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baby shower gift ideas

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Hi mamas.  I'm throwing a shower for my sister in law, and for my gift to her I thought I would put together a basket of essential baby items that first time moms would never know they need.  I'm looking for suggestions from you for anything that you found essential that is generally under $20 or so.  Any ideas?  here's what I have so far: (I wish I could buy an ergo for her, because that's been MY most beneficial item, but it's out of the affordability range for me)


Dr. Sears Baby Book

Breastmilk freezer storage bags

nursing tea

bpa free teether

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oh, and thanks for any and all tips!

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Nice big jar of coconut oil!

Fleece diaper liners




A family friend says that she uses breast milk to treat all baby things, but it's hard sometimes to aim, so she's express and use a dropper to apply - so maybe a little dropper for that?


Maybe a back massager!

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Earth Mama Angel Baby nipple butter and Mama bottom spray

"coupon" for a delivered meal from you during the first week (if you live nearby)

Printout of this story with a note with Kellymom's website, her local La Leche League contact info and your phone number with a note to call you anytime, day or night.


The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding book

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Thanks Becky and Cat!


Here's what I ended up with:


Dr. Sears Baby Book

Dr. Sears Vaccine Book

nursing shawl that she registered for

pumping freezer bags

nursing tea


and Cat I'm def. going to do what you suggest and print the letter, give her LLL contact info, and my phone #.


Becky, I'd love to get a jar of coconut oil-- but I don't think she'd get it, lol.  I love the dropper idea though!  (as a second time mom, I'm pretty good at the old point-and-shoot routine with breastmilk, but a dropper might be less intimidating at first, ha!)


thanks again.  what do you think?  good gift?  DH says I'm trying to push my own political agenda for attachment parenting and alternate vaccinating.  oy.  I just figured I'd help her with what has helped me, ykwim?  I'm probably the only mama she knows that practices attachment parenting, after all.

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Pushing your own agenda is fair at a baby shower! Most people do it :)


Sounds good!


I hope she likes them :)

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I agree, most people do it, but just more in a "US/socially acceptable" way. Bottles, formula, bottle propper pillows, etc are all common gifts.

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Yes to the Dr. Sears baby book! I love that one :) And I don't think baby books are commonly given, outside of the WTE series. And those are so irritating to me, lol.

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