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We bought an Ergo for DS#1 (grey stars pattern) (love love love, used it constantly from 5 months to 19 months)

We were given a green moby wrap for DS#1 (loved it but wasn't comfortable with a heavy baby in it after awhile, and I got sick of the color haha)

Was given a used Kangaroo Korner black fleece pouch (out of business now) which we LOVED for the earlier weeks but with it being summer I don't know if we will use it this time (plus it was uncomfortable for long wear with a heavy baby eventually)

Just borrowed a blue maya wrap, which I am not sure if I will use (don't really dig the padding in the shoulder, but we will see)

Just ordered a Zolowear classic ring sling in Solstice and I am super excited to try it (and it will be a nice accessory for my colorful yet pretty simple ie cheap old navy post-baby wardrobe) I think if I can get this one to work it will be what I wear DS#2 in everyday for several months, as long as we aren't walking too far

Coveting, but probably won't buy pending lottery winnings- Vatanai wraps.... look so snug and perfect for summer, but at $145 for the 4.5m I guess I will be waiting for one to drop out of the sky. hmmm