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Aura - strange that they can't send luveris. I am doing that one, and nobody said that to me. I have had bad luck with nurses in general, I think that they are overworked or something because I have had some sloppy things like that happen too. Anyway, good for you for going over your meds! Strange about AF. I would ask the doc.


Teresa - glad it all went well in the end, but ouch about trying 7 times. And the bedpan - I have never used one. Does pee get all over the place? I am curious because last time I was miserable because I had too pee so bad, so if there was a bedpan, I would have totally used it.


Aura (again) - I just got down to your post about your appointment. Weird. I had to insert the want once before - at the hospital when I was having a m/c. Also, the hospital wouldn't tell me anything or let me see the screen.


Blue - hope your visit with your parents is going well!

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Teresa- Wow, those embries sound great!!! When is your beta again? You might have said but I'm on my phone and can't look back right now!! Fingers crossed for you!!!
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Aura - you asked about follie updates a while ago. No, there are no follie updates. People cycling from out of town at SIRM don't get checked for the first time until the 8th day or stims (sometimes the 9th day, I have read). That actually makes me really nervious, as I have O'd early on two canceled IVF cycles - and both of them were at these high follistim doses (600 units). So, I worry so much about spending all this time and money getting out there, and my cycle just being canceled. My tickets are nonrefundable, because the refundable kind of ticket was about twice the price. Sooooo... all I can do it hope. When do you have your first monitoring appointment after starting stims?

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rcr, on your past cycles where you o'd early, were you ever on cetrotide from the start? maybe that will make the difference?  i've only ever been on it starting halfway through stims, so i am curious how i will react.  maybe this extra suppression will keep you properly suppressed!  i'd panic too at the thought of going in on day 8 of stims, but i they must know what they are doing considering SO many people cycle there from out of town.  i have no idea when i'll be going in.  i have my official calendar discussion with the nurse probably this week.  now that i have my period they can assign actual dates to things.  i know i can do my monitoring locally until it gets close, and then they want me to come into the city so that they can determine when i actually trigger.  which i get, as the moment of triggering is just as important a decision as all the others.  


just out of curiosity, could you use an opk at home just to make sure?  i don't know if that would read normally considering all the stims you'll be on.  


the dr emailed me back and said we would wait for my results to come in on monday and then they'd call me.  af is definitely here though.  


teresa, how are you feeling?  i'm thinking about you!

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Teresa, signing in to say I'm so excited for you!! (and ugh to the bedpan!) I hope to read about some fantastic BFP news in a week and a half! (by the way, feel free to post the images of your blasts!! I love seeing those! DH and I even named our blasts. haha) 


Aura, yuck to all this confusion about AF. You know, after my 1st IVF attempt, i had a really really light flow. I expected a heavier than expected flow because my lining was thick but for some reason, it was so light. After my next course of BCPs prior to the FET, it was again REALLY light. Barely a medium flow for 2 days. I was worried sick that the lining would be less than ideal for implantation. I'm so happy that things are moving along though!


Rcr, just thinking of you! Another week or so and off to vegas you go, right? As for early ovulation, ugh, I hope not!! Here's hoping the eggs grow but don't release until you need them to. i wish you got more visits in prior to vegas though!


Blue, I love love love little Abby. That NOSE! She makes my heart melt. :o) just thinking of you!


Hi to everyone else! I'm just reading along and wishing for more BFPs!

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Rena - yea, I leave a week from today - next Sunday.


Aura - Well, the first canceled cycle I O'd by stim day 5 - my first appointment. I had not been on gannirelix yet because I was probably going to add it after that appointment when I found out that I had O'd. The second one, the RE decided to start me on gannirelix from the start, and I still O'd, although later that time (stim day 7 or 8, I think). I have mentioned this to Dr. Fisch, and he said that he thinks that O'ing could have been due to the meniour that I was on (I am not on that this time), plus, this time I have been on gannirelix for two weeks, whereas last time I was just starting it with stims. Plus I had the week of lupron before I even started gannirelix. So I am hoping that this is different enough to work. But I am considering emailing Dr. Fisch to see if I could get in a monitoring appointment or at least some bloodwork with my old RE later this week - just to make sure I don't O before I leave. That way I could just pay a fee to change the flight and not waste the trip out there, although I think the fee is a lot of money anyway (especially for the three of us flying out there).

