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EC poop strike

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Hey all,

I'm looking for some advice. We've been part time EC'ing with cloth diapers since my DS was 6 weeks old. He's now about 18 months old. I'd say, until the last two weeks, we've had MAYBE 1 poopy diaper a month.

For the tast two weeks, however, he's refused to poo in his potty or the toilet. He'll pee in his potty or toilet post naps or when we have diaper free time and he's not busy with toys, so that's normal. But I can't figure out this new strike. He's not obviously teething - he has 12 teeth including 4 molars. He is starting to talk so maybe that's distracting him? IDK.

We've even had days where he'll toot and act like he needs to poop, but he fights the potty and toilet, only going after he's been wrapped up. I'm stumped. In the last two weeks he's successfully pooped in the toilet twice. Luckily he only goes once a day to every other day...

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks in advance!
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This is just an idea, but could he have gotten startled on the toilet when pooping in the past? Sometimes a flusher in a public washroom or splash back can scare a kiddo and he needs to know that it's ok and safe to poo on the potty anyways. I'd recommend taKing him in when you need to go to show it is safe and ok.
Being a boy, does he pee standing up or sitting down? He may be resisting pooping because it takes longer and he has to sit. I think talking could well be distracting him; his focus is on this new, important skill.
He may well be asserting his will a bit and I think not pushing as much for a few days can help. My DD was on a full out pause a few weeks ago and I just let her be for a couple of days, although I kept up the communication, just didn't put her on the potty. It helped destress the situation and she willingly resumed sitting on and using the potty. Nowadays I'm very careful not to put her on too often and if she crawls or walks off, I let her. It means more diapers but I want potty time to be stay relaxed.
I hope something in my ramblings is helpful to you :-)
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Thanks for the reply. I'm trying really hard to be casual about pottying with more diaper free time so he can go when he needs, but I also really don't like cleaning up the messes (luckily, so far, it's just been puddles).


I doubt it's a startle issue. In public restrooms he can be startled by loud hand driers, but he's not exposed to those often (less than once a month maybe?). And he's usually always in the bathroom with me when I go (I do miss going without an audience, or kiddo sitting on my lap!) Like I said, he pees in the toilet fine at home and will use his potty. He has started peeing standing up, and will give an "Oh! Something's about to happen" look when he's about to go. Maybe I need to try having more and taller containers around? He's been known to squat over a tupperware bowl that he dragged out of the kitchen to play with days ago, make the "psss" sound to himself, and then watch nothing happen. Maybe it is a patience issue - I'm open to suggestions on how to work with that.


Of course this afternoon I tried again with the toilet, and asked if he needed to poop after he peed. He took his time on the toilet enjoying his book, but was done. Anyway, guess I said "poop" enough times for him to pick up on it. Later this evening, he grabbed me by the hand, said "poop poop" and lead me to the bathroom! He peed and gave a small poop (better than nothing!). Hopefully this is the beginning of the end.


We're traveling this weekend and I sooo don't want to clean poopy diapers in a hotel room.


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Hmmm...what's the betting that maybe traveling will break the strike! I often find we do better being away from home!

Not much advice, but DD went through this....still kind of. Before 11 months she always pooped on the toilet....then, when she started to crawl, she started not going on the toilet (though still peeing...) It was frustrating because I would take her, and she wouldn't go, and then she would go after.... But like you, I tried to be casual, and remind myself that though I was cleaning mess it was SO MUCH LESS than if we never did EC. Now she goes on the toilet probably more than not. I think too that her eating patterns are different (sometimes she just wants to get going) and depending on what she eats, when she needs to go will be different.... Anyway....hang in there! Hope the travel helps!

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