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training pants

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My 2 y/o son has started asking to use the potty, he doesn't actually "go" yet but I like to indulge his curiosity in the whole process, but the whole diaper on/ diaper off process just so he can sit and not go on the potty is starting to get old. It seems the logical thing (as I certainly don't want to discourage his willingness to try) is to switch from diapers to training pants, at least when we're at home. I did my own research for the cloth diapers, which led to me having 6 different types and only 2 pairs of diapers I actually like, so to save myself a repeat of that whole nonsense I was wondering if any of you could tell me what you used for training pants and how you felt about them. Thanks so much!


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We used Hanna Andersson's training unders.  They were relatively thick.  I couldn't find anything else I liked quite as much.



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We're using Super Undies for naps and night-time.  Cute, and they have different styles, some with snaps on the back for messes, some just pull on.

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Can you sew at all? (I mean even a little tiny bit??)  I made these tinkle time trainers.  They were super easy and I loved them!  I made two sets since we did EC, a size sm that fit from about 7 mos to 13 mos, and a size M that fit DS until he graduated at 18 mos.  I'd say a medium or large would do you.


I ordered 1 pair from here to get a sense for the fabrics and how to put them together.  Of course these were much more perfect than mine, but mine did the trick and cost about $4 each to make!

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For early training I really like imse vimse training pants with built in PUL. They retain value you quite well. We usually those and switch to regular (glorious Hanna Anderson) underwear.

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