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Hi everyone wave.gif


Sorry for not having been around much


rcr: Hope eveything is going well for your trip to Vegas!


Blue: Thanks for thinking of me.  I'm still keeping you in my thoughts and I hope you and dh find a good way forwards.


Debhoura: I hope your pain is better and good luck with tcc this month.


Gtree: Sorry to here your cycle was canceled.  Good luck with bding instead!


Kali: I'm sorry to hear about your BNFhug2.gif


Deportivio: Hope your doing OK.


Hi to all the graduate stalkers hope your bumps and babies are doing well.


AFM: I'm still enjoying my busy summer, though I've had a weekend off and spent it reading a fantasy novel.  AF decided to be two days late so they have provisional moved by ec to 6 aug.  It's a total pain in the neck for my trip away as it will prob mean by 1st scan three days into the trip so I'd have to come home and go back on an expecsive train ticket.  I can't do the 1st scan else where as it's when they give me all the drugs.  So I'm just hoping my next af is late too so I can start after my trip rather than during.


Anyway thinging of everyone as always.

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Hi Silver - It is always nice to see you. I hope AF cooperates for you!


AFM - Dr. said that I could do a monitoring appointment on Friday to make sure I didn't O early. yay!

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Silverbird- Who knows what will happen, but we've been doing very well on the DTD front this month, so here's hoping :-).

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I only have a min, but wanted to stop in and see how everyone is doing....


aura - I can't believe the whole debacle over the meds.  What insanity.  What a b**** the nurse sounds like too.  And what insanity to get your bw and u/s!


blue - how sweet of the RE's office.


teresa - sounds like a great transfer (well, not the process, but the embabies!)!  When is beta day?

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hello ladies!  


rcr, this is amazing that you can do one last check before flying out.  it will give you such peace of mind! 


silver, here's to hoping for a late af!  


renavoo, you must be having those babies any day now!  are they going to let you wait for natural labor? i am so excited for you, i can't wait to see those beautiful little babies.


deborah, your post cracked me up!


afm, after more unnecessary back and forth with the nurse, i finally got her to call my cvs for my bcp prescription and i took my first pill today.  hooray!  in my mind, it feels like this is the official start.  ultra sound and blood work were fine, and she actually emailed me that my fsh was 6.7 (down from 10.5 last month, which was oddly high for me), my E2 was 29, and my LH was 7.  i have an appointment for next wednesday to sit down with the nurse and go over my calendar and meds face to face (our first actual meeting! should be... interesting?), and then immediately after i have the saline ultrasound.  a week after that i start lupron!


i got a message on facebook from a friend of mine who is out of the country (she's a dr, visiting a friend) and her friend just finished an ivf cycle, successfully i assume.  she offered to bring me back 30 crinone applicators, which is great!  if i keep chipping away at this med bill of mine, i may actually be able to afford it!  i am just so awed by the generosity of others, it makes me all warm and smiley.  

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Aura- Glad I could give you a good laugh. AFM- I think the surge is coming tomorrow or the next day. OPK is not quite positive. So, maybe a little break tonight. Poor DH is sick and I'm having cramping. I think my body says, hey what the heck? What's all this commotion?

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Hello All!!!


RCR:  I am so glad to hear that you can do the follie check before you fly to Vegas.  That is such a better idea considering complications in the past.  However, I am sure that everything will be just fine and you and your family will be on the plane to get you babe!!!  I am so rooting for you!


Aura:  Yeah for AF and start BCP's.  Your nurse sounds like a real piece of work.  Can you request to work with a different one?  She seems very disorganized.


Silver:  I hope that AF cooperates for you.  Yeah to relaxing and reading a good book.  That is my favorite thing to do when I have time to myself!


AFM:  I am doing really well.  I wanted to let you all know that I will be reading along and rooting you all on, but am going to, for the most part, stop posting on this thread.  After reading a discussion that Deport started on the graduates page, I realized that I am being selfish continuing to post mainly on this page instead of the graduates (thank you Deport!).  I really tried to not flaunt details of my pregnancy, but there is an element of "survivors guilt".  I have been on the side of seeing everyone else get their BFP as I still struggled.  I am so sorry that I did not come to this realization before.  As I said, I hope that you all found my posts sensitive, but I was really being unfair.  I was staying on this side for my comfort, not yours, and that is not fair.  Please feel free to pop over to the graduates page, if you feel comfortable, to see all of our progress.  We are all praying for all of you.  We want to celebrate with you as you have with us.  God bless you all!

