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Time4Learning vs K5learning

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Hi guys, 


I guess I can now officially join this part of the mothering board! joy.gif


My little one has just turned six and I am starting to homeschool more seriously. I was wondering if anyone had experience with both Time4Learning and K5Learning. 


I am having a hard time deciding with which one to go. Both seem pretty good. My little one is currently doing Reading Eggs and has made massive improvements in his reading skills. We will soon be starting 1st grade stuff and I want to have my ducks in a row so to speak. So I am doing my research now. It will be helpful if I could hear from anyone who has used both or each individually and how your children benefited (or not).


Thank you.

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I've only tried time4learning so i can only comment on that one. I did a trial of it hoping it would be a nice fit for my kindy kid when I have this baby in oct but I was really disappointed. My biggest thing is the animation wasn't very good... I'm not that picky about that sort of thing but it seemed just thrown together almost as an afterthought.  I also hated the format. For instance to get to one of the science lessons who had to go through about 5 boxes choosing an option in each. That's fine if you have a reader but for my pre reader made it impossible for him to use himself.


I use kabongo.com (2 of the 3 areas a re free to use) for a bit of educational fun and although I haven't signed up I'm so far most impressed with abcmouse.com . Similar idea as time4learning but much better web format IMHO.

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I used time4learning and we love it at our house. It really has been a life saver for me at times. I really enjoyed the format and the ability to skip around things if needed. My DD did 1st and 2nd grade on it and I have no regrets..

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Thank you both for responding. I will check out the ones you mentioned Onyxravnos. Hippiemombian, glad to hear you enjoyed time4learning. My son will also be doing 1st grade on it should we decide to sign up. 

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Back to report my own impressions just in case others have similar questions:  I really tried to like time4learning.  I felt like it was more comprehensive than k5learning.  I really wanted it to fit our needs.  It would have made life easier.  However, the animation, the loudness of the characters, the busyness of it all was a little too much for me.  I wanted something calmer (read: boring for some kiddos) because that is how we try to do things around here.  Therefore, I decided to continue with k5learning instead.  While it does not try to cover other stuff like science and social studies, I really think I can get that else where.  Besides, at first grade level, reading and math are the most important subjects IMHO. I have been thinking of getting Brainpop Junior but maybe in the second half of the next school year when I feel like we have truly began mastering reading/writing/basic math.


If you are a Mama looking at both these programs or an alternative from time4learning, I encourage you to do a free trial with both and use them to see which one you like.  I just can not stand annoying cartoon characters (even though some children may like them better) and therefore for my sanity I keep that stuff away from home :)


Once k5 passed my approval, I got my son to try it and he loves it too. 

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We like K5. My kids, too, found Time4Learning chaotic. K5 is also much cheaper if you pay by the year.

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My son did not like time4learning. I don't think he liked the "testing" aspect of it. He loves the videos on brainpopjr and doesn't do any of the interactive stuff they might have (I haven't looked at what all they offer.) We are super fans of www.thehappyscientist.com. And it's only $20 a year (I think the $10 a year option on homeschool buyers co-op is over, but you could check.)


My kids absolutely love www.ookaisland.com. It's both phonetic and sight reading in the form of games. I am really impressed at the progression of the program. It goes by how well your child is doing. So, my 4 year old isn't progressing too quickly (she's impetuous and doesn't wait to hear what she's supposed to be looking for.) My 7 year old is speeding along quite rapidly.


We are child-led learners so I try and find the stuff they are interested in. It doesn't make any sense to me to try and force a child to do something they don't enjoy so finding ooka island was great for us.


I will look at the k5 learning to see if my kids might like that. Though I'll probably wait to see how far my 7 year old advances on ooka island. He is enjoying it and progressing. I don't want to interrupt that.

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Just looked at some of the trial programs for k5. I will definitely have my son try it when we are done with ooka island. I just wish it was cheaper.

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