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HI Peeps!!!


I haven't been on very much latley, because like several of you, we are also planning on moving.  We are wait to hear back from the government to see if we get the loan and should know in about a week! The plan is for to move around late june, but I've already started packing things that we don't use often as I find that I move slow as molasses most days!!


I also wanted to pipe in about traveling...  my MIL really wanted us to drive to visit this weekend (mostly becuase she misses DH and DS) and was upset when it was mentioned that no way would I be coming with them if they did go.  It is normally a 10 hour drive with stopping 2 times and without holiday traffic.  We would be stopping a lot more often and with traffic it would probally take closer to 12 hours.  I'm not driving 12 hours on Saturday and then 12 more back home on monday!!  That is a crazy amount of driving even for a non pregnant person!!  I told DH that his parents made the choice to move (they use to live 5 minutes away) so if they want to see us more than the 2 times a year we drive down to see them, they can come visit us.  Don't try and guilt trip us into coming to see you because that makes DH feel bad and me get really angry.  DH thought about it and said that much driving was a little crazy, and I'm very stressed about packing our house to move so he was going to stay here.. I'm very relieved that I'll have some help packing and I think once we get a good start I'll feel better, but until then we have too much stuff!!!  and I've been taking loads of things to the salvation army for the past year!!!  Why do we have all this stuff! it is crazy!!!

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Thanks for starting this thread!


I'm kind of feeling like my belly growth has stalled. I know it's silly, but this is my first baby and I'm already on the smaller side when it comes to showing (I keep getting hassled about by coworkers, actually, which isn't nice or funny--it's irritating). I feel like I finally "popped" and now I haven't noticed growth in about 3 weeks. In fact, sometimes my belly looks smaller than before... Has anyone else experienced this? Of course, all I really care about is a healthy LO, but the baby bump is one of the most exciting parts of this for me!  shy.gif


I'm sorry for all the moving stress that so many are dealing with! We moved in August of last year and aren't planning to go anywhere for another couple of years, luckily. I don't think I could handle the packing right now. I hope you all have exceptionally smooth moves!

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The bump growth is always a little weird. Especially when you really just want to SEE it growing! lol I seem to see a big notice in belly size about every two or three weeks...which oddly enough is also corresponding to when I can feel a difference in my fundus height. I thought that was supposed to be a weekly thing as well, but for me it's definitely been more like no change whatsoever and then a big jump every 2-3 weeks. Anyone else seeing the same thing?

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Well I still can't feel my fundus (not that it's not up there, just don't know what I'm poking at) - have never been sure of what I'm feeling, and I find my ab muscles are really tight and I don't know how far to push. 

I notice changes in my belly - seems to be more related to food somedays. Some days it's really huge, other days not so much. It's hard for me notice a big change I try to take regular-ish pics at the same time of days to compare...then it gets more obvious.

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I can relate to the moving...although for me it happened about 7 months ago! I am nesting in terms of trying to reorganize our entire house. I only had one week after we moved to unpack and I have been planning how to better organize our home....but it entailed poor DH moving tons of furniture up and down stairs. Our house feels so much better now though, and now I can start organizing the nursery!

We are going to find out the sex of our baby next Wednesday!! I am so excited bc I want to start organizing clothing (and buying if she's a girl) and really start nesting!

I am in the "gaining more weight than I would have liked" group. At 19 weeks I have gained almost 20 lbs.... I gained 40 the last time so I am hoping I can stay in that range. I am 6ft tall, so at least the weight is spread out! I am exercising and taking prenatal yoga and feeling great!! I feel better in ths pregnancy than I ever remember feeling! Yay!
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 Being this pregnant and contemplating either long car trips or moving disappointed.gif No way. Going to the grocery store is an ordeal these days because I have to leave the air conditioning. It's 90 freaking degrees out there! That's at least a 105 on the pregnancy heat index.


Skinnylove, we're still early so don't get too scared that you aren't showing a whole lot. I hope you tell your coworkers to cut it out if they are annoying you!


I finally told my husband I'm pregnant. He took it better than I expected, thankfully. I asked him, didn't he notice anything different about my physique or did he think I was just getting fatter- he said I looked the same LOL. Maybe it's time to get him some new glasses.... Now I gotta tell my family. Ugh.


Next U/S is June 5th, maybe we'll see if we're having a he or a she.

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Originally Posted by pregnova View Post

Aww, Cindy, that's sweet about the fetoscope. 


Haha, about "The pickle". lol My name for this little one is 'Thumper'. It's been so active so early on that it reminded me of something with big feet...lol which reminded me of the little rabbit in Bambi. 


We went on a daytrip today to a kids museum. It was a good trip, but man is my back sore...whether from the extra standing or the drive itself idk, but man...sort of dreading the move now. 

I love "Thumper"! love.gif

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Lisa: Wha??? You just told your husband??? Was he shocked that you didn't tell him until half way thru? Do you mind me asking why you waited so long? I can't believe he said you look the same! Men!!!


I am so grumpy this morning. My allergies are making me miserable. I went to bed at 8:30 with my daughter last night bc I felt ick. But I was up itching and blowing my nose for a few hours in the middle of the night. NOT a good night sleep, despite being in bed for 12 hours. 