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aura: Ok, I'm totally weirded out by your story of the u/s tech making you take charge of the wand. I mean, honestly? Isn't that intrinsically part of the job? Was there a full moon over the weekend, because the blood thing is just downright bizarre too! I'm glad you're laughing about it - I would be totally, utterly, hysterically crying :) Yay for starting BCP today!!!! I'm so excited for you - I really think this is going to be your cycle! And, what great news that you can get some extra Crinone! Yippee - it's all falling into place!


blue: Oh, I love gerber daisies!!! I had one in a pot outside, but it died :( I'm not sure why, either because we were getting plenty of rain. It's a mystery! Thanks for crossing your fingers, I feel like I need all the positive vibes out there. I'm so nervous that I don't think I'm sending anything too cheerful out to the universe!


blue/hope: Beta is supposed to be Sunday, but my RE's office isn't open on Sunday and I don't want to go all the way to CT (45 minutes) just for blood. So, I think I'll wait until Monday - eek!


rcr: Having to insert the wand during a m/c sounds like the most awful, barbaric thing ever. I know time has passed, but still... I'm so sorry! Yes, there was a little bit of pee that escaped, but honestly it was so small that it was easily wiped away, and it was totally worth it. I ended up waiting for at least 45 minutes before they let me get up (more b/c they were waiting to find someone who could actually find a vein to take some blood then for any other reason). I am so, so glad you were able to get a monitoring appointment before you leave. I read your pp earlier on my phone, and I had sympathy anxiety for you - I would be terrified of O'ing early if I were in your shoes. Glad you'll get some peace of mind on Friday! Yay for starting stims today!!!! How are you feeling? I'm so excited for you for this cycle!


renavoo: Thank you!!! I'm posting photos (and explanation below - hopefully everyone else is OK with it!).


Silver: Sorry for the terrible AF timing! I hope it works out :)


AFM: So, I feel a little crampy, but not exactly like I feel when I get my period. Not sure what it means - if anything. My chest is very, very sore, but it started getting sore right before the transfer. And, I'm tired... but, I lounged around the house all weekend and when I do nothing I end up being more tired. So, basically, I don't think I'm feeling any symptoms one way or the other - plus it's probably too soon to tell anything!


I'm going in for my beta on Monday, but not sure if I can hold out on testing at home. Thoughts? Has everyone else waited for the official beta? I have a bridal shower/bachelorette on Saturday night - it's a wine tasting. I'd really like to know before then what my status is.... can I trust an HPT? Espcially if it says BFN? Probably not, right?


Also, I was reading that some women get AF before their beta. I just assumed that since I'm doing estrace and endometrin that my body wouldn't know to shed until I stop taking these things (even if I'm not pregnant) - am I totally wrong? Sorry for being so neurotic tonight, ladies!


I'm posting two photos. Hopefully no one is weirded out! The first is of our two embryos - the big one is a 3BB and the one that looks like two is the 6BB (6 meaning it is hatching). The other photo is an ultrasound of my uterus. The white spot next to the staple is of my embryos being shot into my uterus! Technology is so crazy to me.





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praying, this issue came up a while back, but please don't feel like we do not want your love and support.  i'm sure there are moments on this side where we all feel sad and vulnerable, but having been here as long as i have, i can also say that the attention and support given to us by the grads is something i would never want to lose! we become friends over time, united by our struggles, and your success doesn't negate that friendship.  please don't be a stranger.  you shouldn't feel guilty that you have had success, we should all celebrate it!

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Ditto what aura just said!!
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teresa those embryos are beautiful!! i've never seen a hatching blast, that's so crazy!  it's so eager to become a baby it couldn't wait to be back inside you!  you sound pretty relaxed, i say just lay back and rest and enjoy this time.  i can't help with symptoms, i've had every symptom in the book and never been pregnant, so i could also be certifiably crazy :P oh and to answer your question, after my second ivf i got my period early through estrogen and progesterone.  so it could happen, even though they say it's not likely.  but i have a feeling your af won't be coming any time soon!   i always say i'm not going to pee on a stick, and every time i pee on a stick  i'd say don't trust a negative test for drinking just in case.... 

