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anyone from Mandeville, La?

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Moving there from Georgia this summer. Terrified, excited and need to find some friends and advice! Anyone???

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What part of Mandeville? How old are your kids? When are you moving? It's a beautiful area & the schools are great!
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Yea, thanks for posting. Hubby starts his job on the 11th, praying the boys and I aren't far behind but we have to sell the house. School starts August 8th so here's hoping.... My boys are 12, 9 and 6. Where are you and can you please tell me more about the schools?


Thanks, Meg

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I live near Mandeville.. it is a beautiful city and great area!

La Leche League meetings are a great place to make likeminded friends!

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Hi Catholic Mamamia,

We are looking forward to it. We're Catholic too! It will be really different for us to be in a majority Catholic area as we have lived the last 10 years in majority Baptist areas of Georgia.


My husband did some house hunting last weekend and really likes Quail Creek b/c so many kids out and about. And a big soccer field next to the pool which is great for our three soccer fiends.


Well, hope to hear back from you. Would love any input on pediatricians, dentists, churches, schools and the like. THANKS, Meg

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Oh, and also need to know about piano teachers if you have info on that? THANKS!

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