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Hormonal v Copper IUD?

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Hey Mamas,


So, my OB has had me on the mini pill for a few months now, and I'm thinking I would rather have something more permanent... I'm definitely not ready to expand the family for a while (although, WOW, does the 3 month shift make Finn a lot easier to deal with :) )...


Have any of you had an IUD? Copper or Minerva?  Good/bad experience?  How was insertion? 



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Hey TeamGR-- I was on the Mirena (hormonal IUD) after DD1 because the copper wasn't covered by my insurance.  It made me crazy.  The constant low dose of hormones made me feel like I had endless PMS.  The lack of a period made me more anxious rather than less.  It was really bad for me.  I had it removed after 3 months and felt instantly better.  I think that type of side effect is uncommon but not rare.  People who are sensitive to the pill also tend to be sensitive to Mirena.  I know I had to try several pills to find one that didn't make me feel a little crazy-- I ultimately went on a low-dose triphasil because the non-varying ones made me anxious.  The Mirena was much like the non-varying pills but there was no let-up for the off-week.  For me it was truly awful and has made me really wary of the copper IUD as well as I read (but haven't confirmed) that people who are sensitive to hormonal bc are also prone to copper sensitivity.  

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I used the Copper T, Paragard, for 5 years after the birth of my first.  Insertion was about 7 months after her birth, and my MW said to come when I was on what seemed to be the very end of one of my cycles...It was not painful, and I never felt a thing.


As far as my period, I did not cramp or bleed heavily after insertion, and it made my periods shorter even though it was non-hormonal.  I have always had very heavy periods, and it was nice to have the duration shortened.  I have recommended it to so many friends because of the no maintenance and no hormones- I have never been on hormonal BC and would never put my own child on it after using an IUD.


And as far as the cost, you can order them directly from Canada if you provider does not have in stock.  PP, I saw that you said you went on the hormonal because other was not available, that sucks! A very good friend of mine ordered hers directly and paid the same she would have paid in our MW office, and its the exact same product.  


I recommend the Copper T to everyone- I used a Diva cup with it, never had any issues with placement and it worked great- after this pregnancy I will be putting one back in asap!

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Thanks, Parsley and Mama monez...


I don't have bad reactions to the pill, so I'm hoping i won't have a bad reaction to the IUD...  I'll talk more with my midwife and see what she recommends given my history. 

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