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It's good for me to see others discussing low weight gain, b/c I was starting to worry a little about this myself.  I have no idea what I weighed before my last midwife appointment, though... so, I guess I'll just keep better track from now on!  I am in the same 'not much weight gain, but definitely got the bump' boat (that's a horrible name for a boat!)


As far as moving goes... we might be moving shortly AFTER our new babe's due date!!!  I don't even know what to think.  Other than "crap".

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Mama505, we moved when ds was 2 weeks old.   "crap" probably sums it up well.  I hope for your sake you don't have to move.  We didn't find out we had to move until about a week before my due date.  I think the whole experience is why I'm not even really that annoyed about moving at 28 weeks pregnant.  I just never want to do it before I'm healed from giving birth again!

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My family moved 2 days after my dd was born and it was crazy. We were moving kind of far, to an area with no family or friends to help out and it was brutal. We have a 50 gallon fish tank that has to be carried by two people and I thought I was going to die while we were carrying it. Hopefully you have a little more time to recover than I did!

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We're moving post baby - won't be for a few months though - crazy how many movers we have! I can't imagine moving in this heat right now, hope all the moves go smoothly :)


We found out we're having a another boy!! I'm actually kind of relieved b/c I totally have the boy thing down! Now as I'm organizing I know what to do with all DS's stuff, now for the name.....


For anyone else who's had a recent ultrasound, how far ahead/behind did your baby show? This little guy is measuring about a week ahead consistently - I know my dates are right, so I think I may just be growing a giant turkey!! He's a strong & active one too....I was hoping at least for a mellow one this time - lol!

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For anyone else who's had a recent ultrasound, how far ahead/behind did your baby show? This little guy is measuring about a week ahead consistently - I know my dates are right, so I think I may just be growing a giant turkey!! He's a strong & active one too....I was hoping at least for a mellow one this time - lol!

Ours measures ahead, but only by about 3 days or so. That's been consistent since the 6 week ultrasound.  We're pretty accurate with our dates too, because we insemmed at a clinic. :)

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Our little girl has been measuring ahead by a few days since the 6 week u/s too and that held true at 19 weeks. Our dates are exact as well bc we did IVF. 


Ahimsamom: You moved 2 days after??? I want to cry thinking about that!! I hope you get a better babymoon this go round!


AFM: I finally sorted all my bins of clothes and stuff DD outgrew. I'm pooped! But I found all my tiny dipes, wipes warmer, baby towels, etc. I pulled out all the tiny clothes and finally got all the other clothes sorted by size and labeled. So nice to have that done!! And I'm glad I didn't save it until closer to the end bc I'm so beat after doing it all today (plus sorting other parts of the house to give things to goodwill). I think I'll still put the baby clothes bin I kept out in a closet until later though. It's really nice to see all the old clothes that I have such fond memories of my DD wearing. 



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Angelorum and Ahimsamom- I am glad to know that it CAN be done... but yeah, hopefully I have more than two days/weeks!  Or at least a lot of helpers maybe?!

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I have my 20 week u/s tomorrow!!  I am so sure we're having boy #3, but I guess we'll have to wait and see!!  It will be nice to have confirmation so that I can start washing and organizing (or shopping if she turns out to be a girl)!!!

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My sister-in-law had her baby last night! Awwww...it sounds like she had a textbook 12 hr labor...man, I'd kill for one of those this time! It's so exciting to hear about a new baby though!

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Good luck tomorrow Sillymom! 


Pregnova - are you close to where your sister-in-law lives to get a little newborn baby snuggle! That's wonderful for her.


I'm the last of 5 women that I'm close to having babies - baby fever or what?! I can't wait to see all those squishy little newborns before my little guy is ready to come :)



I made my first baby purchase today! Got some of those bamboo muslin swaddle blankets, they are so soft! A couple of other small things too. I really need to start organizing though, our place isn't big, so it's going to take some creativity.

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unfortunately I'm nowhere near her now and presumably won't be for months and months! Which means I'll miss the baby period :-( I'm waiting anxiously for some pics to come in right now...apparently he has a shock of black hair that came out of nowhere! lol (his parents are both blondies)


I hit 20 weeks today and did a weigh-in. I'm +6lb now, which makes me feel better because I AM gaining...slowly...but definitely gaining. AND, I'm excited because I think there's no way possible I'll hit the 55lb from last time, so yay me! lol

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Pregnova: Congrats on being an auntie! And yay for weight gain! Sounds like you're doing just fine! I'm wishing I was up only 6 lbs. LOL. 


AFM: Well I just brought my Pump in Style in to be checked out at a store that does it for free. It's suction isn't where it should be - so I need a new one. Wahhhh!!!! I didn't work after I had DD, but I had supply issues and pumped every night before bed for over a yr to have extra milk to supplement with the next day. So now it's worn out. And since I'm expecting supply issues again, I do indeed need another pump and I need it to be as powerful as it can be in order to get the most milk. I plan on renting a hospital grade pump for the first few weeks to help bring in my supply, but after that I just want to have my own. They're too expensive to rent indefinitely! Anyway, kinda bummed to have this extra $250 expense.

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