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Should I wake her to eat?

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Last night was rough. L cluster fed pretty much all night, and when she wasn't eating she was crying in the arms of my very tired husband. Now she's finally out, and it's creeping up on four hours since her last meal.


The doctor said to wake her if it's been more than 4 hours, but the way this kid eats and poops I'm not too worried about her not getting enough food. She nursed 16 times yesterday, emptying at least one boob each time. She goes through an insane number of wet and soiled diapers each day. She's 9 days old.


Are there other risks to letting her wake up on her own? And how long does this "wake the sleeping baby" business go on? When is it OK to let her sleep as long as she wants?

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I'm in a very similar situation, and I asked four different people (ped, nurse, midwife, lactation consultant) and all gave some variation on "he's gaining well and obviously soils enough diapers, don't worry too much about it." so I'm trying not to feel too anxious about feeding on demand, even if he's slept for more than 4 hours.
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Unless it happens a lot I wouldn't wake her.... If she is sleeping for 4 hours every time, then yes, but if it is an infrequent long nap, then let her sleep. 

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I think I let them go past 2 hours once in a 24 hour period, not to exceed 4 hours.  Otherwise I was pretty adamant about offering the boob every 2 hours around the clock for the first 2-3 weeks, then I let up a little bit.  But I was more focused on building my supply than the baby starving or anything.  So maybe you could just hand express a little (although I suck at that so I'd just pump, but I know some people aren't fond of pumping so soon).

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I totally am NOT a clock watcher.  And I think with the cluster feeding it is definitely okay.  If it were a baby who was not gaining weight or was nursing every 4-5 hours all the time then I would (though I've never had that happen to me)... but otherwise I think it's super normal to have a random longer stretch every once in a while (if only it were in the middle of the night, no?!)  


Babies are pretty wise and they know (except for rare circumstances) when it's time to eat.  

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I'm dealing with this too- it's weird! My first one slept in 20 minute cat-naps, my second slept for 1.5 hours frequently, and Everett seems like he sleeps ALL the time. 3-4 hour periods (morning, afternoon, and 2 overnight) plus little snoozes here and there (10-30 minutes). He nurses like mad, drains both sides completely whenever he nurses and nurses almost the entire time he's awake but he sleeps like a rock. Tons of wet and dirty diapers, and he's gaining well so I'm mostly deciding I'm going to enjoy having a baby who sleeps.

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Thanks everyone.

We went to the doctor on Thursday - she's gained a pound since her discharge from the hospital (a week ago) so I think we're doing well there!


I've started offering just one boob at feedings. She never seems to really take much from the 2nd, just uses me as a pacifier, and on the occasion she does nurse on the 2nd boob she then spews like she's auditioning for the Exorcist. 

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KM, Deacon projectile vomits when he eats too much also ~ which for him seems to be any longer than 10 minutes :-/ I dont let him go more than 3 hours without a feeding because he eats so infrequently as it is. He eats 10 min every 2.5-3 hrs so I set my alarm to wake me every 3 hours at night & then I wake and feed Deacon. If I just waited for him to ask for it I bet he would sleep all night. He just isn't that into eating.
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Saw the midwife today. I told her Everett often sleeps for 3-4 hours at a stretch, nurses for 15 minutes but seems to nurse very effectively and then goes back to sleep again. She said that was fine- it would be different if he was a 6-7 lb baby, but since he was over 9 lbs at birth they aren't at all concerned about it. I mentioned I frequently will wake him enough that he nurses because I'm going to explode, and then he just keeps sleeping when he's done and she says that's fine too.


He was 9.2 at birth, and at the appointment today he was really close to 9lbs16, so she says he's gaining fine and we're not worried about anything.


I also can't let Everett use me as a pacifier, or he spews too. So gross. We're figuring out that swaddling is key (so hard to do, because it's so hot here! We need A/C), so he nurses, poos, screams for about 20 minutes with nothing we do soothing him, then we swaddle him and he conks out.

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