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Need doctor recs in Katy, TX

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Hi, new here! My name is Ashley and I am a SAHM to my 9 y/o son and 3 y/o daughter. We are planning to move to Katy August 1st and we'll be needing some new doctors.


Can anyone recommend a good family doctor (not a big practice please, just one Dr for the whole family) that is okay with not vaxxing and maybe knows a bit about lupus (just a general knowledge, I already have a great rheumatologist)?


Also, need a child & adult psychiatrist (hoping for one person to consolidate appts, but two different ones are fine) that is good with autistic children and bipolar adults.


Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me!!




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Highly recommend Dr. Paul Dibble of Simple Traditions in Magnolia.  He is a family doctor, okay with many alternative choices, makes home visits and after hour calls, etc.  He has a website as well.

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I've heard good things about Dr. Jose Alvear:


He seems very naturally-minded. I only know an adult who has visited, but I definitely would look into them for family care if I was in that area.
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