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Am I boring my baby- he sleeps a lot first time mum

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My 3 and a half old son sleeps a lot. This is what our day looks like: he wakes up at 530, feed and change and back in bed at 6 am. He is usually asleep by 630. He wakes up around 8 and we play, change nappy and clothes. And than feeding again. He is sleepy again by 10 am and sleeps for 1 hr. when he wakes up we take 1 hr walk and back home for feed. I worked out that he normally has 1 hr nap every 2 hrs. When he is awake i talk to him, sing , play with baby mirror or some toys. He dont hold him too much as he much prefers to kick his legs and arms ... If i cook or clean while he is awake i talk to him and tell him what I' m doing while he is in his rocker facing me. I am worried that maybe im not doing enough with him.. When he is awake he is alert and happy. Also smile.gif he was born 3060 kg, now 6400 eats 180 ml of gormula every 3 -4 hrs. He is sleeping from 8pm-530am. Sorry if my post is a little long, im first time mum and worry a lot
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I am assuming you mean 3.5 months. :) 


That schedule and your activities sound perfect to me. Keep it up Mama, you're doing a great job!

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smile.gif)))))) you can tell English is my second language LOL. Thx for your responce
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I was surprised how much my daughter slept during infancy. She slept like 18+ hours per day the first few months. It sounds pretty normal. Now at 7 months she sleeps 14-15 hours per day. Some kids need more than others, but if you are just following his signs of sleepiness, I think you are doing just fine.

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I'm so glad this is normal. I googled this shortly after my baby was born because I knew they sleep a lot but it REALLY seems like a LOT! He's 11 weeks tonight and very rarely makes it awake for more than 2 hours. He sleeps HARD at night only waking to nurse every 3 or so hours and then he goes right back to sleep without a peep. 

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My baby is 4.5 months and still only manages to stay awake 2-3 hours maximum between naps.  Babies grow when they sleep... Be happy he's such a good sleeper!!!  :)

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my 8 month old still naps every 2 to 3 hours. she gets 3 naps a day and they are from 45 minutes to 2 hours long. at your son's age i'd expect a nap 2 hours after waking each time.


there really is not much to do with a baby, besides talking and singing. try giving gim a rattle or jingly toy. we played pat-a-cake at that age, peek-a-boo, and played with basic noisy baby toys. you are certainly not boring your baby!

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Agreed! They really do through an amazing amount of hours during the first few months. Pretty soon though, you'll get more chances to play together since their nap time will get shorter. Hopefully your little one will still sleep through the night and not keep you up! :) 

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