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aura - Don't feel bad at all!!!  You totally have to be your own advocate w/ this stuff.  I think you did the right thing by speaking up.  That really seems weird that they would order so much when you don't need it, but maybe they are used to ordering for people who have insurance coverage and that way you would have extra for (God forbid) another cycle or something.  My fav. nurse always used to tell me that "you have to be your own advocate" and I'd always felt like I was being  a PITA patient with all my requests, but it all works out in the end.  Glad you are able to relax in your pjs tonight.  My parents are coming this weekend so i'll be right there w/ you when they leave.  I always love having them, but it is nice having our own space back when they leave.


rcr - how is your cat doing???  Is your mom back to the Assisted living place yet?


teresa - any update?  Hope all goes well tomorrow.  It is pretty simple compared to the ER.


gtree - fingers crossed for you!!!  Are they going to have you do a beta or just wait it out?


deport -  hope you are hanging in there w/ the wait!!  Just thought I'd say Hi!!


deborah -hope the cramps are done and gone by now!!!!


renavoo - didn't get a chance to say it on the other side but love the pic.  You are so tiny and all belly!!!  Love it!!!


Silver - hope you are enjoying your summer so far!!!  I know you said you are really busy these next few months so  hope you are enjoying!!


Laggie - what's going on with you?  Haven't seen you around in awhile.


Kali - how are you doing???


Gelly - what about you???  You still lurking? 


Hi to everyone else i missed.



AFM - got a real nice phone message from my RE today expressing his sympathy (i guess you can call it) and how disappointed he was for us about our last cycle.    Not much else going on here.  My parents are coming into town this weekend b/c my Mom has a Drs appt here in town on Monday that I'm going w/ them to, so they are coming in on Sat and leaving on Tues I think, so that will be nice. I'm hoping that my Mom will help me pick out some flowers to plant around the house b/c she is good w/ that stuff.   Both DH and I have a cold though so i'm just hoping that neither one of them get it bc that is the last thing they need and this cold sucks.  I think I will clorox down the whole house before they come and just hope that DH keeps washing his hands. 

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Hey ladies, quick question... I'm supposed to take metrogel (vaginally) tonight. Do you know if I'm also supposed to take my endometrin (I take it 3x a day - vaginally). I feel weird putting two things up my who-ha in one night ;-) Things are looking good for tomorrow. They didn't look at the embies today, but yesterday I had one that was at 10 cells - grade 1 and two at 8 cells - grade 2!! Yay!
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Aura- I agree. You have every right to question, go over things, etc. and need to be your own advocate.

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Aura - you have every right to question. Plus, you can ask the pharmacy to not send you all the meds. You can just get the minimum and then order more when you need more. There is no rule that you have to get and pay for all the meds that the doctor orders. Congrats on getting started. I have always started BCPs on CD 3 or 4.


AFM - my cat came home and my mom went home. Thank goodness. All sems well. The cat has an inflamed bladder, which is painful. He is on meds. He pooped in the bathtub again last night. I guess that is a better place than most places he could have pooped! I start stims on Monday (I previously think I said sunday). Tonight is my second e2 shot in the butt.


Teresa - I don't know what metrogel is. But yea, I agree that is a lot to stick up there in one day.

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Teresa, Any update?  Hope all is going well!

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Blue- I keep feeling like I have O pain on my left side, but it is not even possible at this point really. So strange.I'm keeping track of it to see if it might be something else. Otherwise, feeling better.

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teresa, what's the news????  also, what is metrogel? i've never heard of it!


rcr, glad things are going well.  and how considerate of the cat to poop in the tub! it could always be worse.  our basement cat (who lives there because of his peeing problem) once peed on our tv.  i believe it was actually the day he tried to pee on dh's xbox was the day he went to live in the basement.  he's 22, blind, but healthy as can be and the vet keeps saying that the peeing is behavioral.  ugh.  i wish it was something as simple as a bladder infection that could be treated!  hooray for your last e2 shot! any follie updates?


blue, that is SO touching that your dr called!  how amazingly sweet! i'm glad your parents are coming, what sort of flowers were you thinking of? a little color will be so cheerful!


deborah, that pain is so odd! i wonder what it could be?  definitely keep us updated.  and i'm so glad you're feeling better! 


thanks ladies for being encouraging about my email to the nurse.  this morning she plainly stated that she ordered 10 days worth of meds as she does for every patient.  she said that she was never informed that i had any medications at home.  i then forwarded her the dr's email where she was cc'd back in May on all the meds i had.  i mean, come ON! she said luveris is discontinued so we should just switch to menopur (although freedom was ready to ship me the luveris? i think this is her way of covering that she forgot i was doing menopur) and was just very snippy in general.  i suppose i'd be pissy too if someone pointed out my errors, but i am spending too much money for her to not be paying attention.  i think i'm going to go through the list myself with freedom and just knock off quantities based on what i have.  i have this fear of disobeying the nurse's orders, and that i'll run out and mess everything up and it will be my fault.  crazy much? but i think i can shave off at least $1000.  one less gonal f pen, five less menopur vials, five less cetrotide... maybe more than a thousand?  that's money i'll hopefully get to put towards maternity clothes and prenatal massages! 


oh and also, my af came! i'll be going tomorrow for my day 3 bw and ultrasound, and i guess i'm starting the pill shortly.

