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Thanks!  Yeah, it sounds like either she is still too little for some of these or they are worn out since I borrowed them to try and I know they have been worn alot.  She outgrew the bummies NB cover already but the Imse Vimse one gaps at the legs.  The flip only left a tiny space to peek in, and she is just big enough for the tightest snaps so I'm thinking she maybe just needs to grow a bit more.  Since I'm hoping to try a few different kinds out maybe I'll get one flip and see.  I do have 3 grovia so if she is a bit little for the new ones for a few more weeks we can make do with some handwashing/spot cleaning as needed.  I think I'll be doing diaper laundry every day anyhow so I only need enough for one day to start. 


Has anyone used pocket diapers for night?  Or what do you like best for night?  She just started sleeping a long chunk (5-6 hrs!) and then nursing right back to sleep again (for another up to 3hrs) if she hasnt pooped I'd love to not change her in the middle as that really wakes her up and means we are both up for a long time between sleeps. So I'm looking for something that will wick away from her skin and hold in up to 9hrs of pee.


I knew you'd all be a great CD resource, thanks again for your thoughts!

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Lala, I do use snappis under the pull-on wool covers but not under the wool Imse Vimse wrap cover. Whether I'm snappi-ing or not I do jelly roll and Angel wing combo. The wrap is snug/trim enough that everything stays in place without a snappi but no way on the pull up covers (I wish!!)
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