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Looking for milk donors!!

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I'm looking for healthy, smoke/alcohol-free breastfeeding mothers who have an overproduction of milk and are willing to donate their milk or sell for a reasonable price!! I live in Murfreesboro TN but would be willing to compensate for shipping costs if you live far away.


I breastfed for the first two months of my baby's life, but for medical reasons, I can no longer use my milk. It breaks my heart, especially while I'm still weaning my body and producing while not able to give my milk to him. I want so badly to feed him and know that this is the second best thing for my child. Please, if anyone is able to help me continue feeding my baby with breastmilk, I would be the most grateful mother!

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There are almost no medical reasons that would cause a woman to have to wean her baby forever. Even if a woman has to have chemo or take radioactive meds she can start breastfeeding after a safe time has past. There are many of us that have breastfed through hospitalizations, on many medications, and through difficult situations. If you give more information the mothers here may be able to help with info about your specific situation.


I became very ill while pregnant with my 3rd child. I was diagnosed with adult onset genetic immune deficiencies (CVID). Soon after his premature birth I had to be rehospitalized with septicemia and pneumonia. I was diagnosed with cancer. I had to be on IV antibiotics for weeks and IV steroids. They sent me home on IV medications and a few weeks later I had cancer surgery. I had developed asthma, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and other conditions. I did breathing treatments and physical therapy at home. I had to have IV gamma globulin every 3 weeks. Those IVs last at least 8 hours. I was always on at least 10 medications while I was breastfeeding him. He never had formula or bottles. I was able to breastfeed him almost 3 years.


I was healthy when I was nursing my two older sons and didn't take any medications.

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"Almost no reasons"




There many medical reasons and while you personal story is amazing it does not mean it applied to OP.  We do not know what the long terms outcomes will be after you nursed on 10 medications. I hope the doctor   researched the safety of each medication.


There medication that are not  safe for a  baby and sometime have to be taken for a lifetime.




What about a local Milk Bank?

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"Medical contraindications to breastfeeding are rare." This is from the American Academy of Pediatrics. Almost all medical conditions can be treated and the mother can breastfeed. Like I said chemo and radioactive drugs are the two big ones. There is a drug for bipolar disorder but it is an old drug and there are many other drugs that can be used. Women have breastfed with many medical conditions that seem impossible including coma.



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Milk bank milk is very, very expensive. The charge for processing but it can be $4-5 an oz. That is $150 a day. There is no reason to pay $4500 to a milk bank if a mother can be breastfeeding herself. Even if the family is poor a bank may not let a family have milk for free if a mother just doesn't want to give her milk to her baby. It's not right to ask other women to sacrifice their milk, time, money for food, ect. in a situation where a mother could be feeding her own baby. A mother's milk own milk is perfect for her baby, much better than bank milk or donor milk. Some meds don't get in milk. Some only get in milk in small amounts but don't affect the baby.


I understand it is a paradigm shift when women have been told they must not smoke, drink, take any meds, and must eat specific foods if they are going to breastfeed. None of those "rules" are right.

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Talitha, you can always check out your local Human Milk 4 Human Babies Facebook group for some volunteer donors! I donate to a mama in my area through that group.


But like the PPs, I wonder what it is that is making you wean! I don't mean to be nosy, but it is possible you're getting wrong information from your doctors and don't have to wean after all.


I also wonder about it because you're looking for smoke and alcohol free mamas to donate their milk. While smoking and breastfeeding isn't ideal, you might be a little harsh with the no alcohol rule. Probably the milk you get from a mother who has the occasional drink would be okay, and you'd be much more likely to find donors who are mamas that can... you know, live while they donate.

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Foreverinbluejeans, please withhold your scorn and judgement from a mom who is clearly coming here to get help for her child.  I am glad that you were able to work out your breastfeeding challenges, but your success should not be lorded over someone whose heart is heavy because she is not able to do the same.  


Extended breastfeeding is a fortunate circumstance for some people that encompasses many factors:  supply, life circumstance, support from a spouse or s/o, the mother's abuse history, medical situations, and so on.  For you to make such a harsh statement seems both unkind and unnecessary.


My guess is that the OP has researched her options and consulted a HCP before looking into receiving milk donations.  Why would you assume otherwise?


Talitha, I have milk to share.  PM me if you are interested.  I am drug and alcohol-free except for two Benedryls I took when pumping.  The stash I have to share has been in deep-freeze at my IL's (they live locally).  

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Originally Posted by McGucks View Post

My guess is that the OP has researched her options and consulted a HCP before looking into receiving milk donations.  Why would you assume otherwise?


I think it's best to check, because sometimes we're given misinformation from health professionals. It would be heartbreaking to wean and then discover, months later, that you could have kept breastfeeding. I think that's what foreverinbluejeans had in mind when she posted, and it was a kind thing to do.

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