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My DS had one UTI and antibiotics cleared it up in a day.  It is not that big a deal - some girls get them quite frequently. 


Good luck with the appointment!

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I didnt end up going to the appt because the night that I posted that, my sons fever went away, and he was happy, and still good in the morning, so I cancelled!  I was so relieved!  I hate going to the doctor and will do so only if necessary so I am quite happy:)   Early this morning my daughter got a fever with no other symptoms as well, so I am guessing that this is some kind of virus that oddly has no other symptoms....   I would still love to hear a natural cure for UTI's,  I am really against antibiotics.  My kids have never been on any drug but ibuprofin and I would love for it to stay that way!   My midwife said goldenseal, and that I could take it so my son can get it through my breastmilk, dont know if it would work?  But I would rather give him goldenseal even orally than antibiotics :)

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I've had lots of UTIs. Sometimes I can get them to clear by drinking lots of fluids and taking cranberry pills. It's worth a try, anyway.


But I usually take antibiotics for a really bad UTI so it doesn't travel its way to my kidneys and become serious.


Glad your son seems to be doing better!

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