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asteph- Lily would be a cute NN for Liera!!  Aerie is super cute too.  DH and I are also considering the name Aralei (pronounced Air-uh-lye).  I'm thinking if she was to have a NN it would be Airy (Aerie) or something along those lines.  If you ladies were to choose between Aralei and Shiloh what would you choose?


I got to keep this short as my two little ones are "helping" me type.  Cute names though :)  I love seeing what everyone is coming up with!

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icy02- thanks! I love the name Aralei, so unique and pretty!

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Lovely names people! Late to this thread but we have NO clue what we're going to call this little guy. We had a girl's name picked out - Isla - and nothing for a boy.


Dandy, my middle name is Iona! I like it :) And my first name is Alexandra (I can't recall who has that on their list).


Our son is named Rafael (Rafi) and we need a boy's name that is not culturally really far apart from that but would also work in England and the US (where we currently live).Any ideas? Names that work in the US often don't work in the UK for various cultural/class reasons. It's crazy!


I love Oscar (as does my husband) but everyone else hates it! I quite like Xavier but my husband isn't keen... We like Sam but inherited a dog called Sammy a few years ago.


Any ideas? We're totally stuck.

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I'm late to this thread, as I am to all of them. lol.gif


icy02- I prefer Shiloh.


Zubeldia- I like Oscar, but I love Xavier!


We usually name babe once it is here, but we have a few names we love.





Beatrix (I LOVE this name, it is my favorite, but dh hates it)






Brody (dh's favorite)

Callum (my favorite)


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zubeldia - We have a little fella named Oscar and I'm so happy we chose it for his name. We didn't tell anyone ahead of time because I knew I would get resistance, but we loved it and now that it's his name - everyone else does, too!

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Aurora - I love the name Beatrix too! I wanted to name DD Beatrix but my hubby said no way and most people made a stank-face when I mentioned the name. I think it's a great name!
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hibiscus- I am so glad to see someone else loves the name. Everyone irl I have mentioned it to hates it. It looks like we will probably go with Adelaide if babe is a girl. I love that name too. I am going to run Bea as a middle name by dh. He feels so bad about me being so sick and miserable (hyperemesis) that he said I can name babe whatever I want, but I want him to be happy with it too, you know? Wish me luck! 

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Originally Posted by Vegan Princess View Post

I keep wanting to call this baby "J" something - something starting with the "j" sound. I get that overwhelming feeling every time she kicks. Then I recalled I like the name Gemma (pronounced Jem-ah). I wrote it on my list last second and shared my list w/DH the other night and he loves the name. He told me last night he is getting attached to the name Gemma Rose. 



Oh I think Gemma Rose is a great name. Very cute, but works for a grown up as well.

Originally Posted by pregnova View Post


We're actually planning on waiting until this little one arrives before we pick a name. I love my son's name which we did pick in advance, but I spent the first three months of his life calling him Baby because he just seemed so asexual and personality-less. lol Once he hit about three months and was really responding to everything around him, dh and I both spontaneously started using his real name. It was something we both noticed, so we've always planned for a second child to go nameless for a while before picking something that really resonates with their personality. Of course, not too sure how long we can stretch out that time period what with birth certificate concerns and all, but we'd ideally like to wait a month or two. So, anyway, because of all that, there's no talking of names over here. lol 

Not sure where you are, but unfortunately you don't have long with the birth certificate. My grandmother was named Baby girl on her original birth certificate. They filed an addendum after a bit with a proper name.

Originally Posted by Declaration View Post
 Eva Georgette flows correctly, but I would want her to go by her middle name in that case and I don't know how complicated that would be at school, resumes, etc. (any experience with this would be enlightening).  Also, I would really like to honor family, especially with our first LO and Georgette is not a family name- so the middle name would need to be. I really want to honor my grandfather with a Jayne (he went by Jay). And this would be the baby to name after him if I want to tell him in person since he may not even be around when this one arrives, let alone the next one. I love the idea of using both, in theory, but I am not sure Georgette Jayne really works (last name begins with F and has two syllables). What do y'all think? Probably if I am calling it out it would be Georgie Jayne, which seems to trip off the tongue much easier, but...

My dh goes by hs middle name. It's kind of a pain. I would avoid it if possible. His middle name was supposed to be his first name, but his mom was knocked out and they had to transfer him so they asked his father his name for the b.c. And he picked something else for his first name, his own first name. I think that name is precious. It's special to be named after someone so special. I lilke Georgette Jayne. I think Georgie Jayne is imply adorable.


Originally Posted by icy02 View Post
 I love Shiloh, but wonder if it's 'girly' enough. I didnt have a very popular name growing up and I remember wishing I was an Ashley.. As an adult, I am grateful for my un-popular name. Just wondering how this little girl will like her name being Shiloh...

