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convert a 1 piece swim suit into a 2 piece?

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Wondering if anyone's ever done this. I want to get dd a 2 piece so its easier to go to the bathroom, but I want it modest/covering her tummy. I'm having trouble finding one and am reaching the "if you want it done right, do it yourself" point! I was thinking of buying a 1 piece one size too big, cutting it, doing a short hem on the top and finishing the bottoms with FOE. I've never used FOE before. I tried poking around on google/pinterest to see if this has been done (SURELY I'm not the first to think of this?) but I can't find anything. If there's any mistakes I might make that I haven't thought through yet, I want to see what those are and figure out how to prevent them before I buy a brand new swim suit and cut it up!

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I have no idea- other than I would try it first on a garage sale or thrift store suit.  I think in theory it should work though :)  I would bind both edges in FOE- just don't stretch the elastic on the top.

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Yeah, thats smart. I think I'll practice on the swim suit she has now thats getting a little tight on her. Then buy a new one. I think if I size up it'll add some length but still be plenty snug around the circumference. binding the top and bottom would definitely prevent me from losing length. Maybe if I gave some very gentle subtle stretching to the FOE around the top it would prevent it from riding up? We're going to Great Wolf Lodge soon so some waterslides are happening :)

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This isn't a sewing solution, but...


We've had success with this cut of tankini:




DD also wore tankinis from Land's End that went all the way to the bikini bottoms.  We could often get them on sale for under $10-12 if you aren't too picky about pattern/color.

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If you can find cheepie ones on sale buying 2 idential ones seems like it would work. Use one for the bottom [art and one for thr top. That way you would get enough length to hem them and you could thread elastic through the bottoms.


Disclaimer, I've never used FOE as I;ve not found anywhere to buy it without spending a lot on postage so 2 swim suits would proabbly work out a lot cheeper for me.


I'm now tempted to mess about with DDs old swim suit, she's very tall for her age so always outgrowns them by length just as they stop being baggy. An inch of tummy in the middle might solve that problem nicely.

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You can get FOE at JoAnns or Hobby Lobby in the babyville section.  It is nice and wide.

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Thanks for the idea of using 2, LaughingHyena! It became clear after doing my practice one with her old suit that if I really wanted no/minimal tummy show, I'd need to use two. So I went back to Old Navy and they still have swim suits on sale super cheap, like $8 or $9 each. Got another just like the first one I got her. For the top, I cut it right at the leg holes, and for the bottom I cut it a couple inches above the leg holes. Then I used rest of that suit to make a ruffle! Since I couldn't use FOE and a ruffle on the bottom of the top piece, and it was a little bit loose from sizing up, I put some 1/4" elastic in the seam allowance of the ruffle. Just enough so that it won't fly up if she goes down a water slide, but not so tight for her to complain about it being tight. I used babyville FOE. love the babyville line! It turned out perfect. At a glance, its not even obvious its a 2 piece! The pieces overlap http://sphotos.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash4/389205_4222581088249_1852158425_n.jpg   We're ready for the water park tomorrow! :)

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Cute!  I love it!

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Very cute, hope you enjoyed the water park.

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