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I'm actually thinking it may have nothing to do with reproduction because I noticed it went away after I ate. How weird, but good to know  my body is speaking loudly.

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I'm actually thinking it may have nothing to do with reproduction because I noticed it went away after I ate. How weird, but good to know  my body is speaking loudly.

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crashing to answer a question and to let you all know I'm rooting for you from the IF thread!


Teresa - Ok, so I had to do some Googling because I use metrogel on my FACE for perorial dermatitis and naturally was curious as to why something I put on my FACE can also be put inside your vagina. But it makes sense because the metrogel is used to prevent or treat vaginal bacteria just as it is use to treat my skin condition. I would assume this is why your doctor is prescribing it. To prevent any bacteria before transfer. So it is completely different from the endometrin which is progesterone. I hope that helps :) 

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It came back and then, after DTD, it went away. So strange. LOL.

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and now af went away again!  it's more spotting?  i have never spotted in a normal period.  let alone spotted for two days, with old blood mixed with pink.  i scheduled blood work and ultra sound for tomorrow, thinking it was my day 3.  do i go? do i cancel? is this not my period? is this just a weird period because of the EFT?  today is day 31 and i rarely go this long.  i would hate to have my us show that my uterus hasn't shed its lining, and then have to go again.  but i'd also hate to miss my day 3 if this *is* my period.  i figure i'm about to go on the pill anyways, and will have another period before my real cycle starts.  what do i do? does anyone have any experience with this? i am googling like crazy and coming up with nothing. 

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Aura: Your nurse sounds like a total space cadet with attitude. Not cool. I might have to write a strongly worded letter to the clinic if I were you. I'm so excited that you get to start the pill in a few days!!!

Blue: That was so nice of your RE to leave you a message. That level of personal attention truly makes a difference through all of this difficulty. Hope your mom is OK and that her doctor's appointment goes well!

rcr: SO glad to hear that mom and kitty are both back in their respective homes and are doing well. Can't wait for you to start your stims on Monday - yay!!!

deborah: These cramps of yours are so weird! I hope you figure it out smile.gif

AFM: Well, ladies. I should start by saying that ultimately the transfer was a success. We even went home with photos of the two blastocysts and an ultrasound photo of them being shot into my uterus. Pretty cool. But, as you may have expected from my horror stories of my saline ultrasounds and catheter checks, it was not an easy process. In fact, it was a little bit of a nightmare. It took the Dr. no less than 7 tries to get the catheter in. Apparently, my cervix is at a right-angle and the catheter was trying to angle downward instead of up. Super unpleasant. TMI bit here: Of course, I had to pee like crazy after it was all done (probably a little more than an hour of trying to do the transfer), so I used the bedpan - eeeeeeewwwwwwww. Gross. Hope I never, ever have to do that again. But, as gross as it was, yeah.... it felt good to not have to hold it any longer! After the transfer, they had to draw blood. Go figure... they couldn't find a vein. I always have tough veins, but to not find any?? So bizarre. They finally had to draw blood from the back of my hand. Very unpleasant. All told, we were there for over 2 hours. My acupuncturist was great. She charges $110/session, but she wanted to give me a discount and do the two sessions for $150. Isn't that so sweet? Gosh, I really lucked out finding her. What else can I say? Oh, they transferred two embryos as planned. One was a 6BB (so it was already hatching), and the other was a 3BB. If I weren't on my iPad, I would post a photo for you smile.gif They are definitely freezing two, and they'll wait until tomorrow to see if any of the others make the grade for freezing. The Dr. told me to stay off my feet for all of today, 70% of tomorrow, and 30% of Sunday. The MetroGel is an anti-infection thing, but I just didn't know if it was a good idea to have the endometrin tablet up there in the midst of all that gel (like, would it be able to dissolve??). I know that sounds weird! Sorry for the stream of consciousness! Thanks for checking in on me.... let the 10-day wait begin!!!!
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Aura: Cross-posted... I think if it's mostly been old blood you might want to reschedule. If it were an IUI cycle, I would say whatever, it's not that big of a deal. But, I think for an IVF cycle you really want solid Day 3 numbers. I have no facts to base this on - just as a disclaimer!
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teresa, they had last month's day 3 cycle, and since i'm starting the pill in a few days, they will have new day 3 readings after my next period too... i'm hoping it's not the end of the world! i emailed my dr, even though i know they are closed this weekend.  dh thinks maybe he will check his email, even though it will be the weekend, and he's not working.  dh is certainly optimistic!


