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Dr Brewer diet questions

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Is there anyone who has actually followed the diet and was able to get bp down and/or stave off pre e?


I dont mind following it.  But there is a section where he talks about if you have high bp to eat 17 eggs for 3 days, 100-150 grams of protein and take choline.  Then go back to around 100 grams and 2 eggs.


I will try anything natural that could help, but as I posted before (and many of you helped) i HATE eggs.  How on earth would I eat 17 in a day?????  I mean, if it truly works, I would do it in a heartbeat.  But if it doesnt and I choked down 17 eggs, eek.  Bleck.


So has anyone tried it? actually tried it just the way he laid it out.


When I had pre e last time, whenever I stuck to the higher protein, my protein levels went down but the bp stayed up.  So there could be a correlation there.  I just want to know if it's worked for anyone. 


I believe his science...it makes sense. I dont know..I just hate eggs.

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My Bradley instructor who discusses the Brewer diet at length says that it's not necessarily the eggs that work, but the protein in the eggs and the fact that it is readily bioavailable.  So I assume if you got the protein from other sources, you would be fine.  17 eggs a day though?  Did I read that right?  Yikes.  At any rate, sorry I don't have anything concrete to add to the discussion.  Consider this a bump.

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I *like* eggs and I'm not sure how I would consume 17 of them in a day. 

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so... a bit off topic - I've read that potassium can significantly reduce bp (not sure about protein in urine)... I have to watch my bp - and so I eat at least 3 bananas a day, as much spinach as I can manage, and lots of potatoes too.  That along with exercise and getting rest, are my best lowering bp weapons.  

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Also - if your bp is really high and staying too high - maybe it is time to go in and just get checked out.  They can give you meds to bring down your bp if it's getting out of control.  My sister was on bp meds during pregnancy and they did the trick.  

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I'm trying to follow the Brewer Diet (I'm not great at keeping up with all the eat X 3 times a week and Y 4 times etc) but I do pretty well at keeping 80-100 grams of protein a day.  I've also had high BP this whole pregnancy.  I'm convinced that my diet, specifically the protein, is keeping my BP far enough down that I'm on minimal meds.  Whenever I get slack on my diet and don't get enough protein, my BP starts creeping up.  The OB told me that the dose I'm on normally doesn't do anything for ladies with high BP.


I like eggs and I'm not sure I could get 17 down in a day.  Maybe raw in smoothies, maybe.  But My Bradley teacher also says it's not so much the eggs, though they have a great mix of nutrients, but the protein.  If I were you, I'd do my best to choke down a few eggs, but make sure you get the 100-150 grams of protein.

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I guess I need to try harder with the protein then.  The book talks about when women come in with pre e, he started giving injections of alubumin (I'm sure I butchered that word but I'm too tired to care). In high doses...which evidently is equivalent to the dose you would get from 17 eggs.  But it's only for three days.  I think I'm going to attempt. 


Lizbiz, it's not terribly, scary high.  But if it goes up anymore I'm walking over the clinic.  I've got several strikes agaisnt me too...I have this sickness that causes a rise in blood pressure and I have sleep apnea which also does.  I dont stand a chance.  LOL


More protein for me. Keep the stories coming though!

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