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cycle cancelled.  mecry.gif


I am going to trigger tonight.  Not sure if it is wise to try to get pregnant the old fashioned way as I don't want to be Kate + 8.  Have any of you triggered after a cancelled ivf? 

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renavoo, every once in a while i sneak over to the graduates thread to read about your pregnancy! you and belly are getting so close, it's crazy! also, how is belly so tiny when she is so close to giving birth to her twins?  it's amazing.  i can't wait to see photos of your adorable little babies.


teresa, sounds like a good fert report! are they aiming for a day three or day five transfer?  i have read a lot of studies on ICSI and i don't feel that it is any more significant of an indicator for things than natural fertilization.  we did icsi on my first ivf, and then half icsi on my second.  i am not sure what our dr plans on doing for this third time around.  i do know that they pick the best sperm they can, so i'm sure they chose healthy sperm for your embryos!  which place is georges?  since there were so many of us we really spent most of our time around the house and took turns cooking.  they were having the local strawberry festival when we were there, so we did get some organic ice cream at the festival, but other than that i didn't really visit any establishments other than the acme and the lobster house to pick up fish for our tacos!  it was beautiful though, and so good to get away.


rcr- how did it go? was it weird or nice to see your old re?  so curious.  


deborah, sorry to hear you are still in pain.  is it just terrible cramps? i'm sure you've already pulled out the big guns, but does a heating pad help at all?  


gtree, ready to pop?  i got so bloated my first cycle i bought a bella band so i could unbutton my pants at work!


afm, it was a big day!  did my final blood tests at quest this morning, then made a few calls to set up local monitoring.  the clinic i had called last time never called me back, so i called again.  turns out they will only do monitoring for people seeing drs across the country, not in the tri state area.  so lame! i wound up calling the local radiology group that i went to when i had needed an mri on my knee, and the lady on the phone was nice enough.  she explained that they are familiar with follicle monitoring, and that i could get a quick appt (let's say for day 3, etc), so i felt reassured.  the blood work i suppose i'll just have to do at quest.  it's not as easy as getting it all done in one place, but at least it's easier than driving into the city. for people that have done this sort of thing, did the lab send your dr the blood results the same day?  when i did the big 16 vial testing it took over a week to get results to my dr, but i am assuming it is because of the type of testing it was.  maybe i should call quest and ask...


then i took the bus into the city for my EFT.  hmm.  well.  it wasn't... fun.  i described it to my dh as if someone took a lemon zester, and then vigorously scraped it against your internal organs for fifteen seconds.  i started lifting off the table because of the pain and the dr had to put his hand on my stomach to push me back down.  hahah! i might have hissed at him.  and i definitely had tears in my eyes.  but he counted down out loud so i could hear that there were only a few seconds left and it would be over soon.  i almost panicked when he had to stop to check if he had gotten enough, because if he hadn't i don't think i could have allowed him to go back in for a second round.  now i'm home and just mildly crampy, but they did give me a big dose of motrin.  


i also had a moment to ask dr t about my blood work results from the big panel they did, and looks like a few things showed up.  first off, i show two mutations for MTHFR which i cannot believe my last dr never tested me for.  because of this i have high homocystine levels, and he gave me a prescription for follic acid to start asap.  i started panicking when i was researching online, so i emailed him for exact details.  he gave me the details, but then said "one or two mutations are such a common finding at this point I have a hard time actually believing it's a risk factor for anything".  that really put me at ease, because i was already imagining babies with spinabifida and getting clots, etc.   he did say my testosterone was a little high (from the PCOS), and my fsh was 10.5, which is the highest it's been on any measured cycle of mine.  he isn't concerned though, due to my age and the number of eggs i've produced in last cycles.  he said it's natural for the number to fluctuate.  however he reassured me that he didn't see anything that was going to serve as a challenge, he just thinks it's all about the protocol. 


i am so glad to be home, and so annoyed that i am about to have house guests from tonight until thursday.  i hope they won't be insulted if i go to bed early!

