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cradle cap in 4 year old

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My son who is 4, 5 this Aug still has cradle cap. i did some reading and was able to remove what was there but it came back! Any thoughts or suggestions?



DD 11, DS 4.

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Isn't it just dandruff? I use coconut oil for six-ish hours to loosen, the wash with a dandruff shampoo and comb out every few weeks or so. Works on my cradle-cappy kids

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Dandruff shampoo is the most common recomendation. I never liked using that stuff on my kids. I just saturated their scalp with oil every time it got built up and combed it out. My son got it until at least age 7. He's nine now and I every so often think I see some, but since his self care is mostly independent at this point I couldn't tell you for sure.

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Selsun Blue was the only thing that worked for my kids.  According to my pediatrician, cradle cap is a type of fungus and soaking the scalp/hair in oil (which is what we tried and thought was working) is at best, a temporary fix because it is only removing the scabs/crust.


We found we only had to use it once and that cleared it up.  One kiddo in particular had more problems and if we ever saw a hint of it returning, we broke out the Selsun Blue.  He is 3-1/2 and we haven't had to use it in over a year.

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I've heard the Selson blue is the answer, but always had Head and Shoulders on hand (DH is a fan). Good to know

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Are you concerned with the chemicals in selsun blue? makes me nervous to use on my 3 yo, especially because he hates getting his hair washed and I can foresee drama when rinsing it out especially if it gets in his eyes.

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I know there are Organic dandruff shampoos, Jasons makes one I think. Selson blue always seemed kind of extreme to me, but as I said I have used Head and Shoulders and it gets the gunk off. Not even vaguely crunchy, I know.

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