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Potty Training Help with 2yo DS

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Hi - I am looking for some help or advice on potty training my son.  I may be jumping the gun here, but my 25 mos old son has started  telling me when he is pooping and then he asks for a diaper change right after.  I have asked him a few times if he wants to try sitting on the potty and he simply says, "no." I don't push it, nor do I make a big deal about it.  He doesn't seem to be too interested in the toilet, he'll walk by and occasionally flush it. :)  He does see myself and my husband use it, so he knows what it is for.  I would like to be as non stressful about it as possible (I have heard so many potty training horror stories lately), but I honestly don't know how to approach it, or if I should approach it right now.  Any ideas?     

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I would start by taking what he's shown interest in- telling you he pooped and the fun of flushing- and take it the next step by asking him to help take off his diaper and dump/flush it.  It reinforces where the poop belongs, and gives him a chance to take a small step of independence/responsibility.  If you're not ready for all-out potty training, at least switch to pull-ups so he can start practicing pulling them on/off.  It's hard to potty train a kid that can't pull down undies fast!

If you know the signs/times of when he's likely to poop, I would try taking his diaper off before the deed is done to see if he's willing/able to get it in the potty when the diaper isn't an option.

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my 26 month old JUST started peeing and once pooped in the potty this week! :) what made the difference for us was I got him a couple potty books for boys- which shows boys on potties- and then within 2 days he totally got it!

NOw we are working on aim and also having him relax enough to poop in the potty- plus other details- but I am low pressure about it. He has interest now finally due to those books though.

also, if I know he has to pee and the potty thing is feeling stressful I will put him in the empty bathtub and let him pee there which takes away the whole aim issue.

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Snapdragon, would you share which books you got? My son (28 months) had been showing some interest so I was doing some low-key stuff with him, then he got very resistant so I backed off, and now the interest seems to be returning ever so slowly, so I'd love to be better prepared this time. Thanks!

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I got two books- just selected them from amazon because they have photos of toddler boys on potties- and ds being an only child had never really seen other kids on potties- so it is more the photos than the text that teaches him:


My potty book for boys

is one

the other is

boys potty time (with special reward stickers) (but I got it used and the stickers are gone but I am not into the reward for potty thing anyway so that is fine!)

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