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Flax oil for newborn acne

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I saw this mentioned somewhere and figured it couldn't hurt for me to start taking it. I usually do take some kind of EFAs but lapsed at the end of pregnancy and during the first few weeks postpartum.

Within a few days DD's skin cleared up a lot. She had a decent case of acne on her cheeks and chin and it was starting to head up to her forehead. Not bothersome to her in any way but was annoying me. It started at about 2.5 weeks old but now at 4.5 weeks it's markedly better. I started the flax around 3.5 weeks. We also had a stretch of sunny days and had her out in it around the same time I started the flax oil.

It could totally be a coincidence but I thought I would share in case anyone else wanted to try it and report back.
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This couldn't have come at a better time! My DD just broke out last week and it looks horrible (to me). Her right cheek is covered, her left is about 50%, and there are strays on her forehead/chin/ even her chest! I feel so bad for her! I have been washing her face with warm water a few times a day....especially when she gets milk all over herself by popping off right at let down. 

If I get a chance to leave the house again today I am going to pick up some to try out!

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Probably a coincidence. Newborn acne only lasts about 2 weeks anyways. Tavian's started at 4.5, and now at 7 it's pretty much gone. My first only had acne for a week.

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