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I posted a picture of one of my poor, swollen ankles/feet in the Belly Pics thread, but let's chat about this. I'm now 31w2d, and pretty much just started swelling as of this past weekend. I'm getting responses that range from "Wow, you're lucky, I was swollen the whole time!" to "ZOMG, be careful, I bet your BP is out of control". (It's not, by the way)


Is there anything special I should be doing to combat this? I have a sedentary job, so I've been making special efforts to get up and move around throughout the day, doing squats and lunges to boost circulation in my legs and try to encourage some venous return of this fluid. I've been drinking 2L+ of water per day and pretty much no other beverages, besides milk and an iced coffee once or twice a week. I'm going to try to get to the gym a few times a week to go swimming, which felt FANTASTIC with my round ligament pain already. Plus, I've been going on long walks a few times a week.


Any other ideas?

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with baby #1 I was a student, so I totally sympathize with having to sit all day. It sounds like you're doing all the right things. All I can suggest is compression stockings and making sure that when you put them up it's ABOVE the level of your heart.


God luck! I hope they're not to uncomfy.

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Oh yeah, I've been doing that at the end of the day, too (feet above my heart). I hope it doesn't get to the point of compression stockings! :D

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I went on a business trip a few weeks ago and spent about a total of 4 hours on planes and it was AWFUL. I was so swollen that my legs were sore for a couple of days after. My husband was pretty freaked out. I've had some issues here and there since. I'll definitely be glad to see my cankles go away soon!
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I heard eating more protein can help(I'm thinking get as close to 100g). Up your water and aim for half your body weight in ounces.  My midwife recommended adding lemon juice to the water. Also make sure you are getting enough sodium in the form of sea salt or kelp or something.


Maybe put a stool or something under your desk to put your feet up on?

I've been getting swelling in my ankles and feet since about 31 weeks thankfully it isn't everyday and usually bad at the end of the day so I can just go and lay down.  In the morning my ankles are fine.

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I saw your pic! 


While I don't have any surefire recommendations besides putting your feet up and relaxing, I am sending you positive vibes! dust.gif

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My midwife had me eat watermelon when I did that with my 4th. It is a diuretic I guess.

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I added lime slices to my water over the weekend and slurped it down as much as I could, and I already saw an improvement! Even though I wasn't off my feet for the whole weekend, I definitely didn't swell as much as I had been previously. Thanks for all of the advice!

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My swelling was doing really well, with the lime water! Then I slacked off on it for a week, and this is what happens. Sigh.

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