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gtree, we cross posted.  WHAT HAPPENED??! what did they say? it seems so out of the blue! are you okay? how are you feeling?  i say try naturally, you never know.  

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Estrogen tanked.  They think I might have had an adverse reaction to the gannirelix (which I know that I did because it made me high) but she needs to consult with other REs about why this happened as she has never seen it before.  My ovarian reserve tested to be extremely high, so this is the opposite of what they were worried about.  


It stinks because I was just a couple of days away from retrieval.  And their labs are closed for 2 weeks in July, so likely I could not start another cycle until August.  Bad timing.  


I'm sad.

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Aura - The EFT sounds dreadful. Thank goodness he didn't need to go back in.  I get all of my tests done at quest, the doctor gets results the next day. 

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gtree, that is so terrible, i'm sorry.  i've never heard of this happening, how frustrating!  the only perk i suppose is that it saves you the cost of the retrieval and transfer, so you can start fresh with the next cycle.  and now they know they'll have to treat you a different way.  i say go for the natural way this cycle, who knows?  if you trigger tonight i'd make sure you were gettin busy tomorrow and wednesday! there have been other ladies on this board who had random free babies, so it's worth a shot. if you want to vent, we are all here for you.  

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Gtree - Noooooooooooooooo!!!!!  greensad.gif  So sorry to hear your news!!!!  I sure hope they can figure out what is going on so it doesn't happen w/ your next cycle.  I would totally DTD and try to catch one on your own.  Kate + 8 actually did an IUI, i think it was when she got preg w/ her sextuplets.  Did your RE tell you that he/she thought you should trigger and try on your own?


Aura - I'm interested to know what the name of the folic acid is that they prescribed and the dose of folic acid in it?  Did they also tell you to take a baby aspirin by chance or no???  When i had my blood draws done it was done at the local RE's office that i was using and they would fax them the results that day as in a STAT order.  When i would get my beta's drawn I'd go to the local hospital and they would do a stat order.  I think some of those outside labs can't do stat orders so that is problem when your RE needs to find out that day.  Hope you can find somewhere to go.  When do you find out your results of your EFT? Or did you already?

rcr - any updates from you??  Hope all is well and hope your mom is back "home" too.


Deborah - hope the cramps stop soon!!!  Yuck!


Teresa - sounds like things are coming along w/ your embies!!!!!  Keep us posted. 

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Aura- No such things as "just" terrible cramps, especially for Endo sufferers. I get what you mean though. Right now it's pretty intense cramping, whereas Thursday it felt just like when I was in labor. It's bad enough that I have not been able to get much done around the house or for school. I use a heating pad on occasion, but it usually doesn't do much. I've taken really strong pain meds and it only lasts 2-2.5 hours when it should last 6. I did not get a call in to my OB today and it's not horrid today, but I definitely should call first thing in the a.m.

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Teresa - 11 is a wonderful number. I bet you are going to have some frosties too!! Congrats!


gtree - oh no! I am so sorry. I hate canceled cycles (I have had 4). All that time and money for nothing. I agree with Aura, I would TTC naturally just in case. There have been some free babies that way. Since you are canceled, it is likely that all of your eggs won't be perfect anyway, so the chance of a kate+8 scenario is not too great. Hugs.


Rena - thanks. I really need to go stalk you soon. You are so close!


Aura - that sounds absolutely horrible. It would take me a while to recover from that kind of pain. I am glad to hear you survived. I didn't realize it would hurt so bad, Gosh, can't they give you something for the pain. About you question about when you get your results - my old RE faxed my results to Fisch, and they sent me an email (see my AFM) - except my initial 13 vial blood draw - that took a few weeks to get back.  Glad the rest of the appointment went well.


