level it turned out I'm at 20 nanograms/ml so he precibed parlodel 2.5 , he also prescribed clomid and Utrogestan to be taken for the next cycle. Im at 22 DPO no AF took the test again at 17DPO it was BFN he says I should hold on till 30DPO  that I tested too early and by then if  I still get a BFN  themn I have a more serious condition.

In summarry what does it all mean? Has any one suffered form any of these before ? I don't know what to do or where to stand this is too much at the same time. Can someone hlep me. Thanks for reading .