Shiloh is gaining in popularity as a girl's name. Probably because of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. I have a couple friends with daughters named Shiloh. one I know has nothing to do with celebrity naming. The other I'm not sure. I think it's a cute name and goes with your others well. If it feels right, use it.

Originally Posted by Babinogi View Post

   Naming is fun but also a bit overwhelming - like putting a tattoo on your child and saying - you have this for the rest of your life! No pressure!

I feel this exact same way too. So I try to listen really hard and I feel like our babies have whispered their names to us. We had something entirely different planned for #2, but it wouldn't fit her whereas her name does. My dh said it's not carved in stone, if they don't like it, a name can always be changed.

Originally Posted by dandylez View Post

I have to share this story! DP and I were lying in bed the other night, talking about names, and about girl names specifically. Our three favourites are Fionnula, Adair, and Ula.  Anyway, babe hadn't been kicking super frequently, but DP put her hand on my tummy and said, "What do you think, Pickle, should we call you Fionnula?"  The Pickle responded with a huge kick right in the centre of her palm. She tried it with the other names, but there was no response at all. SO... it seems that Pickle has chosen her own name. It might be a bit of an awkward name if he turns out to be a boy, but we'll just have to remind him that he picked it! winky.gif

 I would say the name has been chosen. That's a cute story to share too. You may consider a boy name though, just in case. LOL


Originally Posted by asteph View Post


I am looking for some help with my name.  I really like the name Liera (pronounced lee-air-uh) but I am big on nicknames and must have a nickname to go along with it.  So I am wondering would Lily be acceptable as a nickname?  I was also thinking of using the middle part for a nickname like eri but I am not sure how we would spell that if we were to use it? I would think aeri or aerie would be the best ways to spell the nickname but I dont necessarily want to use the same spelling as American Eagle!  What do you ladies think?

I love the name Liera. I'm a nickname person too, but I think this name is so cute that it should be left as is. I would be tempted to use Li or Lia, but I also think aerie is cute.

Originally Posted by icy02 View Post
 DH and I are also considering the name Aralei (pronounced Air-uh-lye).  I'm thinking if she was to have a NN it would be Airy (Aerie) or something along those lines.  If you ladies were to choose between Aralei and Shiloh what would you choose?

Aralei is a cute name. But I like Shiloh too. Aralei is so unique. I think I'm leaning more toward that one. And it has a cute nickname. It will probably often be mispronounced. But that's not too important to me. I've learned that people can mispronounce any name. My name is Jessica and I have had it mispronounced and misspelled. I've also been asked to spell it on several occasions. My girls have odd full names and I've had people say it wrong and some people say it right. So I don't try to make it easy on anyone. I just go with what I like and what feels right for my baby.



Originally Posted by zubeldia View Post


I love Oscar (as does my husband) but everyone else hates it! I quite like Xavier but my husband isn't keen... We like Sam but inherited a dog called Sammy a few years ago.


Any ideas? We're totally stuck.

I like Oscar. It's cute. I wouldn't worry about what anyone else thinks. If you both like it and it feels right, that's what I'd go with.






As for us, we are having our 4th girl. My other girls were easy to name. This time has been a little harder. I think we have landed on a name but I'm still not 100%. But it feels right for her. I think I don't ever feel right until they're here and I see them. I think babies come with a right name and it's up to us to figure it out. We're leaning towards Noralie (said like Loralei), but not sure on spelling. Maybe Noralei. We'll just call her Nora. I prefer it with an H. I don't like Nora. It seems unfinished. I like Norah. But it looks weird with the h in Noralei (Norahlei) no matter how we spell it. Dh perfers no h. We'll see. He also likes Skye for a middle name. I do too, but I feel a little Dr Seussy with Noralei Skye since it rhymes. I'll probably just go with it since dh really, really like it. And he was really wanting a boy. I don't really have a strong preference, so i'll probably just let him have it.

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Joyofbirth, love the name Nora(h)!


Vegan, Gemma Rose is lovely.


So glad to hear of other Oscars! It's not that unusual in the UK and I do love it. We're leaning toward Xavier but honestly we have no idea. DS has been calling the baby 'Baby Charlie' (after one of his Thomas Trains), although yesterday he was calling him 'Baby Toast' (he's passionate about toast!)

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I really like Noralei! I think Noralei Skye is great!


Zub: I like Xavier a lot. Too funny about your DS. My DD has named the baby Peanut Butter. She's pretty adament about it too. 


I'm feeling a little anxiety about the name. DH and I both like Gemma but we also feel like we came to it too easily and neither of us is convinced it's what we want to go with. But I haven't really made any progress picking any other names. Er, I should say I haven't put any thought into it lately. LOL. I think both liked Zara - but again, not sure I want to use it. DH hasn't put any time into thinking about names yet, other than looking at the list I've got and at his old list from when I was pregnant w/DD.



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