AFM - appointment went great today. E2 was 33.7. 10 follies on the right and 6 on the left. Not too bad for me. In fact, if I remember correctly, that is the most I have had. I didn't actually see the RE because I just went to the satelite office. Everybody was so nice. The main RN even popped her head in when they were doing the u/s to see what I was up to. I told her I was doing a cycle in vegas because I just needed to try something new. She told me that she has seen a lot of people do that, and it has worked in some cases. She said something like "you never know... a little change here and there, new medium, or new technique, and that could be just what you need." I told her that I was worried about Dr. being annoyed that I am going somewhere else, and she said "no, a pregnancy is a pregnancy, and everybody is happy no matter how it happens." They were wonderful. I mentioned to her that I finally made it to the top of the donor embryo list, and I am meeting with the RE on July 2 about it, and they thought it was great that I have a backup plan.


Thanks all for asking about my mom. Yesterday she was in a wheelchair, which concerns me a lot. She can't get back into assisted living if she does not walk. Today I called there (this is the first day I have not visited), and she was walking. Hopefully she will get out of there and go back home this week.


Also, spoke with the pharmacy. They appologized for the air bubble, and will replace that dose. They will send out the gannirelix when they get it (this week sometime). I lied and told them that my doctor is going to loan me some, but I have to get it back for her (from mine when I get it), because I am really planning to use my leftover, but I still want them to send it to me because I like to get all the drugs I can.

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blue, dr t has me on folgard (actually cvs gave me the generic "fabb tablet" which is 2.2 mg of folic acid.  i am heterozygous for 2 mutations, one a and one c.  i read somewhere that you should be on 2.2 for every mutation, but he seems to think this would be sufficient.  he has not mentioned baby aspirin, but i am also reading that it is something i should be on daily.  i asked in my email but he didn't reply to that part of it, and i don't want to harass him.  i think i will ask the nurse when we go over my official schedule.  


rcr, i'm glad your mom was up and walking.  it must be such a relief.  and i'm glad the pharmacy made good on the drugs! i'm like you, i stockpile, so i'd make them replace every single drop.  also, high five on the follicle count!  i truly believe that this protocol is going to bring the two of us success.  it's just so different, it has to work!  oh, and you had asked me before about my calendar.  they gave me a mock calendar just to see protocol.  once i get my period (in three or four days) i will get my actual dated calendar.  maybe because you have to travel to vegas they are syncing you up to their schedule, but since mine is local they are not?  i'm not positive.  


deborah, i didn't mean to minimize your pain.  i can't imagine what you're going through, and i hope you can find a way to get relief.  


i will have to call quest and see if they do stat orders.  there is a hospital on my way to work (across the street from my old re's office!) so i guess i could always go there if i had to.  i'm not sure how it all works.  do i have to get something from my dr to bring with me? if done at the hospital, what part of the hospital do you go to? these may be really stupid questions, but it seems so foreign to me!  as for the EFT, i assume it takes weeks and weeks for answers.  dr t basically said that we would retrieve the eggs, and depending on what the EFT said, if we had to we could freeze the embryos and transfer them later.  so i'm assuming we won't know right away.  

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Gtree, sorry your cycle is cancelled :(  I agree with everyone, I'd probably give it a try.  If you still had a couple days of stims left before trigger, most of the follies probably wont be mature yet, so I think there is way less risk for a reality TV ending.


Aura, I swear I look much bigger in person :)  I need to get a more recent pic taken, maybe with a bare tummy since I think the clothes really play it down.  Does the MTHFR mutation affect fertility?  It's always nice to get answers, if it does.  Sorry about the EFT, that sounds absolutely horrible!!!  I hope they are able to get good information from all of that pain!  I laughed about the hissing :)  Sounds like the new RE is really on top of it and using all the information from your tests to get you on a very specific protocol!  I can't wait for you to get started!


rcr, so glad to hear your mom is doing better and even walking today!  I hope she gets to go home soon.  And how great about your follie count!  Starting things off the right way!  Also glad to hear the old RE office didn't give you a hard time and the pharamcy is replacing their bubbly shot.  Your trip is just around the corner!!!!


Deborah, sorry about all the pain.  It just isn't fair :(  I hope your OB can help and the cramps subside soon.


Blue, love seeing you around.  I think about you all the time luxlove.gif we really are an online family of sorts!


Teresa, 11 is a fanastic number, please keep us posted!


