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Light period and minimal EWCM after D&E

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I had a 13 week miscarriage, leading to a D&E in late April.  I ovulated about 2 weeks after the start of my miscarriage.  And I hardly had any EWCM.  Normally, I have 5 days of really great EWCM.


When I had my 2 week D&E followup u/s, the NP doing the u/s said that my lining was 4mm.  This was at 2dpo.  I've only had my lining checked once before in the fall when we started ttc - and it was 9mm at cd10.  And now I am on cd3 of the next cycle and have such a minimal period.  While normally, I have 5 good days of good bleeding.  I suppose that minimal lining = minimal period. 


I asked the nurse re my minimal EWCM with the first ovulation.  She said that it must have been hormonal due to pregnancy loss.  Maybe losing a pregnancy at 13 weeks has a big hormonal effect?  (I really do feel postpartum :()  She said that after my first period, the EWCM should be back to normal.


So what do you guys think?

Is my minimal period going to mess up this new cycle as well?

Will I be able to build a good lining for this new cycle?

Will I ovulate early, since my period is almost over at cd3?  And if I do, is that going to be bad?

Any thoughts re the EWCM absence with my first ovulation?




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Bumping for input. Anyone have experience or wisdom to share? love.gif

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I think when you have a miscarriage the body needs time to reset.  Your hormones need time to rebalance.  You might have a great lining this cycle and it might be the usual length.  The EWCM was probably missing because your hormones weren't back to normal yet.  It's the same chorus of hormones that thickens the lining and changes the mucus.  I wouldn't assume that you would O early because of the short period.  That was most likely due to the fact that the lining was thin.  At the start of a new cycle, the hormones start working again and form a new lining and gear up for O.  Many women get pregnant shortly after a miscarriage and go on to have healthy babies.  Good luck!

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I am not ttc but I saw your post.

I had a D&C 42 days ago, my first ppp came about 30 days after the D&C.

I had no real EWCM during those 30 days but I am not sure if I was really checking.  I just don't remember any.  I was also on birth control so I was really worried with no period, as I thought it would force one.  I really just spotted. 

Now after that "period" if it even was that, I am on day 11, I had EWCM day 10 and day 11.

But not a huge amount of it, and mostly around my cervix, I had to hunt for it.

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