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Simon Patrick's birth story

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I had regular but light contractions for about 3 hours early in the morning on 5/15, but everything stopped as soon as I got out of bed. I decided I wasn't going to get excited about more practice labor, so dd and I headed to my parents' house about 40 miles away with plans to go to my midwife appt at 5:30 on our way home. We hung out for the whole day with zero signs of labor until just before 4 when I noticed a pattern in my "bh" contractions and told my mom that I needed to get on the road. I called the midwife and told her I wasn't coming to my appt because I was sure we'd see her in the next day or 2... :)


We got the car packed up and I realized my contrax were less than 10 minutes apart and I was having to breathe through them, so I told my mom to grab her bag and she drove us home. I was really hoping to avoid labor in the car this time as we were planning a home birth, but it wasn't that bad! I actually stayed in the car for a while in the driveway because dd was asleep and I was comfortable.


Dh got home from work at about 5:30, right after we got home. I was running around trying to get things done between contractions and dh started doing the same thing until my mom reminded him that if he didn’t change out of his work clothes soon, he was going to be stuck in them. J I called the midwife and told her to get ready but not to come yet (what??? She lives 45 minutes away!) and told the same thing to my friend who was coming to watch dd. Then 20 minutes later I told dh to fill the tub NOW and call everyone back and tell them to HURRY. At that point I wanted to be alone with dh, so we sat in the “birthing room” listening to relaxation music. Dh sat on the edge of the bed while I sat on a ball between his knees. I pressed down on his legs during contractions and leaned back with my head on his shoulder to relax in between. I heard my fiend arrive and take dd out to play and immediately relaxed more. I must have hit transition soon after that because I suddenly stood up and told dh I was getting in the tub NOW. Poor guy tried to stop me because the midwife was concerned I might get in too early so had asked us to wait until she checked me before I got in the tub…I think I may have pushed him. ;-)


I remember saying “I need a break, I just need a break!” while getting in the tub. It felt sooooo good to just float. I heard my mom on the phone with the midwife saying, “you really need to be here…I hope you drive faster.” I labored in the tub for 20 minutes or so before she got there and checked me. I was dilated to 8 with bulging waters but the baby’s head was still up high. I didn’t register any concern at the time, but the midwife told me later she was worried about a prolapsed cord when my water broke. They got a good heart tone and she asked me to push while she checked me again to see if the baby’s head would come down. As could probably have been predicted in a less frantic situation, my water broke when I pushed and the baby’s head proceeded to shoot down my birth canal. I had been practicing my hypnobirthing breathing up to that point and had remained on top of my contractions and was relaxing between them. Not so much for the next few minutes! I just held on to the side of the tub and floated on my side with my feet straight out and vocalized a LOT until I felt the urge to push and flipped over on my hands and knees. I could feel the head coming out at that point and was just so relieved that I had a huge grin on my face between contractions.


He came out quickly and the midwife passed him between my legs for me to lift out of the water. Dh was right behind me. It was so amazing! My mom went to get dd right away and our whole family just stared at him in amazement. My first words were, “It’s a BOY!” We were so surprised! It was a great birth and I’m so happy with the way everything went.


I tore very badly with dd’s birth and tried very hard to avoid it this time. I worked hard to breathe through contractions and relax completely between them. I think I did great, but baby Simon still came out in only 7 minutes and I got one bad tear right on my scar tissue from last time. At least 10 stitches…no one will tell me the actual count! It took forever to stitch me up and that’s what I hate most about tearing. It’s such a stressful way to end a beautiful birth experience. It HURT and it still hurts today, one week post partum. I still have some swelling.


Ds is great. We cosleep and are getting lots of sleep together. He nurses very well and I have almost no pain. I was in agony for months with dd, so I’m thrilled about this.


Happy (and stressed, and tired, and sore...) mama!

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Great story!  Thanks for sharing!!  :)

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What a wonderful birth story.  Congratulations!

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Great birth story RUBY2 congratulations!!!!!!!!!

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Great birth story!

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Amazing! Wonderful story--congratulations!
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