Thinking about Laggie and Silver as well (hugs ladies)


I read everyday, and think about you all.

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I'm feeling better now. I am also under less stress since I got help with my project. Aura- Thank you. I wasn't trying to be snotty. I hope it didn't come off that way. Belly- Thanks. We are hoping that some of this is just leftovers from the boys, though I haven't had much dark stuff, so I doubt it.

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I think maybe tomorrow or the next day will be no more AF and DH and I can get on the babymaking train.

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Aura-I also have both of those mutations and did 2.2mg folic and baby asprin daily before during, and after pregnancy. Im on a smaller folic acid dose now as well as baby asprin for the rest of my life.. Ive had one nlood clot in my leg amd will never wish that on anyone!! Hopefully adding those things does the trick!! I will say some gynos and re's dont think MTHFR hold any problems in pregnancy and never test for it, and others test first thing... They are all different and have different views.. I found out I had both called my sis because she has been trying for a baby for 12 years.. She asked her RE about it.. He shrugged it off, she finally demanded the testing recently and is hoping since she also has both genes that the med changes work!! Hoping this will be ir cycle!! joy.gif
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Aure - I hope you are right that this is it for both of us!! Yes, in vegas they sync up everybody's cycle, and give everybody the same date to be there (mine is June 18th). They have monthly cycles, the next one is in late July (I could have done that one instead). They do retrievals in order of the number of follies you have (I joked with the nurse and told her I would probably be last...). I think most of their paitents are from out of town, so they probably do things differently because of that. About the hospital - I got my 13 vials drawn at a hospital. You do need your doctor to send you some orders to take with you to tell them what to do.


Deborah - glad you are feeling better.


Belly and Lyndi - hi!

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Oh, I forgot my AFM - I am taking my first estrogen shot in the butt today. Just 0.4 units. And, I just caught my cat trying to pee on the couch, and when I made him move, I noticed he had peed drops of blood. He has blocked twice, which is an emergency situation. So I need to get him to the vet as soon as they open. Poor guy.

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For some reason I can't do a multi response, so hopefully I'll catch everyone!


gtree - I'm sorry about the cancellation!  Just remember, they are getting everything set for a perfect cycle that will be more likely to work versus an imperfect cycle.  I have had 2 cancelled IVF's and it really sucks.  Try naturally!!


teresa - that fert report sounds awesome!!!


and yeah, I'm laughing at my typo of 'feet report' stupid auto correct ha ha ha.


rcr - I'm glad that your mom is up and walking around!  It's getting SO CLOSE for you!!! 


deborah - I'm sorry that the pain was so bad this month, but I'm excited for you to get trying again!!


aura - I would also ask quest or labcorp about sending things stat if there is a drawsite near you.  If you are paying for everything out of pocket, quest and labcorp will be much cheaper than the hospital lab will be.  If you do go to the hospital, they usually just have a lab on the signs and you would go there.

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Ladies, don't mean to jump straight to an AFM, but....


Just heard from the Dr.'s office... I have (3) 5-cell, grade 2 embies, (1) 4-cell, grade 3 embie, and (1) 3-cell, grade 3 embie. The rest don't seem to be working out. Not entirely sure what this all means - I'll have to do some googling. But, the moral of the story is that the Dr. thinks it's great and he wants me to do a Day 5 transfer - so appointment is scheduled for Friday at 1.05pm. He thinks we should definitely transfer 2. Sad that we don't have any grade 1, but I guess I feel good that the Dr. was so positive. This means I'll miss the biggest weekend of my year, but my boss is being super cool. He thinks I should lie to my staff and just say that I'm violently ill on Friday/Saturday. We'll see. Thanks for all of your good wishes - almost there!

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Teresa- So exciting! Sending lots of sticky baby dust your way. Your boss sounds awesome.

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Teresa - yay! That sounds wonderful. I wouldn't worry about not having a grade 1. REs are super-picky about grading. I haven't see too many perfect embryos around here, but there have been plenty of pregnancies from enbryos that were not grade 1.

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