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Poll Results: Why Choose Natural Childbirth?

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 13% (214)
    Concerns about medical risks/side effects to me.
  • 14% (229)
    Concerns about medical risks/side effects to my baby.
  • 1% (25)
    Concerns that epidural anesthesia wouldn’t work well enough, (e.g. only affect one side of my body).
  • 10% (171)
    Concerns about epidural anesthesia restricting my freedom of movement during labor.
  • 12% (208)
    Concerns about epidural anesthesia leading to an undesirable cascade of interventions.
  • 1% (27)
    Concerns about the extra cost, (esp. for those who are uninsured or underinsured)
  • 12% (203)
    Desire for my baby and me to remain alert during the birth and post-partum process.
  • 4% (80)
    Desire for faster labor.
  • 2% (35)
    I had an epidural with another birth and wasn’t impressed with the experience.
  • 6% (102)
    I had natural childbirth with another birth and was impressed with the experience.
  • 9% (159)
    It is/was really important to me to be able to feel my own “urge” to push and not have it coached or directed.
  • 6% (113)
    It is/was really important to me to have my baby out-of-hospital, so I was willing to forego an epidural in order to make this happen.
  • 12% (209)
    I have confidence in my body’s ability to give birth and my own ability to use natural pain relief measures.
  • 5% (84)
    Holy toledo! Have you seen the size of that epidural needle?
  • 2% (36)
    Other.....of course ;-)
1631 Total Votes  
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I'd like to follow up on my earlier post, from 6/13. I gave birth naturally on 6/19 to an 8 lb 4 oz baby girl! At about 1pm that day, I realized I was in active labor, and arrived at the hospital at 7:15pm, dilated to 6 cm. My daughter was born at 10:23pm. I can now say that natural is the way to go. Why? Because by the next day I felt great. No long, drawn-out recovery period. Some of the nurses and even my doctor commented that I didn't look like I'd just given birth (and I'm 43 years old, mind you). After my first birth (epidural and pitocin), it took my body a full year to get back on track. This time, nothing. I could've run a foot race the next day.


My only regret is having an OB deliver the baby instead of a midwife. At 9.5-10 cm, she told me I could start pushing, even though I didn't feel the urge to push. I suggested waiting, and she told me I could but that she recommended not waiting. I took her advice and started pushing, and remained on my back even though I desperately wanted to squat. At the end of it all, everything turned out just fine, but the pushing stage was a greater agony than it had to be because I wasn't ready and wasn't in the position my body craved. Caveat: Wait until you feel the urge to push, and insist on being in the position that feels right for you.  

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Other and Needle.


My aunt got an epidural 10 years ago, and still isn't right. She had every complication under the sun. I know the chances are beyond slim of that happening to me (or anyone, for that matter). However, anecdotal experiences sure do shape us. I personally think that nothing sounds better than chilling in bed with an epi, watching movies and chatting with my DP until it's time to push. But, my fear gets the best of me and I plan to home birth to remove any and all temptation. I'm not adverse to transferring for an epi if I ever felt I needed one. From what I understand, most women are in transition when they reach that "I can't possibly do this" phase. If that's the case, cool beans, we're almost done! If I wasn't near transition, it would mean that I would transfer guilt-free for some rest. 

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I started looking into natural childbirth when I found out you can save quite a but if money by skipping the epi (what can I say? I'm frugal).

Then I watched a coworker go from fine before her birth to having back pain at her epidural site every afternoon. Even a year later she was having it. I thought "I'd rather have a lot of pain for one day than moderate or even mild pain everyday for the rest of my life". Didn't want to take the chance.

(Funny how when talking about labor before I always referred to it as "one day" as if labor couldn't take longer. One 39hr labor later I would not say that again).
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Re: the epidural, I'm concerned about drug interactions with the baby. But primarily...Needle. Drugs. In my spinal column.  Are you kidding me?  NO. lol. 

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And I do have a friend who had horrific damage done by an epidural.  It was so sad to watch her struggle to recover from that, while having a newborn. Severe back pain. Not being able to lift. Headaches. Not being able to move. Horrible. :(

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For sure all the reasons the other moms mentioned, but also because cb is my privilege as a woman....I have never felt as strong, proud, confident and amazing, plus flooded with adenaline and oxytocin, as I did after natural birthing my kids. It helped us bond and strengthened me as a person.
With all due respect to those who do, I don't understand the "orgasmic birth" thing froma physical standpoint, however, it was a spiritual experience and a sort of orgasmically instense emotional experience resulting from the pain and my ability to walk thru it for my child on the other side.....I hope I'm not the only one who gets this incredible benefit!
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Also bonded me with husband.....it was something I did for our family, instead being a medical procedure done 'to me'....I hate to see that honor taken away from women and given to doctors....
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A lot of the reasons listed, but honestly, at this point, it's also because my labors are fast enough there really isn't time for an epidural to be any help.  Both of my vaginal births have been about an hour after I got to the hospital.  By the time we got an anesthesiologist, I'd have been pushing already, so what would've been the point?  So, yeah, honestly after last time I'd kinda like an epidural, but I'm realistic it's not going to be an option. ;)

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I also chose several reasons but the overriding issue was my personal history of bad and unexpected results with sedation, anesthesia and pain medications. I knew I have a high pain tolerance, and embraced a natural birth happily.

FWIW, I just had a major kidney stone attack two weeks ago and that pain was much worse than anything I remember experiencing in labor. I was begging EMTs to give me something for the pain and that is so out of character for me.
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I got the epidural with my 1st because I figured if there was one thing I could control, it would be able to at least not feel physical pain, I was going through enough emotional pain from the hands of my mother. She wasn't just bad, she was verbally abusing me and the OB had security kick her out of the hospital. I made it to 7 without it, and honestly wasn't feeling much pain at all, but am glad I got it considering the circumstances.

However, baby #2 was a completely different environment. I had a lot of problems at the injection site of the epidural after my daughter was born and didn't want to go through that again , and I knew if it hadn't been for my mother I could've went through with a drug free birth at the hospital. I had my son drug free in the water smile.gif

I'm pregnant with #3 and am planning on another water birth, at home this time. I know my body can birth naturally(and birth big ol babies to boot!) and don't see any reason to mess with what nature intended my body to do. I'm not as gong-ho as I was with #2 to go natural, if I want to transfer for the epi. I won't be disappointed or have birth regrets, I feel like a lot of healing went in with my 2nd birth and since I got the birth I deserved and should have gotten with my first, I'm really at peace with however this birth goes smile.gif

And I wrote a novel to a simple question hah
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Originally Posted by alaskanmomma View Post

 I'm not as gong-ho as I was with #2 to go natural,

I felt the same way for #3...but NEVER had an epi with the others  Something about having #3??duck.gif

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I really am terrified of that epidural needle. When I was young, I never wanted ton get pregnant just because I am terrified of needles and that huge thing going into my spine... That is scary. One day a friend casually mentioned "hey, did you know you can have a baby without an epidural?" I seriously had no idea. She gave me the book "Pushed"', and five months later my DH and I were expecting our first baby and planning a homebirth. The birth was such a wonderful, positive experience that this time around there was no question: of COURSE we would do a home birth. Who needs pain meds when you have a birthing pool?
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Originally Posted by myra1 View Post

it was a spiritual experience and a sort of orgasmically instense emotional experience resulting from the pain and my ability to walk thru it for my child on the other side.....I hope I'm not the only one who gets this incredible benefit!

I couldn't agree more. Childbirth is AMAZING! Knowing you can do it... It's priceless an so very empowering.
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