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Teresa- that sounds awesome! Wow, I hope mine turns out that great. To have two embies to freeze too! That's just awesome. Great news, I am sure that may make the wait a tad less stressful. Or maybe not, but I have high hopes for you!


Aura- That's awful what happened with your meds. Yeah, I always get super annoyed when I find that a nurse or doctor is not paying attention, of course it isn't their money or their life they are messing with. That is such a difficult part of IF journey is being an advocate for yourself and sticking up for yourself.


AFM- Still waiting, not so patiently and trying to distract myself not so successfully! I may have to wait another month til October to do IVF now, because of money! I am not so thrilled about that. I really don't want to wait any longer.


I did manage to go to SIL's baby shower. From an outside perspective you wouldn't have even be able to tell that it was difficult for me. I did have bloodshot eyes though. I stayed up all night trying to think of ways and scenarios that I would have to deal with. I am proud of myself for my behavior, but boy did it not make it any less painful.


Unfortunately I will have to learn how to people and their ignorance and apathy for years to come, even if I do have children. So, I just figured, I am going to try going through the pain instead of around it. However painful it is.


rcr- thanks. Thats really all I can do is keep hoping. I don't want to ever give up. It just gets so awful sometimes. I really have no idea how I made it through that baby shower. Now I really don't know how I can move on from it. There were definately people that rubbed me the wrong way, and some ignorance.


I do have my hope chest. I have bought baby items for my child that I hope to have. No matter how ignorant people are. Thats something that I have, is hope!

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Teresa, those look like a couple of great embies!  I would definitely want to know before the party/shower if I was prego, but that is just me, it's totally personal.  I think I only held off once (maybe twice) out of my 6 transfers for the actual beta :)  I got my first BFP with DD at 5dp5dt (10dpo), it was very light but there if you looked hard enough.  On my last FET with the twins, I waited till 8dp5dt (13 dpo) and it was dark as could be.  Oh, and I had to use a bedpan after my last transfer, we had some "timing/bladder size" problems so they kept having me drink and by the time my transfer was over I was in so much pain and tense that I thought I would die.  I actually asked if I could get up, but they said I could only use a bedpan.  It was a weird sensation, and I felt bad for the nurse, but I was able to relax and think sticky thoughts afterwards.  Good Luck!!!


Aura, yeah, I think your nurse is a basket case.  Glad you are watching things so closely.  I went to a local pharmacy on my last cycle and probably went every week to get more drugs (especially endometrim) because I didn't want to buy $800 worth and then loose the baby(ies) and be stuck with it.  I also was slow to refill my PEO (like PIO) which ended up being good because they took me off of it after my reaction.  Keep up the good work!  I am very excited for your cycle!


rcr, that does seem like a huge relief to have one u/s before you leave, but hopefully it's just for piece of mind and a complete waste of money :) since you'll be all set and ready to head to Vegas!!!!!!!! 


Blue, thinking of you my friend!


Deborah, hope all the DTD works!!!!!  Sounds like you guys are rockin it out :)  Fingers crossed for you!


Silver, glad to see you pop back on!  Your summer sounds like it is going very well, and I hope AF comes a little late next time too so your timing works out better.  I wonder if you had any left over drugs (like endometrim or similar) left if you could take a couple to help the delay :)  Probably shouldn't mess with your cycle, but I always try to thread the needle! 


I can't remember who brought up the vaginal ultrasound "self" placement, but that's the way my OB clinic does it too.  I remember thinking how weird it was after I was "spoiled" at my RE, but now I am totally used to it..


Hoping for lots of BFPs soon!!!!

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Praying- sorry I didn't read this until now. I really didn't mean for that discussion to make anyone feel that way at all. I understood all of those feelings that you all had. But, I really do enjoy and appreciate the reassurance from the graduate end. I know its hard to not feel that way, but to see others get pregnant successfully with IVF really is encouraging and it doesn't provoke jealousy or feeling from me anyways that is difficult. For me, I know you all started here and I know where you started. So, I really didn't mean for that to happen. It is good that everyone opened up about those feelings. I am sure it is something that everyone will have to endure"survivor guilt".


ps. I also felt guilty going on the graduate thread too. It is suppost to be a happy time, and I know that it has it's own challenges. I kind of felt like I was crashing the pary! I didn't want anyone to feel that way. It was just a question out of curiosity. That's all it really was.

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