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My LO used to get fevers with no other symptoms as well. Im pretty confident that they were just mild viral illnesses. They always passed with ibuprofen, lots of cuddles and plenty of breastmillk.
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This may go against mainstream advice, but i've found the quickest way to dodge a fever is to cover the child.


Yes... increase their temperature.




We all know that the purpose of a fever is to help the body rid itself of whatever virus/bacteria is lurking in there. So my thought was 'let's help it along' by allowing the children to cover themselves as they wish, instead of forcing them to strip down/bathe or intentionally lowering their temperature with medication. The quicker the fever can do it's job, the quicker it will leave the child's body. so I'd cover them as they pleased (especially during the shivering stage of a fever). The first time I did this, I admit I was quite nervous. I suffered from febrile seizures as a child and my mother always made it clear to never let a child have a fever.


I don't think I slept that night, but come morning time, it was over.


When the kids have a fever (which is almost always 103.5F+ / 39.7C+ in a matter of 1-2 hours), they usually have no other symptoms (rarely, a few sniffles or a mildly sore throat) and the fever is gone within 8-12 hours on it's own as are any symptoms that were present. The children's bodies now know what to do and they do it brilliantly. They have 2 colds a year and we've had 1 ear infection and 1 UTI between 4 children in 7 years. No flu, rota virus or anything that most kids I know, usually get. When people IRL ask me how we've managed to not have influenza and ear/throat infection after infection, I tell them - cover them up and let the fever do it's job.


Do you think your ds may have a UTI? Sometimes in children, a fever is the only symptom that will be present.


Good luck mama! Personally, I would take him to the doctor at this stage.. he's only 6 months old and it's been almost 2 days running now.

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I totally agree that a fever serves a purpose!  I never want to treat a fever, but the reason that I do is because my kid is miserable and I feel bad for them and want them to be able to sleep.  I never treat it right away, I wait as long as I can.  And I never force them to not have clothes, cold bath, etc. I think you are right that a parent should just follow the fevers lead and let child cover up.  My kids have never had an infection or flu, only colds, but obviously thats only 2 kids and 2 and a half years so not a very long time to say no infections.  I believe that our good health is more because of a healthy diet/lifestyle.

Anyway, thanks so much for the replys.  I have him ibuprofin last night about 1am, and when we woke up this morning he is very happy, normal acting and no fever!  So hopefully it is gone and its not just because he's still under the effect of the ibuprofin.  If not maybe I will take him in later.  RRGH I just dont want them to do a whole workup on him, get a urine sample, give me heck because he is intact, give me heck because I dont vaccinate him, blame me, etc.  So, that is why I have major reservations about taking my kids to the Dr.

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I realize I probably came down a little holier than thou in my post. Apologies. flowersforyou.gif


I understand why you don't want to take him to the docs.. We are a no vaxxing/no circing family too and I often don't have the strength to face the constant opposition that this brings. I'm right there with you mama. In my post earlier, I was just thinking of a UTI which can progress to kidney infection pretty fast if left untreated (either medically or naturally). When my dd had one, she had no symptoms except for high fever that wouldn't pass with the normal methods and after several hours (which by now the fever was usually gone), she then started to throw up. By that time, it was moving up to her kidneys. The doc at the children's hospital told me that unlike adults, children rarely get anything more than a fever and maybe a tummy ache or vomiting if it's progressing. It's unlikely he has one if he's starting to feel better today on his own. I know my dd did not start to feel better until the 3rd dose of antibitoics.


I'm happy to hear he's doing better! Fingers crossed that it continues.

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I actually didnt take your post as holier than thou but thanks!  Lol.  And I didnt mean to sound defensive I was just explaining what I do.   When I posted last, he was indeed just still under the effect of the ibuprofin, and his fever came back a few hrs later, and it was even higher.  So, I took him to the public health nurse practitioner.  It was 103 there!  After examining him she could find nothing wrong, no ear infection, etc.  Said that the only thing it could be is a little virus.  I suggested UTI, and she said unlikely but possible, and that she couldnt test for it so she made me an appt with the pediatrician for the next morning (this morning). (she also called them to ask their opinion.  they suggested hand foot mouth disease!  rrgh, he had no sores anywhere, just a mild fever until the last day then it was higher).  So, we went home, gave another dose of ibuprofin, and he slept.  When he woke up the fever was gone because of the medication and I expected it to come back after it wore off that night, but it did not.  This morning it was still not back, so I cancelled the Drs appt (I only go if I absolutely have to, no well child checks, etc), and its still not back, so I am guessing its gone!  He acted nearly normal today, maybe a tiny bit crabbier and different sleep schedual, assuming he's stil recovering and catching up on sleep.  :D   I do wonder what caused his fever, but I am glad its over!  Thank you so much LoveOurBabies!

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