also, HOLY BLASTS!! those embryos sound amazing.  and i can't believe you have some beauties for freezing as well! sounds ideal.  i've got such high hopes, i can see why you're feeling so fantastic!  and there is no shame in a bed pan, i had to use one once as well.  the pain from holding my bladder was so bad i was willing to risk my embryos to get up to pee! i'm glad that you got through the difficulty, sounds like those little embryos are snuggling in as we speak.  i will be crossing every finger and toe until these ten days are up! hopefully you will start the flood of bfps!

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Aura - duh, good point on bloods. I'm still not thinking clearly these days! Also, did you know that SIRM has a message board for questions and Dr. T often answers things on it? You may want to try posting the question there. I'm sure whatever you decide to do will be fine!!
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today was a total comedy of errors.  i went to the lab for blood and had to wait over an hour.  the woman FINALLY calls my name to get my paperwork, and stares blankly at the page for five minutes.  she is all confused because at the bottom of the page it says vaginal ultrasound.  she gets flustered and tries to explain that they don't do ultrasounds.  duh!  just do the blood tests!  then she gets flustered because the page says "quantitative beta".  she claims there are several different types of betas, and that she needs to speak to my dr.  of course, the office is not open this weekend.  she tells me i have to wait until monday.  i explain it has to be done on day 3.  she understands that i want an hcg beta, but can't do it because my paperwork isn't specific enough.  i said fine.  she then disappears to speak to a coworker, comes back with a pen, and quietly tells me to just write hcg next to "quantitative beta".  i then have to promise never to report her because she could lose her job.  she said she didn't want me to cry.  so silly!


i then rush across town to the radiology place to get my ultrasound.  i've always sat in a chair for ultrasounds, but this place had me lay in a hospital bed that foot rests at the end.  the tech is a nice woman, but clearly uncomfortable with doing a vaginal ultrasound.  she tells me to reach down, grab the probe and insert it myself.  um, weird?! and awkward! has anyone else ever had to do this?  was i spoiled by going to REs?  she takes a billion and one screen captures, tells me nothing, and sends me on my way.  is that the norm?  i asked if she saw any cysts (because my paperwork said to rule out cysts) and she told me that the dr wouldn't be in until monday. 


i made my dh take me out for brunch and i had a lovely bloody mary.  i figured considering how annoying the morning was, i deserved it!  for the fifth time, i am convinced that af has started, so we'll see.  

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Aura- Yikes. That sounds like a nightmare. I have never had to do insert a probe by myself during a transvaginal and I had 5 of them during my pregnancy with the boys. That doesn't even count what I had during treatment. The transvaginal ultrasound can cause irritation which can cause some spotting/bleeding so that may be what you are noticing. Hope that holds out some hope for you unless you need it to come, in which case I  hope it is.

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Aura - that is really weird.  Sounds like she was for sure uncomfortable w/ doing vaginal u/s's.  Is this a place that is not related to Dr T's office, I'm assuming???  How far away is his office from you?  What a pain.  So AF is playing games w/ you?  Come on AF just get moving here!!!!!  Keep us posted when you find out on Monday.  Do they know that you aren't sure if AF is actually here or not, or are they unaware????  To answer your question about the flowers... I'm not to sure yet.  I do have a couple small pots that i thought I'd put a gerber daisy in and not sure what else we are going to plant.  Might have to be a little cautious though b/c I'm worried if I put them in the mulch beds that Abby will step all over them b/c sometime she is crazy in the yard chasing birds and not paying any attention to anything around her.  Glad to hear you had a good little brunch w/ DH.

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blue, daisies sound lovely and cheerful!  we did new guinea impatients this year, instead of normal impatients, and they're beautiful.  i bet abby is so cute chasing birds!  i love her sweet face, i wish we could experience that totally mindless bliss that a puppy has when playing outside.  


deborah, i think the spotting may have been from the biopsy i had monday... or perhaps that's why my period was weird?  i've never had bleeding from an ultrasound, and i've had more of those than i can count!


i am glad ladies agree that this experience was weird.  i was planning on going here for my local monitoring, which means i'm going to have at least 5-10 future ultrasounds with them! i will think of it like self-serve.  hehehe.  af has shown her face AGAIN.  i sort of think this time it's here for good.  

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